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Flekosteel Warming Body Balm Use To Ease The Discomfort.. Nevertheless, each few seconds brings a new wave 20, giving a rise in water level and attendant change in applied force. This variance in depth provides an immediate variation in weight, as recurring greater and lesser volumes of water occur over any given area of submerged beach or ocean floor. The recurring waves constantly vary this height between the maximum height of any given wave and the lowest level water possible when the wave has receded. This changing column of water possesses a gravitational force corresponding to the height of water above the ocean floor. An additional modification of the magnet/coil combination is shown in FIG. FIG. 7 illustrates an adaptation of the previous embodiment with linkage from a compression chamber 70 and head plate 71, through a piston member 73 to a lever arm 74. Similar principles of operation provide for displacement of the head plate 71 under changing gravity force F to a depressed position 75. This displacement is enhanced by the smaller surface area of the piston 53, yielding greater linear movement as shown by phantom lines 76. Accordingly, the piston arm 77 drives the attached wheel 78 in rotation.

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ACUPUNTURA - Dra Sueli Marques: ACUPUNTURA ESTÉTICA 4. For example, FIG. FIG. 10 illustrates an additional embodiment of-a magnet/coil generator in a mat. Remedio natural para dolor de espalda . It will be apparent that the number of pods in an actual mat configuration would be much greater in density to maximize current generation from overhead wave action. Calculations based on the dimensions of the transducer material and applied force demonstrate that current flow can be regularly pumped from a submerged array of transducers below a changing load supplied by wave action of the ocean. A spring mechanism 114 biases the magnet 112 in a raised position, yet has sufficiently low stiffness to allow the supported magnet 112 to readily depress under increasing weight of a rising wave crest overhead. This location will typically be sufficiently close to the shore so that installation can be readily accomplished during low tide. It will be apparent to those skilled in the art that numerous methods can be utilized to lay the transducer mat 10 at the ocean floor to establish a stable, stationary position with respect to the changing height of water overhead.

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FIG. 3 graphically illustrates a process for laying a grid of pressure transducers within a fluidized trench under the beach area of an ocean water source. This consideration requires an additional shift in paradigm to recognize that the sand base below the ocean water can be used as a pressure transfer medium for passing the changing load of the column of ocean water into a form of electrical energy within a somewhat protected environment, free from radical currents and possible attack of sea life. What is needed is a power generation system which operates in response to the periodic wave motion of the waters, but in a manner independent from other surface water conditions to produce electrical energy. FIGS. 5 and 6 further illustrate a displacement enhancement feature which converts the small displacement 57 of the head plate 51 to an increased displacement 58. This feature is enabled by use of a compression chamber 60 which has a fixed volume, except for the volume changes which result from displacement of the head plate 51 and a smaller, secondary plate 61. The smaller surface area of the secondary plate 61 results in substantially greater linear displacement 58 into a conversion chamber which allows the secondary plate to move in an unrestrained manner.

The larger excursion path of the secondary plate 61 results in a corresponding enlarged path for the attached coil 62 through the magnetic field of magnet 63, leading to increased current production which is transmitted through attached lead 65 to the shoreline. 9 for linear conversion of bellows movement to electrical output. The output and efficiency of this system, however, is significantly higher than that which could be supplied by currently known piezoelectric systems as described above. Hundreds of devices have been contrived to directly respond to the ocean movements; however, few have survived the test of general commercial application.

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The coil 122 contracts periodically in response to the force F applied to a head plate 123, causing the required relative movement of the coil with respect to the magnet 121. This embodiment offers some advantage in simplicity and cost reduction; however, sacrifices some strength of field interaction in view of limited movement of the coil.

The present invention adopts a new approach of indirect power conversion of surface wave action to an electro-mechanical transducer positioned on the ocean floor. FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to methods and devices for converting the energy from ocean or water waves to useful energy. Resistive spring values for springs 54, plate dimensions, internal pressure levels, magnet and coil configuration and displacement ranges will require integration to maximize electrical output. Ejercicios para aliviar dolor de espalda baja . For example, numerous piezoelectric materials are known which are applied in microphone devices, stress meters, etc., which provide an analog output voltage proportional to the applied change in stress or loading. Assuming a depth of five feet for the head plate during a wave trough, the column height of overhead water will alternate between eight and fifteen feet.

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The difference in height represents an oscillating force and applied load (dependent upon the mass of the water) which can be directly converted on the ocean floor to other forms of potential or kinetic energy. Indeed, a common perception within the prior art was to accept the limitation that conversion of the power of ocean tides and waves required a device that would respond to this surface wave movement, and then convert this motion to rotary movement within a turbine or some other energy transfer medium An inspection of the hundreds of devices and methods which have attempted to tap the ocean’s energies quickly reveals this common paradigm.

The transducer mat is laid within the fluidized sand and silt, which then is allowed to settle over and bury the transducer mat to a desired depth. Current from the coil is transmitted by a connecting wire 118. The thin plastic housing is sufficiently loose around the coil to permit the magnet to easily displace within the volume enclosed by the coil. A connecting wire 11 couples the respective transducers 10 to a power storage bank 14. The rigid grid support 40 supplies the stiffness for supporting the mat of transducers 10 as described above. FIG. 4 illustrates a mat of transducers secured to a rigid grid support for placement at the ocean floor, under several feet of sand, with a connecting wire for attachment to a power storage bank.

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The use of battery storage units 14 permits the accumulation of such micro energy pulses to establish commercial applications for the energy conversion system. The device should therefore be able to operate for years without significant maintenance requirements. By using large arrays of super-magnets (neodinium magnets) having extreme high field strength, sufficient current can be generated for a workable system. The resulting variations in operating conditions make it difficult to provide a single system that is capable of coping with the multitude of variables which must be satisfied in a surface-linked mechanical system of energy conversion. A primary flaw in such systems arises from the surface location, or at least suspended linkage to surface structure, providing a dependence upon lateral interaction of moving mechanical parts with surface wave action to provide the medium of transfer of force from the oceans to a power generator. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention arises from the observation that indirect conversion of wave movement to electrical energy could avoid the mechanical limitations previously experienced with surface-linked paddles, wheels and floating systems.

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The magnet and coil combination can also be embodied in a mat configuration, similar to that illustrated in FIG. Accordingly, the remote end 102 of the lever arm moves along a larger vertical path than the bellows displacement. A trenching device 40 travels along the ocean floor 12. The mat of transducers 10 is buried within the trench 41 at a depth which protects the transducer mat 10 from adverse exposure to ocean currents and sea life. Dolor muscular sintomas . First, a trench 41 is excavated along a section of ocean floor 17 below a region of ocean water 30 which is subject to constantly changing water elevations. It will be apparent that actual design parameters will depend upon the unique characteristics of placement locations, anticipated ocean depths and relative water height variations. It is to be understood that the numerous disclosed embodiments are provided to illustrate the broad inventive principles of this invention and are not intended to be limiting, except by the following claims.

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The return force may be contained air, a restoring spring, or a combination of both. As the following wave trough passes over, the gravity force F decreases to its minimum value and the restoring forces of the springs 54 displace the head plate 51 upward to the raised, rest position.

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Once the conversion unit is fully assembled and sealed, a protective polymer coating or encasement 68 can be applied as a complete exterior seal. Flexible surrounds 66 and 67 similar to speaker surrounds in audio products provide displacement capacity to the respective head plate 51 and secondary plate 61 while preserving a complete seal on the respective chambers. FIG. 1 illustrates a conversion medium substantially free from the direct surface movement associated with currents and tides.