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Hombre joven del deporte con las piernas atléticas fuertes.. It has been found that the sum of the displacement of the body caused by the net weight of the body and the additional displacement resulting from the body being retained, should not exceed V· If the displacement is set to 1000 kg (which is done by filling the body with water) and the body is held back until the upward force from the wave is 24 900 kg and K3 is assumed to be 2.5, while K2 (i.e. 7. These diagrams show the wave period in seconds along the horizontal axis, while the vertical axis gives the vertical deflection of the floating body in proportion to the Response Amplitude Operator (RAO) of the wave height. It is evident from all the diagrams that it requires a certain wave period before the body starts to move vertically. Optionally, sensors may be provided which measure the position of the rod 11 and close the valve just when the rod starts to move downwards again.

Professional female tennis player training isolated on black studio background in mixed light. woman in sportsuit practicing. The magnitude of the maximum amplitude depends among other things on how close to the frequency of resonance it is possible to get. 300884. With the structure at the greatest possible degree of rest, it becomes possible for personnel to go on board the structure to carry out maintenance or adjustments. This means that they absorb the horizontal forces from the floating body 60. The vertical forces are transmitted to the vertical cylinder 12. Thus it is possible to avoid the vertical guides in the floating structure. The frame 13 comprises a frame 14 of horizontal beams and vertical beams 16, 17, 18, 19 that project down from this. The beams 16, 17, 18, 19 are placed against a lower frame 20 composed of beams. Dolor de lumbar derecho . This consists of a platform deck 60 made up of horizontal beams in a truss work, which truss work defines chambers 61 for floating bodies 1. At each corner of the platform deck there is a platform leg 62. Wave damping means 63 are provided around each leg 62. Preferably, the floating structure is a lightweight structure with inherent buoyancy resulting from the beams and pipes of the structure being hollow.

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This consists of a central, longitudinal sturdy frame 26 with truss work 21, preferably made from PVC pipe, composite or another lightweight, cheap and strong material, which extends out to either side of the frame 26, which truss work 21 defines chambers 22 for floating bodies 1, and a rudder 27 at one end of the frame 26. Assembling the floating structure from pipes will allow it to exhibit sufficient buoyancy merely through the air in the pipes.

It is therefore an aspect of the present invention that the floating body is filled with water to an extent which is sufficient to ensure that the natural frequency of the floating body approaches the natural frequency of the waves. They comprise an upper pipe 33 and a lower pipe 34. The lower pipe 34 is movable with respect to the upper pipe 33, by means of a hydraulic or pneumatic actuator 35. The lower pipe 34 is open at the bottom to allow it to be filled with water. By running the lower pipe 34 up and down, this can project from the end of the upper pipe 33 to a greater or lesser degree. Furthermore, a wave power plant is known from U.S. Sensors may therefore be provided to measure the wave height at the floating body and release this when the trough is directly under the floating body.

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The longer this part is, the more water the floating body will “bring along” when moving up and down under the influence of the waves. When the body reaches its highest position, the rod 11 is again held in a fixed position, leaving the floating body 1 suspended as the wave passes, as shown in position 4. When the trough is approximately directly under the floating body, this is released and falls into the trough, as shown in position 5. The floating body will then fall deeper than in position 1. As a result of this, the water will rise even more in relation to the floating body 1 when the next wave crest approaches, as shown by position 6. This time, when the body 1 is released, it will leap even higher than in position 4, as shown by position 7. Dolor columna lumbar tratamiento . Consequently, the body will fall even deeper when released into the trough again, before being fixed in position.