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The average of the wave heights for the operational days in January and February were thus determined to be 9.89 ft. For February 2001, because day 14 and day 25 had wave heights less than 5 ft., there were only 26 operation days for the exemplary buoyancy pump device. The components of the buoyancy pump device 100 must be adapted to function in a saline environment, such as an ocean. Since the length of the pilings is relatively long, and since the pilings are subjected to forces from the pump operation, the ocean currents, the ocean tide, and wave action, a plurality of wing struts 4215 are connected between each perimeter piling 4211 and the center piling 4213. Each of the wing struts 4215 includes a sleeve 4217 at each end of the wing strut, and each sleeve receives one piling. Waves, such as those on an ocean surface, have particle movements that are neither longitudinal nor transverse.

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Dolor de espalda podría ser señal de muerte prematura - EL.. While the concept of using multiple reservoirs for storage of the operating fluid has been described above with reference to two reservoirs of differing heights, a person of ordinary skill in the art will recognize that the concept could be expanded to include a multitude of reservoirs, each of which would be designed to ideally receive operating fluid when waves of a certain height are present and when the buoyancy block is adjusted (via warp) to a particular volume. The piston shaft 716 is preferably rigid and maintains a fixed relationship between the piston 718 and the buoyancy block 714. The piston 718 is exposed to water on the lower end due to the opened end of the piston housing 706 disposed towards the buoyancy block 714. The piston 718 preferably has a seal (not shown) disposed about the perimeter of the piston 718 that prevents leaking or seepage from the piston chamber 719 into the area beneath the piston.

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To solve the problems identified above, a buoyancy pump device is provided to convert the potential energy that exists in the natural movement of very large volumes of water found in the form of, but not limited to, oceans, lakes, and rivers in the form of swells and waves into mechanical energy at a relatively high efficiency.

Masajeador Cuello Masajeadores Percusión Tejidos Profundos.. The buoyancy pump device 800 includes a base 802, a housing 804 connected to the base 802, a housing cap 806 connected to the housing 804, and a housing base 808 connected to the other end of the housing 804. A piston housing 810 is axially disposed in a lower portion of the housing 804. The piston housing 810 includes a piston housing cap 812 and a piston housing base 814. A piston housing ballast portion 816 is connected to the piston housing 810 at a lower portion thereof. An inlet line 128 and an outlet line 130 are connected to the inlet valve 124 and outlet valve 126, respectively, and are adapted to receive and exhaust, respectively, gas or liquid from the other ends. These designs may utilize the grid or other arrangements for the pump field, but include buoyancy pump devices in some or all empty plots based on the arrangement.

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