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Dolor en el brazo, izquierdo, derecho, causas, muscular.. CROSS REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATIONS This application is a continuation-in-part of my prior application Ser. Pat. No. 4,655,122, I disclosed an improved aerodynamic shape which comprised essentially a planar face portion and leading and trailing edges associated with opposing ends of the face portion in a pan-shaped enclosure shown more particularly in the detailed cross section of FIG. The unique blade cross section (FIGS. BACKGROUND ART In the prior art, a wide variety of shapes have been used to harness the power of air. Windmill type designs have also been used in wind turbines with various shaped impeller blades disposed at various angles and encased in a cowling designed to direct the wind over the blades. It has been observed that with less blades at high relative wind angles there is greater speed while, when using this device with more blades, there is more torque and lower speed. In that environment, the blades provided an increased lift when forced to open by escaping air from a structure, and thus this permitted the blades to be constructed of a relatively heavy gauge material without compromising damper efficiency.

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The object was to determine the spacing and fluid flow interaction between blades which would yield the most force, thus determining the number of blades to be used in a windmill. To do this, the blades would be so configured and positioned for maximum power and not to interfere with each other’s air flow. Use of the mill is to make electricity, compressed air or provide direct mechanical power. Also, in a windmill, the adjacent blade can enhance the lift. The configuration and spacing of the blades and the shaping of the device which supports them was such that there was a minimum negative interaction between adjacent blades to provide more torque at slower speeds. Experiments focused on the torque enhancement from air flow inducement provided by windmills and blades or “air dams” which were designed to harness the most force possible from a given air flow.

As an example of the exact measurement and construction of the blade shown in FIG. 1 is sharp and the corner radius r.2 is rounded for the flange, rather than sharp as in FIG. Secondly, it can trap air and increase the driving force. In accordance with my device, I collected as much air as possible within the device, and thus I collected as much force as possible. FIG. Dolor de la planta del pie al caminar . 6 is a front view of the portion of the device shown in FIG.

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FIG. 8 is a front view of a portion of a device shown in FIG. FIG. 10 is a front view of a portion of the embodiment shown in FIG. Furthermore, at low winds or intermittent winds, they could not produce the sustained energy, i.e., constant speed, necessary to produce, for example, electricity. It became apparent to me that the preferred blade structure had characteristics which were not known in the prior art. See, for example, the schematic prior art drawings shown in FIGS. Also in the prior art, it was known to use windmills with air compressor units that are powered by the wind energy turning the windmill, to store air under pressure for use, for example, in generating electricity.

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The design choices can simplify the total power producing and transmitting system, making it economical and practical for use at a variety of locations to fill many energy requirements, such as a milking operation which can have a mill to directly supply vacuum instead of making electricity and then operating the pumps. One of the primary goals of the prior art windmill configurations was to get more revolutions per minute (rpm) out of the device at lower wind speeds and more power at similar rpm.

4. Setting blade angles (helical path) to limit RPM, or set the threshold of power to a chosen wind speed. Pat. Dolor lumbar bicicleta montaña . No. 5,599,172, the disclosure of which is also incorporated herein by reference. Pat. No. 5,599,172, for a wind energy conversion system. Therein, I disclosed a new wind energy conversion system for particular application to stored energy, such as compressed air. Thus, the blade configurations were such as to pass air quickly through the device. In operation, this means that the device collects as much force as possible, even though it is going slower rather than faster; as in the prior art.

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Aside from the blade airfoil shape, the most important relationship found in this testing insofar as windmills were concerned was the relative wind alignment and angle of the blades. Tests were conducted to establish a relationship between air mass flow and volume stored under pressure (density). TECHNICAL FIELD This invention relates to improvements in windmills, and more particularly, to the aerodynamic shape of an airfoil windmill blade to exhibit improved lift characteristics and the windmill apparatus to store air under pressure or use the rotation of the windmill directly. The leading edge is defined by the edge which is directed into the flow of air.

1-3, impacting upon the angle of attack at which the airfoil blade is mounted, and causing the blade to lift. FIG. 3 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of the airfoil shown in FIG. DISCLOSURE OF THE INVENTION Summary of the Invention I have invented an aerodynamic-shape for an airfoil comprising a structure having a cross-section shape comprising an intermediary portion and leading and trailing edges associated with opposite edges of the intermediary portion to form an essentially pan-shaped structure in cross-section with convex and concave surfaces; and having a flange extending from the trailing edge back toward the leading edge in the concave area. The cross-sectional shape of this airfoil shows that it comprises essentially a planar intermediate face portion “b” and leading “a” and trailing “c” edges associated with opposite longitudinal edges of said intermediate portion, such that the cross-sectional shape is pan-shaped having concave and convex surfaces; with a flange “d” extending from the trailing edge “c” back toward the leading edge “a” in the concave area.

1. Straight tip and root edges 90° to blades axes. As for noise, my blades are quiet, due to the low rpm. Energy generated by the mill at a variety of wind speeds is significant. Dolor de rodilla significado . This flexibility can serve a variety of smaller individual site applications. This blade is mounted so that the wind impinges first upon the lead edge “a”. When mounted in a windmill, the blade has an end cap on the end radially remote from its mounting. Further, the shape, positioning and configuration of the blades within the device tended to prevent it from running away; in other words, there was actually a rotary speed limiting effect. It is theorized that the preferred blade shape and positioning captures air rather than let it pass freely through the apparatus. The drawings, FIGS. 1A through 1D each show a representative sample of a prior art blade cross-sectional configuration. FIGS. 2 and 3 show my invention, which was also tested.

Also end (blade) caps are used. The air flow patterns and dimensions are also disclosed in detail. The blade shape has no twist, and because the material is of constant thickness both from root to tip and from leading to trailing edge, blade fabrication is relatively straightforward and inexpensive to produce in large quantities.

2. Restriction of natural outward air flow at both tips and roots by caps or cylindrical shrouds. 24, 1996 entitled AIR LIFTED AIRFOIL, now U.S. 31, 1995 entitled WIND ENERGY CONVERSION SYSTEM, now U.S. In order to extract energy from relatively low wind velocities, an airfoil designed by me is utilized to control air flow inducts in large buildings. These foil modifications maximize low speed lift and energy extraction at a fixed blade angle optimal for average wind velocities, and can extract a significant amount of energy in wind speeds as low as 16 kilometers per hour. In accordance with my invention, energy was extracted from the air movement at low speeds. It is theorized that while blade position is not the most important factor concerning the amount of force reading; it is a very important factor in the magnitude of the mill torque readings.

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3. A venturi like shroud helps, but may not be worth the cost. The device will not continuously accelerate and break up because the relative wind change due to rotation reduces lift acting as a braking action as the angle of attack approaches the zero lift range. DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS Referring to the Figures, FIG.

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