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If the longitudinal extent of the submersible platform is sufficiently large to mount a plurality of coupling bodies thereon, then the forces acting on the submersible platform act, by virtue of the orbital motion of the water molecules as a consequence of the sea wave motion, in different directions and hereby largely offset one another. FIG. 7 shows a basic representation of the submersible platform according to FIG. The basic concept of the disclosure consists, essentially in equipping the wave power plant with a base platform and at least one coupling body, which latter is mounted rotatably, in particular with the performance of an orbital motion with predetermined motional direction, on the platform. According to an alternative/supplementary aspect of the disclosure, the torque compensating device has at least one rack, which is mounted rotatably on the platform and on which, in turn, the at least one coupling body is mounted for an orbital motion and on which is disposed the countertorque generating mechanism, which, in dependence on the currently tapped usable torque and/or the current spatial position of the rack, applies to the rack such countertorque that keeps the rack substantially stable, so that the platform remains substantially torque-free.

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La mitad de los pacientes de artrosis de rodilla sufre.. 3, each coupling body 4 hence consists of a roller or roll, which extends substantially over the entire parallel distance between the two rails 2 and which in the middle has a bearing axle 6. The bearing axle 6 is mounted or fitted on two lever arms 8, which are disposed on the respective end faces of the roll 4. To one of the ends of the lever 8 lying opposite the bearing axle 6 of the roll 4 is fixed a mounting axle 10, which is respectively inserted rotatably in a bearing bush of the rail 2. In this way, each coupling body or each roll 4, according to the above construction, can perform at least an orbital motion about the mounting axle 10 and thus drive the crank drive, comprising lever 8 and mounting axle 10, for a torque pick-off.

BACKGROUND The present disclosure relates to a wave power plant for generating electric power in offshore use and, in particular, to a wave power plant comprising a submersible platform. At this point, it should further be pointed out that these flow guiding elements 28 are usable also with the coupling bodies of the first illustrative embodiment and, in general, with any coupling body shape. 10, possibly also in combination with FIG.

More concretely, according to one aspect of the disclosure, the wave power plant is equipped with a countertorque generating mechanism, which in dependence on the total torque (reaction torque), which is composed of the (tapped) individual torques generated by the coupling bodies and is referred to below as the (theoretically) usable torque, applies to the platform such countertorque that keeps this essentially in a stable (preferably horizontal) position. At the same time, the generated torques of all individual coupling bodies have the same alignment, since all coupling bodies have the same direction of rotation. Only then would it be possible to productively tap the torques generated by the coupling bodies at the crank mechanisms and convert them, for instance, into electric power. For instance, buoys float on the water surface, so that a linear generator, for example, can be powered by a lifting and lowering motion of the buoy body.

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If, consequently, a damper plate located in greater water depth is coupled by a preferably rigid coupling element to the submersible platform located close to the water surface, said damper plate produces a stabilization of the submersible platform. The (each) coupling body 4 can additionally have on its end sides (end faces) a flow guiding element (a type of winglet) 28, preferably in the form of an elliptical disk (does not necessarily have to be circular), which is aligned substantially perpendicular to the coupling body longitudinal axis (bearing axle 6). These circular disks have the task of avoiding a situation in which the water flow “slides off” via the end faces of the coupling bodies and thus of reducing the induced drag (turbulent wake) on the coupling bodies. Furthermore, an important point for the functionality of the proposed concepts is a self-alignment of the frame 1 relative to the incident flow, so that the coupling body/bodies 4 are essentially always flowed against transversely to their bearing axle 6. Such self-alignment can be improved, for instance, by additional elements, the flow resistance of which is heavily direction-dependent and which are arranged in the plant such that the smallest resistance is obtained if the coupling body 4 is transversely flowed against.

This could be realized, for instance, by at least one weight, which is movable in the longitudinal direction (perpendicularly to the bearing axle of the individual coupling bodies) or is asymmetrically fixed. As a result of the plurality of coupling bodies 4 (at least one coupling body is already sufficient for the functionality of the plant), in the represented wave power plant a torque Me is in the present case respectively transmitted in the clockwise direction into the submersible platform 1, in which case the plant according to FIGS.

A fundamental advantage of the plant which is self-adjusting in the manner described above consists in the fact that, given high waves with potentially large torques and a correspondingly strong lateral deflection of the plant, a greater submersion depth of the coupling body 4, with correspondingly smaller orbital velocities and thus lower energy input, automatically arises due to the tilting of the plant. Dolor de estomago que irradia hacia la espalda . Another aim is the creation of a self-adjusting system, the countertorque of which varies in dependence on the applied torque. A particularly robust, unobtrusive system, which, in particular, can also be designed relatively small, is thereby achieved. In the present case, the at least one coupling body 4 is placed roughly halfway up between the rails 2, yet an arrangement at some other position is also conceivable. The coupling body (bodies) 4 is (are) articulately attached to the rails 2 by levers in order to be able to perform an orbital motion about the pivot points.