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Si viajaste a algún país extranjero, tuviste diarrea y tomaste una pastilla antidiarreica, debes monitorear el malestar gaseoso. Seguir con el malestar después de tomar una pastilla antidiarreica, algunas veces, puede significar que te has contaminado con un gusano. Presta atención al malestar gaseoso que sientes después de viajar a un nuevo lugar. Este malestar gaseoso puede estar acompañado de dolor abdominal. Este sistema ha demostrado su efectividad por encima de otro como el ozono. Puedes conocer el protocolo que seguimos en nuestro centro visualizando este vídeo. Por eso, en nuestro centro contamos con un sistema de ventilación forzada que depura el aire de las salas de forma continua. Los modernos sistemas de generación de energía eólica típicamente adoptan la forma de un parque eólico que incorpora múltiples generadores de dichas turbinas eólicas que pueden ser operados para alimentar potencia a un sistema de transmisión que proporciona energía a un sistema de servicios auxiliares.Wind turbine generators are considered as ecological and relatively inexpensive alternative sources that use wind energy to produce electricity.

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Estos son los 10 tipos de dolores de cabeza más comunes.. Los generadores de turbinas eólicas son considerados como fuentes alternativas ecológicas y relativamente no costosas que utilizan la energía eólica para producir energía eléctrica. El generador de turbina eólica incluye, en términos generales, un rotor eólico que incorpora unas palas de la turbina que transforman la energía eólica en movimiento rotacional de un árbol de accionamiento el cual, a su vez, es utilizado para accionar un rotor de un generador eléctrico para producir energía eléctrica.

En nuestro trabajo es necesaria la proximidad al paciente para las diferentes maniobras y movilizaciones que realizamos. Ese es el caso de algunas de las especialidades en fisioterapia. Now, more attention focusings are in the small unmanned underwater movable body of referred to as underwater unmanned plane, and it is expected water The working range of lower unmanned plane will be enlarged by.For example, it is desirable to the application in blue water or the application in the waters away from base station will Development.However, the underwater transmission range of radio wave is limited.On the contrary, sound wave has the transmission range than radio wavelength And the underwater transmission speed lower than radio wave.

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The thirteenth aspect of the present invention provides the underwater communications system according to the tenth one side, wherein, second water At least one second underwater moving body in one or more of lower movable body the second underwater moving body is couple to wire communication Path. The fourteenth aspect of the present invention provides the underwater communications system according to the tenth aspect, wherein, it is one or more At least one relay in a relay is installed on the bottom, and is couple to base station via wired communication path.

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The fifth aspect of the present invention provides the underwater moving body according to first aspect, wherein, when multiple relays are deposited When being around the underwater moving body, described control unit determines the multiple relay based on multiple testing results In a relay be communications destination. The seventh aspect of the present invention provides a kind of underwater moving body, which includes:Communication unit, communication unit Member performs underwater wireless with relay and communicates;And control unit, when the communication carried out by the communication unit is impossible, In order to establish communication, which move the underwater moving body, then attempts to start to communicate.

Modern wind power generation systems typically take the form of a wind farm that incorporates multiple generators of said wind turbines that can be operated to power a transmission system that provides power to an auxiliary service system. El dolor de espalda . The wind turbine generator includes, in general terms, a wind rotor that incorporates turbine blades that transform wind energy into rotational motion of a drive shaft which, in turn, is used to drive a rotor of a generator electrical to produce electrical energy. 3) it has the shape of a standard airplane wing, although any suitable shape can be used bearing in mind the purpose for which it was provided.

이 포일은 예컨대 실질적으로 수직 또는 보다 바람직하게 수평으로 유동에 대해 수직한 방향으로의 실질적인 운동을 포함하는 써킷(circuit)을 따르는 운동에 대해 지지될 수 있다.According to the present invention, a first fluid dynamic surface, a second fluid dynamic surface configured to generate lift in a fluid flow, a foil allowing periodic movement of the surface with respect to each other, a support for the second fluid dynamic surface, a heave of the foil A rocking foil turbine is provided having a driven member configured to utilize energy from motion, wherein the hydrodynamic surfaces throughout at least a portion of the periodic translational motion are less than 20%, more preferably depending on the foil cross section and the maximum thickness of the material. 본 발명에 의하면, 유체 유동에서 양력을 발생시키도록 구성된 제1 유체 역학면, 제2 유체 역학면, 서로에 대해 표면의 주기적 운동을 허용하는 포일과 제2 유체 역학면에 대한 서포트, 포일의 히브 운동으로부터 에너지를 이용하도록 구성된 종동 부재를 구비하는 요동형 포일 터빈이 제공되며, 여기서 주기적 병진운동의 적어도 일부 동안 내내 유체 역학면들은, 포일 단면과 물질의 최대 두께에 따라 20% 미만, 보다 바람직하게 15% 미만, 가장 바람직하게 10% 미만의 코드와 같이, 실질적인 지표(위그) 효과를 달성하기에 충분히 작은 거리만큼 이격되며 충분히 평행하게 배향된다.

Less than 15%, most preferably less than 10% cords are oriented sufficiently parallel and spaced apart by a distance small enough to achieve a substantial index (wig) effect. According to the fifteenth aspect of the invention, the situation phase of wireless power receive capabilities is not provided with underwater moving body Than the underwater operation time can be extended. When what is counted When quantity is 1, there are a candidate, and when the quantity counted is more than 1, there are multiple candidates.

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For that purpose, the revolving platform 1 is orientated in a way that allows wing 9 to be in a proper position to induce alternating dynamic pressures on both side of wing 5. Variable dynamic pressures will cause wing 5 to move articulated lever 3 downwardly and upwardly. This foil may be supported for movement along a circuit, including, for example, substantial movement in a direction perpendicular to the flow, substantially vertically or more preferably horizontally.

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For example, motion controller 102 reads the motion path of underwater unmanned plane 1 from RAM 13, and make underwater unmanned plane 1 Along the movement path.Alternatively, for example, motion controller 102 reads the movement road of underwater unmanned plane 1 from RAM 13 Footpath, and underwater unmanned plane 1 is moved in the opposite direction along with read side. Communication state detector 101 detects the state of the wireless communication between underwater unmanned plane 1 and another communicator.

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Motion controller 102 is detection as a result, controlling underwater unmanned plane 1 based on being provided from communication state detector 101 With the position relationship between another communicator.For example, when testing result is ” non-good state “, motion controller 102 Control is performed, to shorten the distance between underwater unmanned plane 1 and another communicator, to realize ” kilter ” or ” flat Equal state “.

8, underwater moving body is underwater unmanned plane 1A.Underwater unmanned plane 1A have with it is above-mentioned it is underwater nobody Machine 1 constructs identical construction.However, the underwater unmanned plane 1A that Fig. According to the tenth aspect of the invention, with the position relationship between underwater relay and underwater moving body not Compared according to the state of wireless communication come situation about controlling, work can be expanded in the case where maintaining good communications status Scope. The purpose of the present invention is the position relationship between underwater relay and underwater moving body not according to nothing The state of line communication is compared come situation about controlling, and in the case where maintaining good communications status, expands the work of underwater moving body Make scope. According to the seventh aspect of the invention, can compared with the situation that underwater moving body is rested at the position of communication failure Restart the possibility of communication with increase.