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The stopping operation consists in a group of simultaneous operations that will stop the flow of working fluid through the thermodynamic circuit 10 (the number assigned to the valves is the same as for the starting operation): The first 921 and the second 922 group of valves will be now operated in order to let the liquefied working fluid flow from the descending conduit 90 and evaporators 20 into the pumps 757, and from the pumps 757 back into the deposits 45. The sixth group of valves 926 surrounding the turbine encasement 520 is operated in order to divert the flow of the descending liquefied working fluid from the descending conduit 90 into the auxiliary descending conduit 912, preventing it from acting on the impulse turbine 52. The third 923 and fourth group of valves 924 are operated in a way that the auxiliary heating thermal fluid will just flow from the auxiliary heating unit 733 into the first auxiliary circuit 706, and from it into the thermal pipes 96 of the widening ascending conduit 40, an into the pressuring gas station 43 through the second auxiliary circuit 707, without passing said auxiliary heating thermal fluid through the evaporators 20. A eighth group of valves 928 will divert part of the auxiliary cooling thermal fluid that flows through the auxiliary cooling thermal circuit 704 into the evaporators 20, in order to condensate the gasified working fluid that could get in them.

Significado de Dolores - 6A showing the external encasement of the descending pipes. 6A, 6C, 6D, 6G-1, 6G-2, 6G-3 and 6H. When the floating platform is located on warm seas, the vertical descending high-pressure resistant submergible vessel 104, as well as the submergible high-pressure resistant vessel 102 of the evaporator 20, can be provided with an external encasement 971 (detail V10, depicted in FIG. 40, wherein is shown how the internal wall 962 of the thermal pipes 96 ends before reaching the bottom of the external wall 961, in a way that when the descending warm thermal fluid 711 reaches the bottom of the thermal pipe 96, it returns upwards thought the other side.

FIGS. 6G-1, 6G-2 and 6G-3 are a side view of the second embodiment. FIG. 9E is a three-dimensional view in perspective of the first scenario of the fifth embodiment. FIG. 5H is a three-dimensional view in perspective of the submergible vessel of the turbine and generator under sections II-II′, III-III′, and V-V′. 4B represents the basic scheme wherein the power extraction apparatus 50 is an impulse turbine 52, wherein prior to hitting the turbine blades, the fluid’s pressure is converted to kinetic energy by a nozzle focused on the turbine, with no pressure change occurring at the turbine blades, pushing the fluid jet the turbine’s curved blades which changes the direction of the flow. The liquefied working fluid gasifies in the evaporator, from where ascends, under constant temperature, through the widening ascending conduit up to the condenser, wherein the gasified working fluid liquefies, and from where descends because gravity through the descending conduit powering the power extraction apparatus, flowing then back into the evaporator, completing a self-pumping process, and restarting the cycle.

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2A, depicting the liquefied working fluid flowing through the descending conduit, according to the present disclosure. 2A, depicting how the gasified working fluid ascends through a low section of the widening ascending conduit, according to the present disclosure. 2A, depicting how the gasified working fluid mixes with the pressuring gas at a low section of the widening ascending conduit, when a pressuring gas is allocated in the widening ascending conduit, according to the present disclosure.

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  8. Gear 105 drives the output shaft 109 clockwise,

Reaction turbines 51 are the kind of turbines selected for this second embodiment, but due to the great height of the thermodynamic circuit 10 (achieved because the use of a pressuring gas 41 in the widening ascending conduit 40) two levels of turbines had been arranged in order to avoid an excess of pressure on a single line of turbines 51 installed at the lowest level. Causas de dolor en el hombro izquierdo . The three oldest sites, at Larderello, Wairakei, and the Geysers have all reduced production from their peaks because of local depletion; heat and water, in uncertain proportions, were extracted faster than they were replenished. The density in the descending column of liquefied working fluid 12 will increase with depth, as the pressure increases by the accumulation of weight, because the increase in height of the standing column of liquefied working fluid.