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Fisioterapia Deportiva Madrid - FIsioterapeutas Deportivos Although the apparatus 10 will function when placed in a water current substantially independently of the direction in which the current flows relative to the apparatus, the best results are obtained when the transverse planes of the girders 24 and 31 are arranged so as to be substantially normal to the axis of water flow. As the rotor assembly 11 continues to be displaced angularly, the effective area of the blade structure acted on by the moving water to produce torque at the shaft 15 progressively increases through the position shown by the blade structure 12a of the rotor assembly 11 until the area is maximized and becomes, substantially, the entire area of the trailing face of the blade structure when the blade structure has been displaced through 90 and into the position depicted by the blade structure 12b in FIG.

Dolor - definición, historia, teorías, clasificación.. The apparatus 10, although susceptible to being constructed in various sizes, it lends itself especially well to massive structures effective because of the size thereof to convert relatively low velocity tidal flows into large quantities of electrical energy. Assuming such disposition and orientation of the apparatus 10, the movement of water, although reversible in a tidal flow, may be taken for descriptive purposes to be in the direction of the arrow denoted with the legend Flow in FIGS. The apparatus 10 includes a means for leveling the same on an uneven ocean floor or the like so that the maximum energy can be derived from the tidal flows by the clusters of rotor assemblies 11. Although various arrangements may be included for leveling purposes, the apparatus 10 employs hydraulically adjustable leveling shafts 36 that may be adjusted in vertical directions as necessary to level the apparatus 10. In some instances, the submarine surface will be soft and muddy, and in this instance, it may be desirable to anchor the apparatus 10 firmly thereto by means of reducing the pressure at certain locations along the pontoons 30 at which they engage such surface.

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Accordingly, angular displacements of the rotor assemblies 11 will impart rotation to the shafts 15 which rotatably drive the respective transmission shafts 28 and 27 (the latter also receiving torque from the center rotor shafts l5), and the shafts 27 drive the respectively associated generator input shafts 28 to drive the generators and thereby produce electrical energy from the tidal current flow imparting rotation to the rotor assemblies. The latter solution of providing a multitude of small generators is limited in its practicality due to the complexity of operating and servicing such an array of equipment spread out over a large section of the ocean floor. Such offset may also have the advantage of reducing turbulence in the water flow through the apparatus which contributes to maximum conversion of the kinetic energy in the flowing water into electrical energy at the generators 20. It is believed clear without posed in the opposite direction to that shown in FIG.

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But in so doing, the present invention, unlike the Scripps and Salter proposals, completely avoids the further serious disadvantage that is inherent in all wave energy extracting devices which, in order that they might have a broad band response, are made nonresonant at the cost of failing to exploit the resonance phenomenon as a means of wave power amplification. BEST MODE FOR CARRYING OUT THE INVENTION In this particular embodiment of the present invention, as in any variation therefrom within the scope of the appended claims, the contemplated overall wave energy extraction system is regarded as being composed of various subsystems, classifiable according to their different functions: a seagoing platform subsystem; a platform-supported wave energy removing impeller subsystem of generally annular geometry; an intermediate wave energy conversion and conveyance subsystem of corresponding annular geometry, here embodied as a pressure transmission subsystem; and a final centralized wave energy collection subsystem capable of performing useful work.

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4. As a rigid structure carrying a rigidly interconnected assemblage of one or more component working members, each component impeller must have maximum vertical dimensions not exceeding its maximum depth of submergence below the water surface; it must be suitably mounted upon and suitably constrained by its seagoing means of support, in a special way permitting relative motion between the said impeller and its means of support that is characteristic of its kind; and it must be energetically coupled to a means on the said support for performing useful work. Each rotor assembly 11 may have more or less than four spokes l4 and blade structures associated therewith, and physical parameters and environmental conditions may determine factors of this type. The submerged pontoons have adjustable braces attached thereto so that the apparatus may be placed in a stable position on an uneven ocean bottom.

In the configuration shown, the generator input or drive shafts 26 extend through the center rotor assembly shafts l5 and are, therefore, coaxially related thereto. 10. The power generator of claim 9 in which said pontoon structure is equipped with anchor piles attached thereto and extending downwardly therefrom and being open at the bottom to enable suction to be applied to a subterranean surface. The apparatus 10 further includes a base or foundation structure providing the support for the clusters of rotor assemblies 11, and in the particular form of the apparatus being considered, such base performs a dual function of providing buoyancy that enables the apparatus to be floated to its point of installation, and then provides the means for supporting the apparatus in position along the ocean floor or other submarine surface.

FIG. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view of the power plant, the view being taken generally along the plane 33 of FIG. 12 portion of said blades travel in a direction generally against the current. The trailing surface of the blade 16 of the structure 12a will then present a small projected surface area to the water flow which will impinge thereagainst and press the blade 16 into tight abutment with the spoke 14. Dolor lumbar despues de hacer pilates . Thus, a component of the force developed against the trailing surface of the blade structure 12a will be essentially normal to the radial axis of the spoke l4 and develop a torque at the shaft 15 (the lever arm length is enormous) enforcing rotation on the rotor assembly 11 in the clockwise direction.

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Taking for descriptive convenience the spoke 14 extending along the Y-axis and considering first the blade structure 12a, the centerline of the blade 16 substantially parallels the radial axis of the spoke l4 and essentially no torque is developed by the blade structure 12a against the spoke I4 because the flow of water along both sides of the blade 16 is essentially equal. Adjacent its top and bottom edges, the sails 16 are equipped with relatively heavy counterweights 17 that may project beyond the free vertical edge portion of the sail, and such counterweights are effective to maximize momentum transfer and torque development in application to the rotor shaft 15, as will be explained in detail hereinafter. 5. At this moment, the torque developed by water impingement on the blade structure 120 is negligible because the flow is substantially equal on each side of the blade. More particularly in this respect, and referring especially to the blade structure 120 in both the full-line and broken-line positions thereof illustrated in FIG.