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Hombre Del Dolor De Estómago Foto de archivo - Imagen de.. This gives to a low capacity factor and high attenuating effects since the mass of the generator all the time must alternately be accelerated and decelerated. 13. A gearbox can be used to increase the rotation speed of the electric generator, this allowing the use of a smaller and more resource efficient high speed generator. 5 b. The driveshaft 11 also in this case passes undivided through the anchor drum 9. Instead the sliding clutch 55 of the anchor drum is used as an anti-reverse mechanism. 5 b and the descriptions thereof, but it is in this embodiment mounted between the shaft support bar 13 and the planetary gear 35, this making it possible to limit the torque and energy absorption from both wind and wave movements using one and the same sliding clutch.

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Vacuna de coronavirus: 6 interrogantes sobre la aprobación.. The sliding clutch is at one of its coupling sides rigidly mounted around the drive shaft 11 and is at its other coupling side rigidly attached to the anchor drum 9. The transfer of torque in the sliding clutch 55 is controlled to also give the function of an anti-reverse mechanism. Then, the driveshaft 11 also is rocking sideways all the time, which can make the anchor line 7 and the counterweight line/lines 17 slide and rub against each other on the anchor drum 9 and the counterweight drum/drums 15. A track guiding mechanism can then be used, which brings about that the respective lines are wound in a regular way.

Also, such a gearbox can make it possible to permanently attach the second part of the electric generator, the stator, to the buoy, by connecting the gearbox to the counterweight drum, which can simplify the electrical connection and encapsulation of the generator and reduce the rotating mass in the construction.

The first movements can for a buoy be the movements into which the buoy is set by either one of the up- or down-going movements of the water surface. The disengagement mechanism for the anti-reverse mechanism of the anchor drum is set to a locked position according to a control signal from the control system, so that the anchor drum 7 cannot be disengaged, despite the counterweight/s 19 being in their top positions. Then, the depart position is, that the bottom foundation 5 and the counterweight 19 are hitched at parts of the support bar 13 or at the support structure 141 with their corresponding lines 7, 17 completely wound around the drums.

The load on the shaft given by the counterweight 19 is taken up by the driveshaft which is carried by the shaft support bars 145 in the driveshaft frame 141. Thus, the planetary gear 35 is exposed to a low shaft load. 5,889,336 and the published Japanese patent application 11-6472 a similar wave power plant is disclosed that includes a chain which is at one end attached to a bottom foundation end and has at its other end a counterweight.

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Thereby, the driveshaft can, for said first movements of the buoy or the other device, provide motive forces on both of the output sides of the gear, in order to rotate the first part of the electric generator and to rotate the counterweight drum to elevate the counterweight in relation to the driveshaft. In this case where the driveshaft is connected to an input side of the mechanical gear, the first part of the electric generator is coupled to a first output side of the mechanical gear, the second part of the electric generator is rigidly attached to the buoy or the other device and the counterweight drum is mechanically coupled to a second output side different from the first output side of the mechanical gear. To minimize the risk that the counterweights 19, in the case where two counterweights are used, and their lines 17 become entangled with each other, the counterweights can be mechanically interconnected by some suitable stiff mechanical structure which holds them physically separated from each other.

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7 c energy is absorbed from the waves only when the water surface 6 and the buoy 3 are sinking contrary to the process of the other embodiments, in which energy is only absorbed from the waves when the water surface and the buoy are rising. The reverse feeding of the anchor drums is also accomplished in the same way from the counterweight drum 15 via the gear ring 29 and a toothed belt/chain 175 to the link shaft 58, which in turn is coupled in the corresponding way to the anchor drums 9 v and 9 h.

It is also possible to drive the mechanism for reverse feeding using a spring mechanism, such as e.g. Dolor muscular rodilla . Energy storage and reverse feeding can be accomplished in different ways. Then, the driving of the driveshaft 11 can be disengaged, when the accumulation of energy reaches its maximum accumulation level, i.e. Hereby the generator 21 can be driven from two sides with a maintained relative rotation direction between its first part and its second part. 16 a. Since the power output from the generator is a product of rotation speed and torque, the power level becomes even, whereas the rotation speed varies in the opposite direction in relation to the g-force and the input torque. The top level may also change very strongly from wave to wave. 2 f. The generator assemblies 21 are independent but the counterweights 19 must be kept on the same horizontal level so that the distance between the counterweight and the anchor drum is the same in both assemblies.

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Thus, the load on the generator 21 and the transmission step 23 can be limited at the same time as a maximum power output can be maintained, as soon as a sufficient average height of the waves has been reached. The upper limit must as discussed above provide a sufficient safety margin so that the counterweight 19 does not reach the counterweight drum 15 even if an extreme wave comes. It can give the wave power plant the property that it can be assembled on shore before it is towed to its installation site.

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By using a counterweight drum having a conical shape, not shown, the radius of the point of contact of the counterweight line 17 around the counterweight drum can be increased the more the counterweight 19 is wound around its drum. 5. The wave power plant is highly scalable and its capacity and pattern for producing electric power can be optimized for specific wave climates for highest cost efficiency. As has been mentioned above, the wave energy is absorbed from the traction force that arises between the buoy 3 and the bottom foundation/bottom fastening device 3 during the rise of the wave. In the upward and downward movements of the water surface 6 the buoy is made to alternately rise or sink and/or alternately rock or tilt back and forth. The rotation speed and the power output from the generator vary according to the movements of the waves.