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12 Tipos de Dolor Que Están Relacionados Directamente con.. The present invention relates to new and useful improvements in transducers that incorporate a wind driven oscillating member for converting wind energy into mechanical or electrical energy, and more particularly pertains to such transducers wherein the member is wind driven to oscillate by an essentially torsion-free wing having an angle of attack that varies as a function of the angular disposition of the driving member.

Punto de encuentro enfermero: ¿Con qué tratáis las.. It will be abundantly clear to those of aerospace industry that many other extant schemes, both electrical and mechanical, can be readily applied to sense the boom attaining a limiting position and in response thereto effect a reversal in the attitude of the control panels such as result in movement of the boom 16 in the opposite direction. The only significant difference in the operation and control of the machine 240 resides in the fact that the direction or sense of the deflection of the control panels is opposite to that which is applied to give a desired sense of angle of attack in the previously described embodiments of the invention. Accordingly, illustration and description thereof is omitted as the same would only serve to obfuscate the true inovativeness of the instant developments.

Accordingly, having fully described the construction, operation, control and utilization of the instant invention, attention is now directed to the appended claims for an understanding of the actual scope of the invention. A pair of vanes or steering fins 36 and 38 are fixed to the rear end portions of the boom 16 intermediate the wing sections 30 and 32. The fins 36 and 38 are coplanar and lie in a vertical plane coincident with the extent of the boom 16, with the fins being essentially mirror images of each other with the fins 36 and 38 respectively extending below and above both the boom 16 and the wing 28. Manifestly, the fin arrangement is such that the winged boom 16 will weather vane into the wind indicated by the arrow 40 so as to present the forward or canard end of the boom 16 directly into the wind 40. Accordingly, the wings 20 and 28 may be respectfully termed windward and leeward wings.

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The left wing sections 152 and 154 as well as their control panels are free-wings and mirror images of their right wing counterparts. Yet another important feature of the invention is the coordinated movements of the control surfaces of the right and left portions of a wing so as to minimize any roll moment applied to the boom on which the airfoil or wing is mounted. Another aspect of the invention has to do with the preceding aspect, wherein the wing includes a pair of independently oscillatable wing sections having the plane of rocking movement as a plane of symmetry, and wherein the control panel includes a pair of independent control panel sections respectively associated with the wing sections, and wherein the control means is operative to effect a differential relative positioning of the control panel sections with respect to their associated wing sections to equalize the forces applied to the member by the wing sections in response to a sensing of a force differential.