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For example the substrate can be a panel on the body of a vehicle, such as the hood, truck, roof, or door panels. FIG. 1c depicts another example of a cell for implementing an embodiment of the present invention in which two coils are located within the same cavity. 1a-d , creating a single smaller pathway adjacent to the cover 202. For example, a spoiler on a vehicle located over the top of an array of generator cells will serve to shrink the fluid flow pathway adjacent to the covers 202 of the generator cells. There is a need for a device that can generate electricity from relatively lower levels of motive force and provide smaller cross-sections.

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FIG. 5 depicts an example of a wing structure for implementing an embodiment of the present invention where the structure contains a large, shared cavity and thin, rigid plates extending partially over the opening or openings to the cavity. FIG. 1e depicts an example of a coil placed on the cover. FIG. 11b depicts a microcontroller algorithm for controlling a servo in a tunable fluid flow generator using a stored lookup table.

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It is another object of an embodiment of the present invention to provide a braking mechanism and method for a fluid flow generator by allowing the system operation to be damped or restricted so as to reduce or prevent movement of the contacting portion of the fluid flow generator. As additional springs are brought into contact with the contacting portion, the elastic characteristics of the system are altered. Other designs are unidirectional and not able to be accommodating of changing directions of fluid flow without additional rotational structures. Dolor lateral de rodilla . While these are circuit designs provided in the present embodiments, any other type of voltage multiplier or voltage rectifier can be used to accomplish the same purpose of rectification or voltage shifting.

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Amaranto: Remedios para dolores musculares, el.. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS Additionally, any male-female mechanical system can be used where the male portion of the mechanical system (e.g., 161) includes a protrusion of a certain shape or cross-section, and the female portion of the mechanical system (e.g., 160) includes a corresponding negative space that accepts the protrusion shape or cross-section. 1k where, in one embodiment, the protrusion comprises a curved structure 207 pivoting along the outermost point 210. In a fluid flow, the curved surface structure 207 oscillates along the pivot point 210 to alternately increase and decrease the relative height of the protruding structure along the length of the protrusions in FIG. In an alternative embodiment, the piezoelectric material or film could be throughout covering 202 such that covering 202 consists of only one part.

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Second, in some embodiments when the surrounding medium 401 changes pressure due to relative movement, the velocity also provides a force on the covering 202 when part of the covering 202 flexes into the surrounding medium. Alternatively, the braking system can increase the damping on the contacting member by engaging a significantly stiffer elastic component such as a spring or by applying a frictional force along the rotational axis for the contacting member. 9b , the control member could bring additional elastic members 611 into engagement with the contacting portion 220 by driving the screw gear 170 out of the frame and sliding adjustable frame portion 153 along the guide rods 161 towards the contacting portion 220. For example, if the additional elastic members 611 include springs, the control member can reposition the springs so that the free end is brought into engagement with the contacting member 220. This changes the number of elastic members engaged to the contacting portion alongside the fixed elastic member 610 connected to the fixed frame portion 150, altering the overall elasticity of the coupled system components.

9a , a servo can drive the screw gear 170 to slide adjustable frame portion 151 relative to fixed frame portion 150 along the guide rail 161. Alternatively, in the embodiment shown in FIG. Each frame portion has an elastic member, 610 and 611, connected to it, and the movement of the adjustable frame portions engages or disengages the connected elastic members 611 from the contacting portion 220. For example, when all of the adjustable frame portions are in a disengaged position, only the elastic member 610 connected to the fixed portion 152 of the frame is in contact with the contacting portion 220. Additional springs 611 can be engaged with the contacting portion 220 by moving one or more of the adjustable frame portions 153 closer to the contacting portion, causing the distal end of the spring 611 connected to the adjustable frame portion to enter into the movement path of the contacting portion during operation.

FIG. 9c depicts a motor and gear assembly for moving two frame portions using a rack and pinion. In addition to the velocity of the system, other variables such as engine gear state, acceleration, temperature, altitude, pressure, or amplitude and/or frequency of oscillation (such as of the contacting member) can be used as an input on signal line 710 to the computer controller. Also, given a stated desire to design turbine generators that operate at altitude under strong winds and via cables or tall supporting structures, there is a need for a device which minimizes aerodynamic complications associated with turbines and other non-aerodynamic shapes so as to more easily maintain operational altitude and minimize complications from stronger wind speeds. In another embodiment, multiple surface structures can be grouped together so that a force on one structure results in forces on the other structures. These devices also face increased stresses as motive forces increased, requiring designs or use that compensated for high speed or shut down to avoid damage.

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FIG. 3b depicts an example of an array of cells for implementing an embodiment of the present invention where the array is located along a top surface of a structure. An example material for covering 202 could be rubber. Cancer de colon dolor lumbar . FIG. 3c depicts an example of an array of cells for implementing an embodiment of the present invention where the array is located along both the top and bottom surfaces of a structure.

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However, it is understood that the cavity 400 can be positioned anywhere along the structure 100. For example, the cavity can be formed at the leading edge itself such that the covering is adjacent to or overlapping the leading edge of the structure. For example, a living joint is known in the field of plastics where a single piece of plastic can be made rotationally bendable about an axis of rotation in the middle of the piece of plastic by pinching it with two hot metal elements to form a hinge joint. For example, some applications may be designed to provide rectified outputs that have a small ripple.

Various coil designs will provide different tradeoffs between the amount of power generated, manufacturing cost, and coil size, and the particular selections will depend on the requirements of the application or preferences of the designer. For the multiplier/rectifier circuits 700 used, various types of diodes may also be selected for the circuitry, depending on cost and performance requirements. It is evident to persons of ordinary skill in the art that various modifications and changes may be made thereto without departing from the broader understanding and scope of the present invention disclosed herein. It is another object of an embodiment of the present invention to provide a tunable fluid flow generator system which can be adjusted or tuned according to any number of variables, including system performance, device status, sensor values and environment measurements and corresponding method for adjusting a fluid flow generator. For example, springs or elastics can be used to add forces present when the system is outside a field of flow.

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For example, a styrofoam material preferably can be used as the rigid structure 203, providing light weight but rigid material. The increased use of electric and hybrid engine systems in vehicles has also created an increased need for ways of generating electricity to recharge batteries. The coil 500 and the magnet 300 can also be interchangeably positioned, as shown in FIG. By spacing the generator cells at particular intervals and designing them to have a particular depth or departure from the smooth surface state, drag can even be reduced by the alternating structure resulting from movement. 1j , the cells 200 are positioned along a surface 100 at intervals corresponding to the peaks 102 or valleys 103 of an oscillating edge shape. Dolor de espalda en el embarazo primeras semanas . The oscillating motion directs the motive energy in the surface structure to the electrogenerative portion which converts it to electrical energy.

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Alternatively, the spacing of the riblets and their height can be designed so as to create a cross-section in the surface that optimizes the reduction in drag. FIG. 1g depicts the cross-section of the types of structures depicted in FIGS. In another embodiment, as shown in FIG. In another embodiment, the cell cavity in the substrate can be a larger structure as shown in FIG. 3-5. In a further embodiment, the substrate is incorporated into the body of the moving object.