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1920x800-clinica-fisioterapia - Blog Iberomed Furthermore, because the velocity of the wind may vary with time, these parameters must be varied in response to changes in velocity so that the prevailing velocity will maintain the oscillations. Furthermore, when the airfoils are arranged so that adjacent airfoils oscillate 180° out of phase, the critical velocity for a particular set of parameters will be the lowest possible.

However, as soon as the system is disturbed by moving at least one of the airfoils, the flow field has the effect of coupling adjacent airfoils so that they begin to oscillate approximately 180° out of phase as shown schematically in FIG. In such a construction a first cascade is provided in a first fluid stream maintained at critical velocity and the harmonic oscillations of the cascade are then used to oscillate a second cascade to thereby increase the propulsion of the second fluid stream.

Fisioterapia Neurológica

Accordingly, with this mounting arrangement, a limited amount of pitch and plunge is permitted for the airfoils of the first subsystem. Rods 28a, 28b, 30a and 30b are connected to be slidable along their associated horizontal bars in order to accommodate limited pitching movement of the interconnected odd numbered airfoils without binding.

KIT DE ESPONJAS - Titanmax In order to facilitate understanding of the invention, only four of the ten airfoils shown in FIG. Since it is necessary to disturb the airfoils in order to achieve the desired harmonic oscillations, at least one mechanical oscillator is provided for one of the subsystems. Similar increases in efficiency can be achieved where the cascade is oscillated in pure pitch, a combination of pitch and plunge or where flaps are provided either alone or in combination with pitch and/or plunge. 11 and 12 wherein similar reference numerals are used to identify similar elements. FIG. 10 illustrates a second embodiment of an energy converter 10 according to the present invention with similar reference numerals designating similar elements.