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Pin de MoniiS. en Memes - Tipos de dolor de cabeza.. Although the upper portion 304 is shown as separate from a lower portion 306 of the buoyancy block 300, it is to be appreciated that the tapers may begin from any portion of the buoyancy block 300 and terminate at the axial opening 302 to facilitate axial movement of the buoyancy block 300 in water. It is to be appreciated that, although shown in a generally cylindrical configuration, the buoyancy block base 370 may be in other configurations depending on the design and requirements of the buoyancy pump device.

It should be understood that other configurations of the outlet lines may be utilized for the fluid matter to be delivered to the reservoir. The low reservoir 1821 is provided to receive water pumped during normal operating conditions of the buoyancy pump 1813. Normal operating conditions typically occur during the presence of normal sized wave heights, or those in which the buoyancy pump was primarily designed to operate. The operating fluid, preferably water, is pumped from offshore at the location of the buoyancy pump 1813 to one of a low reservoir 1821 and a high reservoir 1823. Preferably, the reservoirs are located on-shore but could be positioned off-shore on an existing or new platform.

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4B, and then rise the same distance (BR) from the trough (T) position in FIG. In operation, as a wave having predetermined characteristics arrives at the buoyancy pump device 800, the buoyancy block 818 and piston 822 incrementally rise. 37 and 38 to facilitate easier installation. When the piston shafts 4015, 4025 are assembled, one of the ball fittings 4057 is attached to the tubes at each end such that the each of the minor portion, the intermediate portion, and the major portion engages one of the tubes. When the buoyancy pump device 100 is placed in a lake environment for example, the length of the buoyancy cylinder 104 would not require adjustment to wave height operational settings. Seals may be used in the opening 118 of the buoyancy cap 106 to prevent liquids or gases from entering into the piston cylinder 108 from the buoyancy chamber 112. The piston cylinder 108 is adapted to seal the inside of the piston cylinder 108 from the environment.

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The length of the buoyancy cylinder 104 relates to movement of the buoyancy block 114 within different liquid environments. Sintomas dolor de espalda y cansancio . The tether would be a predetermined length such that excessive movement of the buoyancy block within the buoyancy chamber (e.g. The piston shaft 116 is further designed to translate forces from the buoyancy block 114 to the piston 120 and from the piston 120 to the buoyancy block 114. Finally, the piston shaft 116 may be telescopically adjustable, such that the length of the piston shaft 116 may be increased or decreased, depending on the requirements of the buoyancy pump device 100. The adjustment of the piston shaft 116 may be needed when air is the pumping media, or the height of waves or swells are less than desirable. The ability of the buoyancy pump 4011 to pump operating fluid via positive pressure on both the upstroke and the downstroke of the buoyancy block 4013 allows efficient operation of the buoyancy pump 4011, especially when the wave conditions for a particular area require a tall buoyancy chamber 4014 and upper piston chamber 4041. For buoyancy pumps having only a single piston, the operating fluid must be drawn (i.e.

When the buoyancy pump is configured to pump air, the surface area of the piston is increased to compensate for the compressibility of air in order to achieve similar results. 3A-3C, an exemplary buoyancy block 300 is shown in top plan, side and isometric views, respectively. The inlet and outlet valves 124, 126 are unidirectional flow devices which permit the flow of gas or liquid into and out of the piston chamber 122, respectively. The inlet and outlet valves 512, 514 are unidirectional flow devices which permit the flow of gas or liquid into and out of the buoyancy chamber 508, respectively. The inlet and outlet valves 1022, 1024 are unidirectional flow devices which permit the flow of gas or liquid into and out of the piston chamber 1026, respectively. The inlet line 724 is adapted to be connected into a desired gas or liquid, and therefore provide a desired source of gas or liquid to be pumped by the buoyancy pumping device 700. The outlet line 726 is coupled to the flow line 742, which in turn directs flow to a desired location.

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In the presence of larger waves, the increased volume of the buoyancy block is able to increase the pressure imparted to the operating fluid, while maintaining approximately the same flow rate as the flow rate produced during normal operating conditions. Should the pressure in either outlet valve 916, 924 inhibit movement of the metallized piston 910, the magnetic buoyancy blocks 912 will separate from the metallized piston 910 to move with respect to the wave, and re-engage the metallized piston 910 in the next wave cycle. The equations set forth above were used to calculate the horsepower for the low and high wave settings.

Wave period was averaged for the entire month and the same wave period was used for each day of the month. FIG. 13 is a drawing of a system 1300 for dynamically determining and/or adjusting the size of a buoyancy block based on wave data, such system depicting an image 1301 of a schematic of an exemplary buoyancy block 1302 displayed on a monitor 1303 of a computing system 1304. The computing system 1304 includes a processor 1306 that is operable to execute software 1308. Cuales son las causas del dolor de espalda . The software 1308 is used to calculate dimensions and/or model operation of the buoyancy block 1302 based on historical wave data for a location in a body of water that a buoyancy pump device using the buoyancy block 1302 is to be positioned. The software 1308 includes an algorithm that has input parameters for the historical wave data and outputs mechanical specification and system operational data.

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For example, ballast tanks may be coupled to the buoyancy pump device 100 and filled with appropriate ballast. The region may have only a small demand for energy requiring only 200 buoyancy pump devices, for example, or require a large demand for energy that would need several square miles of buoyancy pump devices comparable to that provided by a dam. 10 ft., and have an additional 7 ft. To take advantage of these waves, the buoyancy pump device 100 does not necessarily have to be secured to the base 102. Rather, the buoyancy pump device may be, for example, mounted to the floor of the body of water, secured to a structure mounted on the floor of the body of water, secured to a rigid floating platform, secured to a sea wall, or other mounting locations that provide a stable platform or its equivalent.

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Isolated handsome emotional strong bearded man The base 902 includes a plurality of support legs 930 coupled at one end to the housing 904 and at the other end to a support base 932. The support base 932 is adapted to rest against a floor 934 of a body of water 936 in which the buoyancy pump device 900 is placed. Since the length of the pilings is relatively long, and since the pilings are subjected to forces from the pump operation, the ocean currents, the ocean tide, and wave action, a plurality of wing struts 4215 are connected between each perimeter piling 4211 and the center piling 4213. Each of the wing struts 4215 includes a sleeve 4217 at each end of the wing strut, and each sleeve receives one piling. The display fields may also include parameters that affect operational specifications, such as length of stroke available and lift travel time, and lift pressure, which is an amount of upward pressure developed by the buoyancy block 1301 as a function of the wave parameters (e.g., height and length).

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The wave has a given wave height WH and period WP as it passes through the buoyancy pump device 100. The buoyancy pump device 100 has a piston stroke PS, which is defined by the piston moving across one full wave period WP. During the design phase of the buoyancy pump device, the designer may perform a design process, such as those discussed with regard to EXAMPLES A and B, TABLES 1-4, and FIGS. Estiramientos para aliviar el dolor lumbar . A group of buoyancy pump devices may be deployed substantially anywhere having sufficient sources of wave energy with waves that conform to the specifications of the buoyancy pump devices. Hence, the buoyancy pump devices are scalable and adaptable to whatever energy demands exist for a particular region being served. A first inlet valve 914 and a first outlet valve 916 are connected through the housing cap 906 with the piston chamber 913 a. By allowing a significant portion of the buoyancy block to remain out of the water, the buoyancy block quickly tracks the motion of each wave and more efficiently pumps the operating fluid.

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Instead of using a valve to open and close the relief port 1917, the relief port 1917 could by sealed by a stopper that is tethered to a stationary structure, such as the buoyancy pump pilings or the ocean floor. The buoyancy pump device 100 may pump gas or liquid into the ballast tanks and thereby adjust the position of the buoyancy pump device 100 relative to the wave environment. To ensure high efficiencies, the height and/or diameter of the buoyancy block 114′ can be adjusted. 114′ which is cylindrical in shape.

UN PASEO POR LA GRANJA..: mayo 2012 These systems involve numerous mechanical parts which require constant maintenance and replacement, and therefore make the system undesirable. Pat. No. 7,331,174, which claims the benefit of and priority to U.S. Pat. No. 597,833, issued Jan. The previous description is of preferred embodiments for implementing the invention, and the scope of the invention should not necessarily be limited by this description. To avoid detail not necessary to enable those skilled in the art to practice the invention, the description may omit certain information known to those skilled in the art. The availability of the energy created by such a damming project does not even begin until completion of the project. Depending on the depth of the body of water, each of the pilings 1216 may be composed of multiple segments. It is conceivable that the liquid and/or gas may be dispelled into the atmosphere should the situation require. 116 (FIG. 1). An upper portion 304 is tapered radially inward from the perimeter of the buoyancy block 300, and terminates at the axial opening 302. The tapers on the upper portion 304 assist axial movement of the buoyancy block 300, especially when the buoyancy block 300 is submerged in water and is moving towards the surface of the water.