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Front view female chemist in white medical suit with mask holding solution having headache on white background chemist lab virus covid splash By resting, or parked, separation distance, we mean the separation distance between the flotation module and the inertial mass that would come to pass in the event that no waves were present and the power-take-off system were configured to impart no countertorque to the pulley/capstan, so that the inertial mass assumed a position of static equilibrium. The embodiment’s ability to systematically extract energy from ocean waves depends upon its ability to “reset” after it has “launched” its inertial mass downward, and extracted power from its downward movement. 152 and 153 adjusts the effective net weight of its inertial mass by adjusting the average depth of its inertial mass and restoring weight. The number of offset weights that are supported by the inertial mass 4205, instead of by the flotation module 4200, is adjusted through the control and/or modification of the depth of the inertial mass 4205. And, the more offset weights that are supported by the inertial mass 4205, the greater the effective net weight of the inertial mass 4205. In one low-density embodiment, the inertial mass 4205 is slightly positively buoyant, having an average density lesser than the surrounding water.

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Receta para Eliminar el Dolor de Muelas con (REMEDIOS.. 140 and 141. In the illustrated embodiment, each cable passes over and around a pair of rollers, e.g. 45. A portion of each roller’s axle includes a crankshaft, e.g. The buoy has a center of gravity (COG), and/or a center of mass (COM), that is located within a certain radial distance of the center of the buoy 442. Another embodiment, has a COG and/or a COM, e.g. In this embodiment, the PTO systems do not share a common mechanical apparatus or hydraulic circuit. In another embodiment, they include concrete.

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This requirement limits the location of these converters and the depth of the water in which they may be deployed. 2804, one of which passes through each orifice, e.g. The PTO systems are arranged in a circular pattern around a horizontal center of the buoy, each interfacing with one of the drums at a bottom portion of the buoy. Within one end of buoy 210 is embedded a sealed and/or waterproof and/or water-tight “computational chamber and/or enclosure” 216. Computational chamber 216 is attached to an upper surface of buoy 210 by a flange 219. Dolor de riñones espalda . Those walls of the computational chamber 216 which are located below the flange 219, and the corresponding and/or adjacent walls of the buoy, are separated by a gap, space, and/or void 218. Within the space 218 and/or gap, the computational chamber 216 is surrounded by, and/or bathed in, a thermally-conductive fluid.

4. This illustration omits the buoy, the inertial mass, and the restoring weight, as well as all but one of the rollers. Many designs, materials, and structures are able to provide an inertial mass that will be compatible with the present disclosure, and all such variants are included within the scope of the present disclosure. 903. And, wherein, the buoy’s tendency to keep its own longitudinal vertical axis coaxial with a longitudinal axis of the entire embodiment will tend to minimize, if not avoid, the kind of wear and damage to the ribbon cable 904 that tends to result from the misalignment of the ribbon cable with the roller over which it passes.

’s center of buoyancy will tend to rotate. 211) the pulley’s plane of rotation 203. The cable is pulled out of 212, and/or away from, the center of the pulley. Accordingly, during normal operation, some embodiments of the converter preferably operate “out of equilibrium”; the operational separation distance range preferably does not include, and can be significantly spaced from, a resting, or parked, separation distance. By “operational separation distance range” we mean the range defined by the minimum and maximum separation distances attained between the flotation module and inertial mass during a defined period of operation. In some embodiments, the inertial mass is controlled so as to cause it to oscillate within an operational separation distance range (or, an operational depth range) spaced from a resting, or parked, separation distance (or, spaced from a resting, or parked, depth) by a distance of at least 1.5 times the significant wave height.

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Ponto de Acupuntura - P7 - Lieque - 列缺 - Medicina.. By being able to so rotate, each guiding pulley can remedy, at least partially, fleet angle misalignments due to flotation module pitch and roll, and direct its associated flexible connector to tis associated power-take-off pulley. At least a portion of the electrical power generated by the PTO 102 is stored in an enclosed bank 109, assembly, and/or set of batteries, capacitors, chemical fuel (e.g. Dolor muscular codo . 103, causes the flexible connector connecting the flotation module to the float to be retracted, and will promote the removal of slack from flexible connector 3906, following the passage of a wave crest, and/or during the downward movement of the flotation module. 31. And, the other end of each connecting rod, is hingably or rotatably connected to the “piston rod” of a hydraulic cylinder or piston, e.g.

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3, each strand of each ribbon cable is wound about its respective roller over an extent of approximately 180 degrees (i.e. At the top of the flotation module 2900 are two conjoined, approximately frusto-conical structures 2903 which overly a pair of vertical apertures. The flotation module has approximately straight, vertical side walls on which are mounted a plurality of force-distribution plates, e.g.