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El Dengue ~ Notientre Consequently, pressure pulsations are created within and propagated by the drilling mud passing therethrough. 1, flexible connection 195 includes a spherically-shaped, elastomeric chamber or body 197 with a flowbore 198 extending therethrough. First, fluid passing through core region 440 is less turbulent than fluid passing through flowbore 210 outside core region 440. Thus, there is comparatively less need to reduce fluid turbulence within region 440, and providing core 440 unobstructed by vanes 270 minimizes the resistance to fluid flow therethrough.

1) through flowbore 210 of flow straightener 200 in a direction indicated by arrow 380. When inserted and secured within a slot 310 of a pin 260, each vane 270 is oriented such that vane 270 extends longitudinally in a direction 390 which is substantially parallel to the fluid flow direction 380 with nose portion 330 positioned upstream of tail portion 335. Moreover, each vane 270 is also oriented such that tip 355 of nose portion 330 is proximate inner surface 250 of conduit segment 205, rather than proximate core region 440, as best shown in FIG.

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Still further, the shape of pins 260 may be selected to minimize the resistance of pins 260 to, and therefore the pressure decrease of, fluid flow passing through flowbore 210 of flow straightener 200. Fluid passing from suction manifold 110 into flow straightener 200 initially contacts each tapered nose 330 of vanes 270 and is divided or separated into two fluid streams. Length 350 of vane 270 may be selected such that both streams have substantially the same velocity when they reunite at tail 335 of vane 270. The effect of cylindrically-shaped portion 300 of pin 260 enables a lower pressure drop across pin 260 than would otherwise be obtained with a pin having a different shape. For example, the materials and dimensions of vanes 270 may be selected to provide substantial rigidity and resist bending and flex under load from turbulent fluid passing through flow straightener 200. Further, vanes 270 may be rigidly attached to pins 260 and pins 260, in turn, rigidly secured to conduit segment 205 and in the absence of, for example, resilient members, such as inserts 265 described above.

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Throughbores 215 enable coupling of flow straightener 200 between flexible connection 195 and suction manifold 110. To couple flow straightener 200 between flexible connection 195 and suction manifold 110, as shown in FIG. Flexible connection 195 is configured to reduce the transfer of cyclic loads produced by the reciprocating motion of pump 125 from pump assembly 105 to suction manifold 110. Espalda y dolor de cuello . Such loads cause cyclic deformation of suction manifold 110, which, in turn, produces pressure pulsations within fluid passing through suction manifold 110. As previously described, pressure pulsations may disturb downstream instrumentation and communication devices, and/or cause fatigue damage to downstream piping.

Pump 125, suction manifold 110, and discharge manifold 115 are each hydraulically or fluidicly coupled to compression chamber 140. Suction module 130 includes a valve 145 that is operable to allow or prevent the flow of fluid from suction manifold 110 into compression chamber 140. Suction valve 145 has a closure member or poppet 155 that is urged into sealing engagement with a sealing member or seat 160 by a biasing member 165, such as a spring. As described, flow straightener 200 includes a number of features, each of which enables the reduction of the turbulence within fluid passing from suction manifold 110. Consequently, fluid entering valve assembly 120 contacts poppet 155 of suction valve 145 more uniformly, reducing the tendency for poppet 155 to flutter, or act unstably. Fluid passing from suction manifold 110 into flow straightener 200 is typically more turbulent in a near-wall region 435 (FIG. Also, as fluid passes through flow straightener 200, the cross-sectional shapes of recesses 290 of inserts 265 and bases 305 of pins 260 disposed therein enable pins 260 to maintain the orientation of vanes 270. Fluid passing through flowbore 210 of flow straightener 200 contacts vanes 270 and imparts loads thereto.

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1) of flexible connector 195. Flow straightener 200 further includes a plurality of pins 260 extending substantially radially from segment 205 into flowbore 210. In the embodiment shown, each pin 260 is coupled to segment 205 by a flexible insert 265, and supports a vane 270. Vanes 270 essentially subdivide flowbore 210 into an equal number of flow channels 425 through which fluid passes. 4, insert 265 further includes a recess 290 extending longitudinally inward from top 280 toward base 275. Recess 290 is configured to receive a pin 260, described in detail below. The taper of nose portion 330 is characterized by a nose angle 365 formed between leading surface 340 and a longitudinally extending outer surface 360 of vane 270. Te para el dolor muscular . In the embodiment shown, nose angle 365 is approximately equal to 45 degrees. 5, base 305 of pin 260 has a longitudinally-extending outer surface 320 that is shaped to prevent rotation of base 305 of pin 260 relative to insert 265 when inserted within recess 290. Preferably, base 305 has a cross-section which is similar in shape to that of recess 290. In this embodiment, base 305, like recess 290, has a hexagonal cross-section.

Medicina Para Dolor De Estomago En Niños - Niños Relacionados One skilled in the art will understand that the following description has broad application, and that the discussion is meant only to be exemplary of the described embodiment, and not intended to suggest that the scope of the disclosure, including the claims, is limited to that embodiment. Each flexible insert 265 is generally cup-shaped and is insertable within an inner portion 240 of one throughbore 230. In this embodiment, flexible inserts 265 are formed of elastomeric material. Each stream then flows along opposite sides of vane 270 toward cylindrical portion 300 of pin 260 supporting vane 270. When each stream contacts portion 300, it flows around portion 300. Because portion 300 is cylindrical in shape, a low pressure region is created proximate the apex zone 262 of pin 260. Fluid is drawn into this low pressure region, and assumes the velocity of fluid near the surface of pin 260. After flowing around pin 260, each fluid stream continues along length 350 of vane 270 toward tail 335 where both streams reunite.

While the mud pump is operational, this cycle repeats, often at a high cyclic rate, and pressurized drilling mud is continuously fed to the drill string. Flowbore 198 is hydraulically coupled between compression chamber 140 within pump assembly 105 and suction manifold 110. As such, compression chamber 140, flowbore 198, and suction manifold 110 may be said to be in fluid communication with one another. Pump assembly 105 includes a pump 125 and a valve assembly 120. Pump 125 is a reciprocating pump, having a piston 185 slidingly disposed within a cylinder 190. Valve assembly 120 includes a suction module 130, a discharge module 135, and a fluid conduit or compression chamber 140 disposed therebetween. Likewise, in certain embodiments, the flexible coupling includes an elastomeric insert having tapered sides that engage correspondingly tapered sides of a recess formed in the conduit section. Further, recess 290 is bounded by an inner surface 295 that is shaped to prevent rotation of pin 260 relative to insert 265 when pin 260 is inserted within recess 290, as shown in FIG.

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Base 305 of pin 260 is configured to be received within recess 290 of insert 265, as shown in FIG. 2 supported by the pin of FIG. FIGS. 7A and 7B are perspective views of the flow straightener of FIG. FIGS. Pastillas para el dolor de rodilla . 8A and 8B are perspective and side views, respectively, of the flow straightener of FIG. FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the flow straightener of FIG. The various characteristics described above, as well as other features, will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art upon reading the following detailed description of the preferred embodiments, and by referring to the accompanying drawings. In other embodiments, however, vanes 270 may in fact be oriented, longitudinally speaking, parallel to the flow direction 380. In such cases, angle 395 is equal to zero. As the piston moves to expand the volume within the cylinder, the discharge valve closes, and suction valve opens.

Similarly, the discharge module includes a valve which is operable to allow or prevent the flow of pressurized drilling mud from the compression chamber into the discharge manifold. The drill string is then inserted downhole, where drilling commences. The suction module includes a valve which is operable to allow or prevent the flow of drilling mud from the suction manifold into the compression chamber. Each valve has a closure member or poppet that is urged into sealing engagement with a sealing member or seat by a biasing member, such as a spring. In doing so, vanes 270 redirect or straighten the fluid flow such that it is more uniform, and therefore less turbulent.

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In some embodiments, the flow straightener includes the conduit section and a plurality of pins that support the vanes within the interior volume. 2, vanes 270 do not extend into or across a central, core region 440 of flowbore 210. In some embodiments, the ratio of width 345 to diameter 212 of flowbore 210 is within the range 0.3 to 0.45, and, in the embodiment shown, is about 0.4. Also, the ratio of the diameter of core region 440 to that of flowbore 210 is approximately 0.125 in the example shown. Nose angle 365 is generally within the range of 30 to 60 degrees, and preferable within the range 30 to 45 degrees. More particularly, the disclosure relates to a flow straightening device that reduces turbulence in moving fluid. The suction module is coupled to a suction manifold through which drilling mud is supplied to the mud pump, and the discharge module is coupled to a discharge manifold into which pressurized drilling mud is exhausted from the mud pump.

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Mud pumps are commonly used to deliver drilling mud to the drill string during drilling operations. As one skilled in the art will appreciate, different persons may refer to the same feature or component by different names. The cross-sectional shape of the pins may be noncircular in various embodiments. Dolor de espalda y cadera en el embarazo . Certain features and components described herein may be shown exaggerated in scale or in somewhat schematic form, and some details of conventional elements may not be shown in interest of clarity and conciseness.