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El Ayuntamiento de Artajona declara tres días de luto.. According to the eleventh aspect of the invention, compared with it can not make the situation that relay moves under water, can tie up In the case of holding good communications status, broaden the scope of work. Underwater unmanned plane 1 is under remote control or according to the program installed free movement under water.Fig. The functional unit for forming underwater unmanned plane 1 is connected to exemplary controller 10 as control unit.Including control The functional unit of device 10 is substantially housed within the housing using waterproof construction.Electric power is from battery 21 to including controller 10 Functional unit supply.Battery 21 is the example of power supply, and uses such as one-shot battery, secondary cell and/or fuel cell. As long as obtaining negative decision in step 301, motion controller 102 is carried out the operation illustrated in such as Figure 14. When obtaining positive result in step 301, motion controller 102 controls steering gear 19 and propeller 20 so that it is underwater nobody Machine 1 moves to predetermined purpose position (step 302).For the movement, the various biographies installed on underwater unmanned plane 1 can be used Sensor and the information on motion path and the positional information from position detecting system.

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The purpose of the present invention is the position relationship between underwater relay and underwater moving body not according to nothing The state of line communication is compared come situation about controlling, and in the case where maintaining good communications status, expands the work of underwater moving body Make scope.

When what is counted When quantity is 1, there are a candidate, and when the quantity counted is more than 1, there are multiple candidates. According to the fifteenth aspect of the invention, the situation phase of wireless power receive capabilities is not provided with underwater moving body Than the underwater operation time can be extended. Now, more attention focusings are in the small unmanned underwater movable body of referred to as underwater unmanned plane, and it is expected water The working range of lower unmanned plane will be enlarged by.For example, it is desirable to the application in blue water or the application in the waters away from base station will Development.However, the underwater transmission range of radio wave is limited.On the contrary, sound wave has the transmission range than radio wavelength And the underwater transmission speed lower than radio wave. Fig. 3 is fixed to the bottom of ship 300 exemplified with the communicator 301 of relaying and the subsurface communication of underwater unmanned plane 1 Example.However, relay can be underwater moving body.Fig.

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Steering gear 19 and propeller 20 are the examples of driving unit. Steering gear 19 is used for the direction for changing movement.The direction of movement is by remote control or the program performed by controller 10 To control.The direction of movement not only includes the direction in horizontal plane, further includes vertical direction (floating direction and descent direction).Push away By such as propeller and form the rotating motor of propeller into device 20.Motor has the internal rustless waterproof construction of protection. Alternatively, for example, motion controller 102 is based between motion path and the receiving intensity of radio wave, storage Relation in RAM 13, makes underwater 1 first motion of unmanned plane to the high position of the receiving intensity of radio wave.Alternatively, example Such as, motion controller 102 determines that underwater unmanned plane 1 is logical closer to another using by the isostructure navigation system of subsea beacon The position direction of T unit.Alternatively, for example, motion controller 102 makes underwater unmanned plane 1 along the radio measured The receiving intensity increase direction movement of ripple.Alternatively, for example, when known to the position of another communicator, movement Controller 102 makes underwater unmanned plane 1 move to the position.

Motor performance in step 302 continues, (until obtaining untill confirming in step 303 up to destination locations Untill obtaining positive result).When obtaining positive result in step 303,102 stop motion of motion controller, and attempt to build Vertical communication (the step 304) carried out by airwave communication device 15.When communication restarts, underwater unmanned plane 1 returns to logical Letter control.

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According to the third aspect of the invention we, even if with failing to meet predetermined standard time, underwater moving body when testing result Situation about not moving close to relay is compared, can be to avoid the deterioration of communications status. The third aspect of the present invention provides the underwater moving body according to second aspect, wherein, when the known relaying dress During the position put, described control unit makes the underwater moving body movement closer to the position. The second aspect of the present invention provides the underwater moving body according to first aspect, wherein, when the testing result not It can meet the predetermined standard time, described control unit makes the underwater moving body movement closer to the relay. The twelveth aspect of the present invention provides the underwater communications system according to the tenth one side, wherein, second water One or more of lower movable body the second underwater moving body includes the second underwater moving body, which includes: Communication unit, the communication unit are one or more with the underwater moving body or in addition to second underwater moving body A relay performs underwater wireless communication;Detection unit, the detection unit detect second underwater moving body and the water Wireless communication between lower movable body or one or more of relays in addition to second underwater moving body State;And control unit, in one or more of in addition to second underwater moving body of control unit control After the position relationship between device and second underwater moving body and the underwater moving body and second sub-aqua sport Position relationship between body so that the testing result of the detection unit meets preassigned.

Relay station 700 is fixed to the bottom here, and thus the information on installation site is known.Thus, when wireless During the state deterioration of communication, motion controller 102, which uses, makes underwater unmanned plane 1 move the control closer to known installation site. 3 is exemplified with ” fortune Underwater unmanned plane 1 at dynamic 1 “, its indicating positions P1 moves to the position away from ship 300 (communicator 301) along depth direction The situation of P2.When position P2 is in the 10m depth of waters, radio wave between underwater unmanned plane 1 and communicator 301 it is wireless Communication is difficult.Specifically, standard value is descend below by the receiving intensity of the radio wave of underwater unmanned plane 1, and sent Speed also descends below standard value. Motion controller 102 is detection as a result, controlling underwater unmanned plane 1 based on being provided from communication state detector 101 With the position relationship between another communicator.For example, when testing result is ” non-good state “, motion controller 102 Control is performed, to shorten the distance between underwater unmanned plane 1 and another communicator, to realize ” kilter ” or ” flat Equal state “.

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