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Muletas e Bengalas - Medlyght 184E proportional to the velocity of rotating water inside chambers 185 (the voltage may be measured in the electric power generating mode without an electrical load connected to the MHDU), and the amount of electric current output (when an electrical load is connected). In order to compensate the remaining energy losses, water pump 183 should operate periodically, when the velocity of the rotating water body (measured by a suitable sensor, not shown; or the induced voltage on electrodes 184E may be measured by MHDU 184, which is proportional to the velocity) is decreasing lower than a predetermined level. A portion of the rotating water body’s energy will be spent for overcoming the friction between the water body and the walls of chamber 185, which portion can be reduced by making the inner chamber walls more precise, and by using special surface active substances (known to a skilled artisan) to reduce the friction.

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The magnetohydrodynamic generators are especially useful when the storm calms down, and the energy of the rotating water bodies inside chambers 185 can be converted into electric power, since the platform does not generally need the stabilization during normal weather conditions. 2 a, 2 b has ten magnets 110 (not depicted), the electric current in each coil 130 reciprocates (changes its direction to the opposite) ten times for one fill forward traveling of core 112 from the very right to the very left position towards the direction of (v2), plus ten times for the backward traveling of core 112 (when the velocity v2 changes its direction due to a sea wave reciprocating). Thus, both inventions utilize the well-known principle of electromagnetic induction resulting in an electric current being inducted in a conductive coil enclosing inside permanent magnets moving relatively to the coil.

It may be used as an MHD engine (in a water-moving mode) during a storm, when the excessive energy generated by the MSL-IWETs, mounted on the platform, can be particularly used to create the electric field between electrodes 184E (and perhaps magnetic field, if electromagnets are deployed as magnets 184M). The magnetic and electric fields will accelerate the moving conductive seawater, i.e. FIG. 6 a, 6 b depict two impellers (162) that are mounted to the free ends of the two inclined arms of lever 161. Impellers 162 are preferably shaped as rectangular concave solid plates, or otherwise, to substantially enable collecting of maximum possible sea wave motion.

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A padding ring (148P), mounted on the upper surface of disc 113C, absorbs impacts of the rod’s downward movements. Thus, many known WEC constructions deploy a vertically reciprocating float moved by the surface waves relatively to a substantially immovable housing rigidly anchored to the sea bottom ground level (the housing is often placed underwater, for instance, as taught in the above mentioned U.S. FIG. 7 b is a side sectional view of the rack gear mechanism and a rotational IWET, employed by the vertically reciprocating IWEC, according to the embodiment of the present invention shown on FIG. FIG. 8 a is a radial cross-sectional view of a two-sectional vertical linear reciprocating MSL-IWET, according to an embodiment of the present invention. Referring to FIG. 3 a, there is shown a partial view of another linearly reciprocating embodiment of IWET, which comprises an armature means including a plurality of coils (130) wound on a core (120), having a plurality of teeth (120T) disposed on the inner side of core 120 with equal intervals.

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Special configurations and size ratios of magnetic circuits for the flux circulation between two neighboring teeth of the armature core and two neighboring oppositely oriented magnets allow to achieve a dynamic reciprocation of inducted currents within the coils in response to changing of mutual positions of the magnets and the teeth. Another aim of the invention is to provide control means for adaptive regulation of electric power produced by said converters, and absorbing the energy of excessively large waves, depending on changing parameters of the sea waves. Dolor de espalda por hernia discal . Another aim of the invention is to provide various exemplary embodiments of efficient wave energy converters (above-water and under-water) utilizing said transducer, which converters may optionally be used for production of hydrogen from seawater. The converters employ various exemplified electromagnetic controllable transducers comprising multi-magnets inductors and multi-teeth armature, transforming sea wave’s and wind’s motion into electric power. The platform and the floats are respectively coupled with armatures and inductors of IWETs disclosed herein, or may optionally be coupled with other similar types of transducers or with other devices transforming the waves motion energy into electric power.

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These differences, which will be described hereinafter, are essential for the effective use of the present invention and which admit of the advantages that are not available with the prior art devices and methods. FIG. 8 b is a frontal sectional view of the two-sectional vertical linear reciprocating MSL-IWET, according to the embodiment of the present invention shown on FIG. 3 d are schematic sectional views of fragments of the inductor and the armature of the IWET illustrated on FIG. FIG. 12 c is a sectional view of the IWSG with an MHD-unit, according to the embodiment of the present invention shown on FIG. FIG. 8 d is a schematic view of a disposition of armature and inductor elements for another modified embodiment of a three-sectional linear reciprocating MSL-IWET, according to an embodiment of the present invention.

As disclosed above, the magnetohydrodynamic generator embodiment on FIGS. The IWET also provides means to absorb energy of excessive waves and simultaneously to benefit from them by converting that energy into additional electric power to be consumed by electrical load circuits. 6 a. This orientation is supported by a spring-loaded mechanism (not shown in the drawings) blocking the blades from revolving, which revolving may be caused by a releasing means (not shown). Remedio de dolor de espalda . The cooling sub-system shown on FIG. The EMF is proportional to dF/dT that is to B (flux density in the air gap between the magnet and the tooth) multiply by v2 (the velocity of motion equals dX/dT, where X is the coordinate of the motion of core 120) multiply by W (core thickness) multiply by Nt (number of coil wire turns). 2 b, consists of the sum of a coil width (Wc) and the tooth width Wt. No. 6,857,266 and GB 1587344 are herein entirely incorporated by reference.

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8 a, 8 b, and its elements and relations therebetween are herein described for only one row of teeth, coils, or magnets, with the understanding that the description is equally applied to any other of the identical rows of corresponding teeth, coils, or magnets. It can be seen that all the four air gaps between the teeth and magnets are equal to (g10). The relative movement is associated with a relative motion of coils and magnets to generate electrical current, which supplies electrical power for deep-water hydrogen generators in which water is electrolyzed to generate compressed hydrogen gas.

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If necessary, the control system will dynamically configure the control circuits of valves 156, IWET coils 130, tidal adapters 155, hydrogen (and perhaps oxygen) pressure regulators, pumps, emergency subsystems, communication systems, MHDUs, solar and wind generation devices (if any), and other executive devices of the IWECS. Pat. No. 6,857,266, “the apparatus may additionally comprise latching and/or phase control means adapted to assist and optimise the oscillation, amplitude and relative motion of linked devices in varying or heavy sea conditions. 11), IWSG control units, and all other aforementioned control means. The releasing means may be performed, for instance, as a solenoid, and when electric current flows through its winding (initiated by said signal of the sensor), the blades, being pulled by the solenoid, are revolved to an opened position and stay in it for a predetermined time.

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A mechanical version of the releasing means (not illustrated) may be used, e.g. A sensor device (136S) for measuring motion parameters of rod 15 (e.g. 8 d. The device may be constructed in a horizontal installation version (utilizing the energy of running surface sea waves), shown on FIG. An exemplary waveform of the flux F is shown on FIG.

After the hurricane or strong storm discontinues, the emergency pumps will pump out the water body from the tanks, and the base platform will be lifted upon the ocean surface. Therefore, in some cases, this may complicate the technology of making the armature, because the necessity of arranging more narrow teeth 120T and sequentially connecting more coils. Dolor de espalda me cuesta respirar . Core 120 is generally made similar to the previous embodiment, and may include teeth of different height for the reasons described above.

5 a, this may be done by making the height of tooth 120T situated substantially in the middle (Htm) greater than on the ends of core 120 (Hte), which makes the air gap (g1) variable. Other embodiments may comprise a vertically positioned impeller, or an impeller with a variable angle axle. U.S. Pat. No. 6,833,631 teaches a vertically extended floating inner member linearly movable relative to an outer member. Pat. No. 6,798,090 to Cheung et al. Of course, the construction of the lever should be modified accordingly. If necessary to suppress parasitic eddy currents, it should be made of thin laminated elements assembled in an appropriate shape. 6 a, 6 b, each substantially having a rectangular prismatic shape with two triangular prisms attached to its two narrower rectangular sidewalls. Thus, in this embodiment, each pair of hole 174 and neck 178 forms a resulting through hole having two cylindrical portions with different diameters (smaller 178 and greater 174) along its longitudinal vertical axis.