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【Antiinflamatorio】para Tratar el Dolor Muscular - Calmatel.. Pat. No. 7,453,165, entitled “Method and Apparatus for Converting Ocean Wave Energy Into Electricity,” filed on Oct. According to a preferred embodiment, the computational model mentioned above reveals that, for a pendulum 12 of fixed length subject to constant (or near constant) mechanical load, the rotational velocity of the working pendulum, and likewise its energy output, depends upon a combination of conditions. Note that the pendulum velocity is at low velocity, or zero velocity, shown as the midpoint along the vertical axis, for a significant portion of time.

Ultimas tendencias en vestidos de fiesta - Moda Hoy As shown, a number of restraining rings 44 are placed within a grid of cables 50. Cables 50, in combination with rings 44, form an anchoring base for the buoy array. Each outer compartment 74 is attached to an adjacent outer component 74 and central component 72 by fastening means 76. Accordingly, fastening means 76 are located at the junction between each outer component 74 and the junction between each outer component 74 and central component 72. Fastening means 76 may a number of mechanisms sufficient to hold each outer component 74 substantially fixed with respect to the other and with respect to central component 72. A number of mechanisms, such as a bolt combination or locking combination, will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art. The computational model used to maximize power output over time can be implemented in hardware, software, firmware, or a combination of each.

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The central station collects information related to sea conditions based, at least in part, upon a buoy’s power output fingerprint at a given configuration. Pat. No. 3,231,749, provides a “Wave Power Generator” having a buoy with a centrally mounted vertical shaft and a pendulum rotatably fixed to the shaft. Dolor de muscular . According to preferred embodiments, the mechanism for varying the effective pendulum length can be implemented according to a number of different means. More specifically, the present invention relates to a method and apparatus for converting ocean wave energy to electricity and the exploitation thereof. FIG. 13 is a velocity plot for an optimized system in accordance with the present invention. Although the present invention and its advantages have been described in detail, it should be understood that various changes, substitutions and alterations can be made herein without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as defined by the appended claims.

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It should also be realized by those skilled in the art that such equivalent constructions do not depart from the spirit and scope of the invention as set forth in the appended claims. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION The notion of harnessing the power of ocean waves has held mankind’s attention for quite some time. For instance, the disclosed invention does not address how torque exerted on the buoy by the pendulum is handled.

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In any event, module 91 executes the instructions necessary to achieve optimized pendulum instructions. In any event, the collective buoy network becomes increasingly efficient at maximizing its power as the information data base market possible for each individual buoy to rapidly achieve and maintain optimal tuning. 7. For purposes of this discussion, the pendulum assembly will be described as being housed within central component 72 as shown in FIG. By way of further example, where the pendulum is to actuate a pump (e.g., according to a hydraulic power scheme), a network of valves may be used to control the working fluid flow rate to a corresponding working circuit. According to this system, the library will grow at an inverse exponential rate (i.e., where library growth decreases over time).