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COVID-19 alcanza a políticos latinoamericanos: Diosdado.. For optimum performance, the piezoelectric elements as herein described should be stretched in the direction they are polarized, as shown by arrows of letter P in FIG. The above calculations thus evidence that the assemblies herein described may comprise a promising solution for a medium scale green energy power system. The thicknesses of the elastic planar core and the piezoelectric elements, and the beam length, or length LE of elastic planar members, can be adjusted to set the optimum power level. Having therefore the equations for the energy involved and knowing the wave speed and frequency, one may calculate a power level. The device comprises at least one flexible, floatable tube which is closed at its two ends. The ends 162 and 164 of the buoyant planar members 148 are longer than the sides 158 and 160 of the buoyant planar members in this example.

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The elastic planar members 74 couple to and are between the buoyant planar member 68 and the weighted planar member in this example. Referring to FIG. 3, the assembly 20 includes a second plurality of piezoelectric elements for each elastic planar member, in this example a second, planar, lower layer 73 of longitudinally spaced-apart rows of piezoelectric elements, as shown by rows 95 and 97 of elements 88 and 90 in FIG. The assembly 20.7 includes a plurality of piezoelectric elements 86.7 and 89.7 coupled to and extending along the tops of elastic planar members arranged in a manner as previously described in FIGS.

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The method includes providing the produced electricity to the device. Rather, close to a half of the energy in the piezoelectric elements, depending on their orientation, may be converted into electricity. FIGS. 9 to 14 show an assembly 20.1 for generating electricity from waves according to a second aspect. 4, the second layer 73 of piezoelectric elements 88 is strongly coupled to the bottom 76 of the elastic planar members 74 of the assembly and extends downwards, from the perspective of FIG. Elastic planar members 180, 182 and 184 couple to and extend between buoyant planar member 134 and float 52.1. Elastic planar member 186 couples to and extends between buoyant planar member 136 and the float. 3, the assembly 20 generates electric energy by alternately stretching and compressing the piezoelectric elements 86, 88, 90 and 93 as the laminated elastic beam made of the elastic planar member 74 and the piezoelectric elements is bent by the action of successive waves 26 and 28. As seen in FIG.

1, the assembly 20 includes a wave-covering or interacting portion 48 that is generally planar and blanket-like in shape in this example. The wave-interacting portion of the assembly is moored at apexes or ends 315, 317 and 319 thereof includes a three anchors 40.7 a, 40.7 b and 40.7 c coupled thereto via cable 44.7 a, 44.7 b, 44.7 c, buoys 38.7 a, 38.7 b, 38.7 c, cables 54.7 a, 54.7 b, 54.7 c and 56.7 a, 56.7 b, 56.7 c, respectively. Assembly 20.2 is substantially the same as assembly 20.1 of FIGS. Assembly 20.6 is substantially the same as assembly 20.5 of FIGS.

7, the assembly 20 includes a plurality of longitudinally-extending and spaced-apart positive DC busses 53 a, 53 b and 53 c which are electrically coupled together and to cable 57 that passes along tether 54. The assembly includes a plurality of longitudinally-extending and spaced-apart negative DC busses 55 a, 55 b and 55 c interposed between the positive DC busses.

The assembly includes a plurality of elastic planar members. Dolor de espalda en embarazadas . 9 to 14, with like parts having like numbers and functions as the assembly 20.1 shown in FIGS. In this embodiment, assembly 20.9 includes a plurality of strips of weighted planar members 80.9 a, 80.9 b, 80.9 c and 80.9 d which are co-planar with, co-extensive with and of the same width as the strips of elastic planar members 74.9, 75.9, 77.9 and 79.9, respectively. Also in calm water, the assembly 20.4 would lie flat. In this example, the elastic planar members 74.6 are generally flat when disconnected from the assembly 20.6. The top portions 157.6 of the buoyant planar members 148.6 and 156.6 have tapered ends 478 and 480 to which the ends 460.6 and 462.6 of the elastic planar members 74.6 couple.

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Muletas de niño de segunda mano por 15 € en Madrid en WALLAPOP It would also be possible to use a combination of pre-stressing and pre-bending in the design of the assembly if that was advantageous. 2 by the height of wave 32 exiting away from the assembly 20 being less than that of wave 22 approaching but not yet in contact with the assembly. Referring to FIG. 7, the electric energy passes through the cables 57 and 59 supported by tethers 54 and 56. As this energy is being extracted from the waves, the assembly 20 may further function thereby to reduce the height of the waves HWA passing therethrough and may thus provide a wave calming effect. Electric energy is generated thereby. Such a configuration may remove about half the energy from the waves and should produce 0.5 MW at a cost of about $200/KW for piezoelectric elements and perhaps twice as much ($400/KW) for the whole thing.

The tube is exposed to the wave motions of water such that sections of the stacks are strained or compressed. Dolor debajo de las costillas y espalda . If installed such that a buoyant planar member would have prevented the ability of any of the rest of the buoyant planar members 177, 280, 286, 294, 288 and 282 to move with the action of the waves.