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Energy is extracted along the length of tube, hence avoiding build-up of stored energy which necessitates increase in thickness of walls to accommodate stored energy. The point absorber allows improved initiation of bulge waves 5 within the tube 24. The point absorber may be, for example, a resonant piston located at one end of the tube 24 and attached to a buoy floating on the surface and adapted to drive the piston to create a bulge wave within the tube 24. Therefore, the bulge wave can be initiated at the leading end of the tube by controlled activation of the panels and/or through the action of a point absorber 10 and/or through embedded actuators (not shown), thus accelerating build-up of the bulge wave to optimum size to maximise power absorption from the incident wave. The walls of the tube have a high elasticity so that they can distend in response to the pressure gradient, so inducing a bulge wave within the tube.

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Tromboflebitis superficial mano, la tromboflebitis es un.. The fluid cavity may be adapted to contain a fluid, wherein 5 forces, such as pressure forces, including static and dynamic pressure forces, acting on an outer surface of the deformable body may result in changes in pressure or the like within the contained fluid, thus effecting appropriate deformation of the deformable body and electroactive material. The force transducer may be 25 adapted to be deformed by fluid motion.

For example the force transducer may convert fluid motion in one liquid into fluid motion in another liquid. In the example shown the predominant direction of wave travel is identified by arrow 16. A nose or leading end 20 18 of the generator 10 is secured to the sea bed (not shown) via a tether 20, and a tail or trailing end 22 is not fixed. The control system 32 may be utilised to dampen the deformation or distensibility of the tube, for example in extreme ambient conditions. Additionally, the generator/energy take-off apparatus is not limited to the use 20 of a tube, and may comprise any other suitably shaped structure. The driven apparatus may comprise a hydraulically driven electrical generator or a hydraulic 25 pump or a hydraulically driven actuator or an energy storage device or the like, or any combination thereof. This may increase the resilience of the device.

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In this arrangement the tether 20 is secured to a column 40 which is embedded in the sea bed 42. Dolor justo encima de la rodilla . Alternatively, as shown in Figure 8, the generator 10 may be mounted on a plurality of support members upstanding from the sea bed 42. 15 The present invention provides a number of advantages over known systems, as noted below. However these materials have heretofore conventionally been used in transducer applications which require electroactive polymer materials to be secured relative to a fixed frame. Oscillating pressure of seawater outside the tube wall due to ocean waves creates a localised pressure gradient across the tube wall relative to the sea water inside the tube. 20 The motion may comprise an oscillating motion. According to a second aspect of the invention there is provided a method of 5 extracting energy from fluid motion, said method comprising the steps of: providing a deformable body, wherein the deformable body is arranged such that deformation of the body drives an energy medium to be delivered to an energy output; exposing the deformable body to fluid motion; 10 permitting the fluid motion to deform the deformable body to thereby drive the energy medium; and controlling the energy medium in order to control at least one dynamic response of the deformable body.

In embodiments where the present invention is used or driven by wave 20 motion, the tubular structure may be adapted to be aligned with the principal or predominant wave direction. However, it should be understood that this is exemplary only and that the present invention 10 may be utilised to extract energy from any fluid motion, such as current flow, tidal flow, gas flow or the like. This may enhance redundancy and therefore resilience of the device. Instead, the action of the bulge waves continuously generates electrical energy through the panels 26 and as such the energy may be discharged over the length of the tube 24. This in turn permits a lighter device to be utilised. The at least one energy take-off device may be adapted to be driven by the energy medium. The apparatus may comprise an electrical conductor adapted to conduct generated electrical current.

The apparatus may comprise at least one floatation arrangement, adapted to provide buoyancy. The energy medium may comprise a 20 fluid, which may be a second fluid. Distension of the tube 24 is demonstrated in Figures 2 and 3, which are lateral cross-sectional views through the generator 10. In Figure 2 the 22 tube 24 is shown in a relaxed configuration, and in Figure 3 the tube 24 is shown in a distended configuration as a result of a passing bulge wave. 10 A mooring arrangement of the generator 10 is shown in Figure 7, reference to which is now made. As a first option, as shown in Figure 3(a), one possible method is to realise the panel 26 as a multi-plate parallel capacitor, where the panel is fabricated as alternate layers of dielectric and electrode laid down one atop the other, and where every second electrode is connected in parallel.

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Accordingly, the method of use of the electrical generator described or implied above may apply to the second or fourth aspects. The conduit may comprise electroactive polymer and/or electrical conductor. The deformable body may comprise fibres, which may be aligned in preferential directions to confer anisotropic material properties. The fibres may comprise Kevlar. The fibres may be used to increase the resistance of the tube to damage, for example, due to bites from fish or collisions with water borne objects.

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