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One example of this involves a curvature along the periphery edges of the paddles. Each paddle wheel 16 has a plurality of paddles 28 which repetitively encounter flowing body of water 12 and move along with flowing body of water 12 while in contact with flowing body of water 12 to cause the respective paddle wheel 16 to rotate.

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27, a full cycle has been completed, and the power blades 39 rotate once again to reverse the thrust on the support arms. The support arm continues rotating until it reaches the opposite extreme position, where the over-center thrust of the power blade pivots it once again in retrograde fashion to reverse the motion of the supporting arm. It is significant that the direction of flow is from proximal to distal ends of the lateral support arm, and that the center of force on the power blade is proximal to the power blade pivot shaft 41. As a result, any force exerted by the fluid flow on the power blade creates torque about both the drive shaft 32 and the pivot shaft 41, and these two torques are always acting in opposite directions. In one embodiment of the invention, at least two (2) such conversions occur to radially increase the revolutions per minute (RPM) rate of the input shaft of the generator compared to the RPM rate of the paddle wheel.

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Such an element may be positioned to extend up from the bed of the body of water or may be positioned to extend outward from either bank of the body of water or may be positioned at or near the surface of the body of water. Modules may be fabricated with buoyancy chambers, so that the modules may be tethered either at or near the surface of a body of water, or submerged and anchored at the floor of a body of water. The depth varying mechanism may selectively vary the depth of penetration of the paddle wheels into the flowing body of water and may comprise a height varying mechanism to vary an elevational height of the paddle wheels relative to the floating platform.

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The floating electricity production unit may further comprise a rotational speed conversion mechanism and wherein the electricity generator may further comprise a generator axle and wherein the rotational speed conversion mechanism provides for a conversion of each rotation of a respective paddle wheel into a multiplicity of rotations of the generator axle of the electricity generator. The electricity production unit is capable of conversion of kinetic energy from a flowing body of water into electricity. An electricity production unit 10, depicted in various of the views, provides for a conversion of energy from a flowing body of water 12 into electricity. None of these methods have been widely accepted for commercial electricity production. FIG. 8 is an elevational side view of select components of the electricity production unit depicted in FIG.

FIG. 5 is an enlarged elevational side view of a paddle. FIG. 6 is a top plan view of a portion of the electricity production unit depicted in FIG. When a floating platform is employed to house the electricity production unit, a fluid storage tank, or tanks, may be positioned thereon with transfer of water there into or there out of to selectively vary a buoyancy of the floating platform. The paddle wheel will have a plurality of paddles positioned thereon in a generally radial arrangement. Como eliminar el dolor lumbar . Further, since numerous modifications and changes will readily occur to those skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention to the exact construction and operation shown and described, and accordingly, all suitable modifications and equivalents may be resorted to, falling within the scope of the invention.

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In this regard, no attempt is made to show structural details of the present invention in more detail than is necessary for the fundamental understanding of the present invention, the description taken with the drawings making apparent to those skilled in the art how the several forms of the present invention may be embodied in practice. First gear 36 has a larger diametric measurement then the diametric measurement of second gear 38 which provides for an increase in the revolutions per minute (RPM) rate of second gear 38 relative to first gear 36. Second gear 38 and third gear 46 are each fixedly attached to axle 44 of intermediate idler assembly 40 and therefore have the same RPM rate. A first gear 36 is fixedly mounted relative to central axis 34 of leading end paddle wheel 35. A second gear 38 is mounted to an intermediate idler assembly 40 and a first drive chain 42 rotates about first gear 36 and second gear 38 to transfer the rotational power from leading end paddle wheel 35 to an axle 44 of intermediate idler assembly 40. Chain drive assembly 20 also provides for transfer of the rotation power transferred to second gear 38 through axle 44 to a third gear 46 attached to axle 44 of intermediate idler assembly 40. A second drive chain 48 rotates about third gear 46, a fourth gear 50 and an idler gear 52. Idler gear 52 provides for a directional change in the path of second drive chain 48. Each electricity generator 22 has a generator axle 54 having a generator gear 56 attached thereto.

Another example of this involves an angular offset of the periphery edges of the paddles relative to the central axis of the paddle wheel. Each paddle wheel 16 has opposing ends 30 and 32 which rotatably engage a respective axle block 18. Each paddle wheel 16 has a central axis 34 about which the respective paddle wheel 16 rotates in response to encountering the energy in flowing body of water 12. Dolor muscular y coronavirus . The following descriptions make specific reference to a leading end paddle wheel 35, specifically see FIG. Such positioning will provide for the paddle wheel to be partially positioned into the flowing body of water. In these occasions it is possible to provide for the subsequent paddle wheels to have features, such as a deeper penetration of the body of water and/or a greater diameter and/or longer paddles, to compensate for a diminished velocity of the flow of water encountered by the trailing paddle wheels due to the prior encounter of the flow of water with the forward paddle wheel.

A major deficiency involves the lack of reliability in the velocity of wind. Such wind farms have many desirable features but also have notable deficiencies. The floating platform may have various supporting equipment mounted thereon, such as measuring meter, transformers and rectifiers. Other electricity production methods are known or have been envisioned, such a solar, ocean wave, ocean tidal and utilization of internal heat from the earth. This arrangement affords continuous operation of the electricity production unit with minor variations in power output.

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Various methods have been utilized or proposed to harness the energy in flowing water in rivers or streams for various useful purposes, including electricity production. The invention resides not in any one of these features per se, but rather in the particular combinations, herein disclosed, and it is distinguished from the prior art in these particular combinations of these structures for the functions specified. The floating platform may have four sides and wherein one of the paddle wheels is positioned within the flowing body of water adjacent one of the sides of the floating platform. In one embodiment of the present invention, multiple generators will be powered by a single paddle wheel. In another embodiment the vertical drive shaft is secured to a medial portion of the lateral support arm assembly. FIG. 11 is a side elevation of the embodiment of the oscillating, lateral thrust power generator depicted in FIG.

Another common method in commercial use involves using a radioactive material maintained at a precise nuclear reaction state to produce heat to heat a fluid to produce steam to power a generator unit. Columna vertebral dolor lumbar . A simple method of providing this passageway involves providing opposing barges mounted together with the passageway therebetween. FIG. 1 depicts floating platform 14 as formed by a first barge 74 and a second barge 76 with a passageway 78 there between. In FIG. 20, the support arms 36 have rotated divergently to their angular limits, their respective power blades 39 being disposed at 0° to the fluid flow 42. The Venturi effect established with the power blades 39 and the respective adjacent duct side walls 48 and 49 causes the power blades to be moved through their over-center positions, so that the flow 42 forces the blades to rotate about their respective pivot shafts 41, as shown in FIG.

The exciter blade also acts to drive the arm past the over-center point of the power blade, causing the power blade to rotate about its pivot and drive the arm retrograde toward the neutral position. While more complicated transfer arrangements are envisioned, and may be utilized, it is possible to utilize a direct chain drive arrangement to transfer power from the paddle wheel to the generator. In FIG. 12, the support arm 36′ is disposed at 0° to the fluid flow direction 42, the power blade is disposed at 30° to the support arm 36′, and the exciter blade 69 is latched in alignment with the support arm 36′. The angle of the power blade in the fluid flow create a resultant force R that drives the arm 36′ counterclockwise about the shaft 32′. The shaft 32 rotates from the neutral position, as shown in FIG.

These locations are spaced from either end of the paddles of the paddle wheel or near the ends of the paddles of the paddle wheel. When the elevational change is naturally occurring, installation must occur near the waterfalls. In any of the embodiments of the present invention the produced electricity may be consumed at the installation location or transferred to more distant locations, including being transferred into an existing power grid. A particularly desirable feature of having multiple generators being driven by a single paddle wheel involves ease of maintenance. Any of the numerous designs of generators may be used with the present invention with a particularly expedient choice being the class of generators currently being deployed on commercial and experimental ‘wind farms’ for use with windmills. It is possible to provide for a passageway, or passageways, through the platform which has a free flow of water therethrough. 1 positioned in the flowing body of water including a bed of the body of water.