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The power of the generator shifts between zero and a top level twice every wave period. 2 f. The generator assemblies 21 are independent but the counterweights 19 must be kept on the same horizontal level so that the distance between the counterweight and the anchor drum is the same in both assemblies. During the movements of the waves the distance between the buoy 3 and the bottom foundation/bottom fastening device 5 varies.

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To gear up the generator to such a rotational speed a gear ratio in the range of about 100 to 200 times is required, the gear ratio also being dependent on the radius of the anchor drum and on the average motion speed of the movements of the buoy for which full power shall be reached.

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  • (a) As waves pass, wave form and wave energy move rapidly forward, but not the water
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Every step is usually chosen to have a gear ratio between 5 and 10, which for three steps gives a gear ratio up to 300. The higher power for which the wave power plant 1 is dimensioned, the larger diameter of the anchor drum 9 is required, due to the fact that the anchor line 7 requires a larger diameter for larger dimensions. It partly contributes to the high capacity factor, but it also works as a very simple and efficient storm protection system where the wave power plant all the time works in harmony with the waves, only absorbing the amount of energy that it has a capacity to convert.

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Ejercicios para prevenir el dolor de espalda 2. Excess energy from large waves can be accumulated and used over time to compensate for shortage of energy in smaller waves, this contributing to the high capacity factor. A very high utilization factor of generators and transmission. When the transmission unit space 20 is drained, it also contributes with its buoyancy to the buoyancy of the buoy 3. The power train room can for this purpose, at its top portion, be sealed by a cover or a service hatch 121, so that the power train room forms an air pocket. The anchor drum 9 is equipped with the same type of sensor, not shown, as is mounted in the counterweight drum/s/ 15 and the control system can in this way measure the length of the corresponding anchor line 7 that is unwound from the anchor drum. Furthermore, the driveshaft is connected to drive the first part of the electric generator to rotate and the counterweight drum can in a first case be coupled to rotate the second part of the electric generator, so that the electric generator generates electric current when its second part is rotated in relation to its first part and at the same time gives a torque counteracting this rotation.

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It works due to the fact that the peak rotation speed of a generator generally is higher than the nominal rotation speed thereof. To make wave power competitive a wave power plant is required that can efficiently absorb the wave energy at the same time as the motive force applied to the generator is levelled or equalized so that a higher capacity factor is obtained. When the wave rises, the driveshaft 11 rotates and its coupling with the shaft support bars 145 is then disengaged, so that the buoy 3 can rotate backwards with the waterline of the waves without affecting the driving. By using a counterweight drum having a conical shape, not shown, the radius of the point of contact of the counterweight line 17 around the counterweight drum can be increased the more the counterweight 19 is wound around its drum.