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The harborages can communicate with non-adjacent harborages by way of appropriate conduits such as piping 427. The harborages communicate with a water body 407 by way of valved ports. FIG. 21 is a view of a harborage with a plurality of vessel hulls inside. FIG. 10 is a schematic view showing the power generation system of the present invention, in accordance with a preferred embodiment. The outlet 403 communicates with a discharge pond 409 that is isolated from the water body 407 by a wall 411. The discharge pond 409 communicates with the water body 407 by a valved outlet 413. The inlet 401 and the outlets 403, 413 are located at or near ground 415 level.

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Good morning The discharge pond 409 accepts water from the harborage 13 without an appreciable rise in water level inside of the discharge pond. For example, on a rising tide, some vessels can be allowed to rise to generate power, while other vessels are held in a down position by valves in the hydraulic lines 43 (see FIG. At lower or low tide, these vessels are allowed to fall to generate power. At high tide, these vessels are allowed to rise to generate power. Como quitar el dolor de rodilla . Also, the efficiency is somewhat low because only part of the tidal rise and fall can be used. By so maximizing the displacement-to-perimeter ratio, the vertical rise and fall of the vessel hull can be fully taken advantage of. Alternatively, the harborage may be set at a lower elevation than the lock so as to achieve a higher vertical movement of the vessel hull.

The outside of the bowl 443 has vanes 459 or push surfaces, which vanes are above the drainage area floor 457, as well as any water level that may be on the drainage area floor. When the water in the harborage is at the level of the water in the drainage area 13L, water stops flowing through the vanes 425. The vanes 425 are closed and the lift 441 can be used. The advantage of using the lift 441 is that water in the harborage can be drained below the level of low tide. A water lift comprises a bottom with an inclined side wall that extends up and radially out from the bottom. 31 and 32. The lift 441 uses a rotating dish, pan or bowl 443 to impart centrifugal force to the water and drive the water up and out of the bowl.

A water lift can also be used to lift water out of the harborage into the water body. When used as a lock, the vessel 203 passes through, using the lock to raise or lower to a desired elevation. Thus, for example, in the lock arrangement, the doors can be opened and the vessel remains inside, merely rising or falling in a vertical manner. When used as a harborage, the vessel 203 remains inside as the level of water rises and falls. A long outlet extending offshore can be used for the harborage as well in order to drop the water level inside the harborage at low tide to the offshore level. 17. Dolor de espalda al lado derecho . The water level outside the side walls will drop to a position where the base breaks free of the side walls. FIG. 20 illustrates the conduit 205 located within the river bed 215. This is particularly useful where the river is straight, but can also be used on a river with bends and curves.