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It has previously been noted that, as shown in FIGS. On the other hand, the corresponding total oscillatory inertial force arises entirely from the circumstance that, throughout their orbital motions, the surrounding water particles experience oscillatory accelerations. It is thus evident that, as previously pointed out, the component impellers 28, 30 and 50 discussed above are intended to function approximately as generalized simple pendulums of the kinds (a), (b) and (c), respectively. In the first place, each of the one or more component working members of any impeller 28, 30 or 50 may have an arbitrary individual buoyancy–positive, negative, or neutral–provided only that the entire assemblage of component working members yields the resultant positive, negative, or neutral overall buoyancy of the said impeller.

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6 tipos de dolores de cabeza y sus causas The overall operating speed of this latter combination of two subsystems may thus be loosely compared to the total rate of inflow of heat through the said annular heat conductor, the overall power conversion efficiency of this dual combination of subsystems being roughly comparable to the thermal conductivity of the said heat conductor.

As a result, the turbine device 12 is driven by an inflow of deep-lying ambient water directed upwardly through the conduit 10 to the chamber 6, then directed radially outwardly through conduits 18 to ducts 20, and finally, after withdrawal therefrom by the impeller driven pumps, discharged by the latter to outlying ambient subsurface surroundings. The resulting radially unsymmetric distribution of component impellers 28, 30 and 50 within the overall impeller subsystem is nevertheless seen from FIG. From FIGS. 1 and 2, it is seen that the annular outrigger 3 possesses the following characteristic structural properties: (i) both its vertical dimensions and its depth of submergence below the water surface 5 progressively increase outwardly from the vessel 4 to the outermost vertical pipes 29; (ii) in functioning as the means of support for all component impellers 28, 30 and 50, it is, in effect, of infinitely greater inertia than any individual component impeller executing wave induced oscillatory motions relative thereto, and thus will be at all times entirely free from partaking of any and all such motions; and (iii) when submerged for normal operation, because of its skeletonized or generally open structure throughout, it will itself offer minimal resistance everywhere to the ambient natural wave motions.

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9 were to undergo any small angular displacement from its position as illustrated, it would then be subjected to two opposing and generally unequal torques, arising respectively from the unbalanced moment arms under the action of gravity that must now be associated with each pair of component working members 38 and 40. Since such an impeller 50 will oscillate as a pedulum under the action of gravity only if the vector sum of these two opposing torques is a restoring torque, it is evidently also necessary that the greater of these two opposing torques shall be that associated with the uppermost and lowermost component working members 38 and 40 shown in FIG. Of paramount importance to achieving an optimal combination of functional roles for each component impeller, as has previously been emphasized, is the choice and design of its component working member or members.

1. As a primary means of extracting subsurface wave energy is usable form, each component impeller must achieve maximal efficiency through a definite, predetermined, and operationally uniquely effective combination of oscillatory reaction movements in response, respectively, to the oscillatory drag forces and the oscillatory inertial forces exerted upon its component working member or members by the ambient water movement. Among the principal required steps comprised in this method is that of producing on the part of every component impeller a total reaction movement in response to the ambient wave related water movement which is approximately that of a simple harmonic oscillator possessing a predetermined but arbitrary natural frequency, appropriate to each different kind and size of impeller. Prior to operation of the overall system as contemplated in this particular embodiment, the water level 7 in chamber 6 must be adjusted to a setting above the orifices 22 of the various conduits 18 by evacuating the air space within the dome 8 as completely as possible; and the interiors of all conduits 18 and of all ducts 20 must be completely filled with water.

But at this point, at which a rectangular configuration is no longer either necessary or relevant, the foregoing analogy serves to settle the question as to what would be the optimal 2-dimensional configuration in which to distribute the contemplated ensemble of individual omnidirectional wave energy absorbers. As previously stated, one of the principal features of the present invention is concerned with a fundamentally and wholly novel method of achieving for each component impeller, of whatever kind and size, a certain optimal combination of functional roles that is essential to the efficient, expeditious, economical, and safe operation of the contemplated system for extracting subsurface wave energy. Except in the second group comprising power supplies for buoys and navigational aids, successful development to an advanced engineering stage has not yet been reached by any of these previously proposed devices. This is particularly likely because, even though described in the foregoing disclosure in terms of wave power projects on a rather large scale, the present invention could at first be implemented to great advantage on an incremental basis, at sea, without requiring excessive initial investment of funds for technological development before becoming economically competitive.

2. The said impeller subsystem must be made to function at every such location not only as a maximally effective primary means of extracting subsurface wave energy in usable form, but also as a maximally effective means of providing shelter from the open sea for the said enclosed hull. Thus, such a unit cell is a rigid component framework that supports, in the manner shown in FIGS. Thus, in the first approximation given by the Airy linear wave theory (see, e.g., McCormick, supra, Chapter 2; or Muga and Wilson, supra, Chapter III), these orbital motions in the presence of a single progressive sinusoidal surface wave, and consequently also the subsurface forces to which they give rise, are oscillatory in both the vertical direction and the horizontal direction of travel of the surface wave, the orbits themselves being circular in deep water, and elliptical in shallow water beyond the surf zone.

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1. The wave energy removing action of the said impeller subsystem must be applied with maximal effect at every available and utilizable subsurface location throughout the said annular region, and at every such location must be made essentially independent of the directions of travel of all ambient component progressive sinusoidal surface waves.

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However, while the Scripps scheme is aimed at achieving a maximal wave energy densification through accumulation in time, it nevertheless cannot be so adapted as to exploit a much preferred alternative means of achieving such wave energy densification through resonance phenomena, which, because they are perfectly suited to the oscillatory nature of ocean waves, should be fully exploited if at all possible. Moreover, by thus fully exploiting the individual resonance characteristics of all component wave energy absorbers, of many different kinds and sizes, and possessing many different natural frequencies, the present invention achieves, overall, a very broad band range of response over wave amplitude and frequency. At present, however, the technology for their exploitation lags well behind that which has thus far been developed in connection with other renewable resources such as tidal, solar, and wind energy. Dolor de pecho y espalda al respirar . In accordance with another broad feature of this invention, and with the two general objects thereof previously mentioned, the combined wave energy removing action of the said impeller subsystem, taking place throughout the aforesaid annular region surrounding the central hull, is complemented by the cooperative action of an intermediate wave energy conversion and conveyance subsystem of corresponding annular geometry, whose function is to transmit in some usable form such as a pressure differential all wave energy extracted throughout the said annular region, to a final centralized wave energy collection subsystem located within the said central hull, and capable of performing useful work.

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1 and 2, there is only one such pair; while two such pairs are illustrated in FIG. This latter subsystem, which resembles a cardiovascular system in certain respects, may be conveniently viewed as comprising two distinct parts: a low pressure “venous” part, and a high pressure “arterial” part. The pumping speed or water flow rate is established and maintained in conduit 10 through the combined action of two of the previously mentioned subsystems: the wave energy removing impeller subsystem; and the intermediate wave energy conversion and conveyance subsystem, here embodied as a (relatively positive or negative) pressure transmission subsystem. Again, because of its minimal volume-to-surface area ratio, member 40 is maximally responsive to water movement drag forces and only minimally responsive to water movement inertial forces. 3 and 5); and extending downward from the ball joint 34 supporting the impeller 30 are four similar and similarly placed struts 36. For each of the impellers 28 and 30, the four struts 36 serve in general as a means of rigid support for an assemblage of one or more rigidly interconnected component working members, each of which reacts in a very specific and distinctive way to ambient subsurface water movement.