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The neutral position of rod 150 is chosen so that the middle magnets 110 of cores 112A and 112B are respectively situated approximately opposite the middle teeth 120AT and 120BT of the corresponding cores 120A and 120B. The air gap between magnets 11OA and teeth 120AT is equal to (gl A) as illustrated on FIG. An air gap (glA) between magnets 11OA and the middle teeth 120AT is made substantially greater than an air gap (g3A) between magnets HOA and the ending teeth 120AE due to their different heights, as indicated above. It can be seen that all the four air gaps between the teeth and magnets are equal to (glO). FIG. 11 is a schematic view of a control system, regulating a vertical reciprocating IWET and other platform devices, employed by the IWECS for production of hydrogen from seawater, according to an embodiment of the present invention. The magnetic state and polarity alterations are caused by successive approaching and withdrawing of a row of movable magnets, disposed on an inductor, to and from teeth of the armature.

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Fitness on the beach 10 in the form of rectangular boxes. Processor 135 analyses the sensor signals and issues said processing commands 135Al, 135A2, 135A3, 135A4, 135Bl, 135B2, 135B3, and 135B4. Processor 135 also receives other measured signals and issues regulative signals for other devices incorporated in unit 175, as disclosed below. The sensor devices may be installed, for example, on the platform, or on or inside the floats and then, for example, wirely or wirelessly transmitting the measured parameters signals to the control means. The present invention relates to devices and methods for power generation through conversion of energy, possessed by intermittent mechanical forces, e.g. If necessary, the control system will dynamically configure the control circuits of valves 156, IWET coils 130, tidal adapters 155, hydrogen pressure regulators, pumps, emergency subsystems, communication systems, MHD-devices, solar and wind generation devices (if any), and other executive devices of the IWECS. 11 , the hydrogen gas, produced by the well-known electrolysis process in electrolyzer 176, is drawn via a hose (173) to a hydrogen pump (182) compressing the gas, wherefrom the compressed hydrogen gas is output into a hydrogen duct (181). All the above devices: electrolyzer 176, water pump 179, hydrogen pump 182, and processor 135 are powered by CR 177, though there should generally be a reserve electric power source (not shown) that may be needed for launching the system, for wireless emergency or other communications, etc.

11. In this embodiment, electrolyzer 176 receives seawater from a water pump (179). The incoming seawater flow may also be heated up by warm the water utilized for cooling the IWET (as discussed above), or electrolyzer 176 may simply use the outside non-heated seawater (not preferable). A multi-platform IWECS (MP-IWECS) may be deployed for production and temporary storage of hydrogen and oxygen from ocean or seawater. The converters also comprise control means, including sensors devices, measuring wave’s and converter’s parameters, and control units, adaptively regulating electric power production and absorption of the excessively large waves’ energy, depending on their changing parameters. Dolor muscular en la nuca . 8b, 8a, comprises an armature including exemplary eight longitudinal armature cores (120A) radially disposed in casing 145, each core 120A having two types of teeth: middle teeth (120AT) with a predetermined height, and ending teeth (120AE) with another predetermined height greater than the height of teeth 120AT. Therefore, the first section comprises eight identical rows of teeth sequentially situated along the central longitudinal axis of the IWET.

Similarly, the rotational IWETs may be combined with non- rotational IWETs, described herein. In operation, for the inductor core 112, shown on FIGS. A vertically reciprocating float (not shown) is fixed to a rod (not shown) substantially pushing a rack of the rack gear (not shown), which can convert the linear motion into rotation of shaft 127, revolving core 112 (or a group of such cores). Shaft 127 with core 112 should be properly balanced.

During a storm, the amplitude of waves, and the displacement of rod 150 are increasing, and the ending magnets 11OA enter the zones of magnetic interaction with ending (uppermost and lowermost) teeth 120AE (the air gap is equal to g3A), and, if coils 130Al and 130A4 are switched on and connected to the rectifier, an electric current is induced therein, slowing the movement of rod 150, but producing more electric power at the same time. 8a. A sensor device (136S) for measuring motion parameters of rod 150 (e.g. The platform and the floats are respectively coupled with armatures and inductors of IWETs disclosed herein above, or may optionally be coupled with other similar types of transducers or with other devices transforming the waves motion energy into electric power.

3b are schematic partial sectional views of an IWET with an armature moving relatively to an inductor according to another embodiment of the present invention. There is a padding ring (148P), made of proper resilient materials, peripherally attached to the upward surface of disc 113C for shock absorbing when piston 150P lowers to its lowest point tending to touch disc 113C. Optionally another pneumatic or hydraulic padding means, or a magnetic suspension means may be used for this purpose.

The control means will further output signals regulating the length of expansion or collapsing of extension 174T (executed by a drive means not illustrated in the drawings), as well as output other signals regulating the extent of opening of valves 156, connected with or incorporated into channels 153, and the direction of the differential water flow through channels 153, which will provide the necessary adjustments of the natural frequency of the system, increasing its energy conversion efficiency. A platform with larger dimensions might perform the role of the float, and then the housing would logically be somehow linked to the ground either rigidly, or with an arrangement for difference of amplitudes and / or frequencies and / or phases (oscillation parameters) of said armature and inductor movements. 7e. Mejorar dolor de espalda . The position P120, reflected on FIG. An embodiment of the IWECS is illustrated on FIG.

On the other hand, an excessively wide gap (g4) is also undesirable (illustrated on FIG. 8b. Casing 145 is divided into five compartments by four partition discs fixedly attached to casing 145: a top disc (113), an upper disc (113A), a lower disc (113B), and a bottom disc (113C), all displayed on FIG. 8a, 8b, by its lower end fixed to a preferably floatable impelling means (not shown in the drawings of this embodiment) is slidely disposed within casing 145. Other embodiments may deploy non-floatable versions of the impelling means (for instance, for utilizing substantially horizontal impacts of running sea waves). A control means (not shown in detail) may be implemented with platform 170 to process the amounts of amplitude, frequency, and phase of the waves and the platform parameters, such as its instant displacement, the velocity and acceleration of the displacement measured by sensor devices (not shown herein). The movable magnets are preferably permanent magnets (though suitably configured electromagnets may also be utilized), and may be preferably made of rare earth magnetic materials or a combination of such materials with magnetic ceramics, e.g.

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Ht0. The modified asymmetric rotational IWET comprises a plurality of coils 130 wound on core 120. Six such coils 130 are shown on FIG. 10. Dolor muscular en piernas y brazos . It is convenient to use cylindrically shaped tanks 180 and the half -cylindrical shape of closures 171. Tanks 180 may be fastened to platform 170 and / or to closure 171 by appropriate fastening means (not shown in the drawings). The reservoir should be of sufficient size and depth, and the platform(s) should be of sufficient dimensions, that will essentially create a dyke-like construction (not illustrated) around the reservoir. The right choice of the gap (g4) in relation to the width of magnets Wm should be made by a routine experimentation for a particular construction. Particularly the means described in U.S. Alternatively, for some types of electrical loads the number of wire turns in coils 1304, 1305, and 1306 may be increased.