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DOLOR DE CABEZA POR CERVICALES Causas y Síntomas - YouTube Cable rewind spring 14 has its inner end attached to fixed shaft 13 and its outer end attached to cable drum 12 as may be noted from the cross-sectional view of this portion of the invention in FIG. 4 and 5. Transfer gear 18 also rotates freely on fixed shaft 13. Gear 18 includes a pair of spring loaded pawls 19 attached thereto which engage ratchet teeth 17 in ratchet housing 15. thus, as ratchet housing 15 is rotated counterclockwise in response to an outward movement of cable 8, transfer gear 18 is rotated. In accordance with the invention, when the transfer gear rotates in response to the cable drum forward rotation as the cable moves seaward, the transfer pinion gear is rotated in a forward direction so as to wind the energy storage spring. The transfer pinion gear is arranged to engage the transfer gear from the cable assembly, and also includes a ratchet pawl such that the transfer pinion gear can be rotated in one direction only.

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Innocent back Float assembly 2 herein illustrated is of a transportable nature to suit one application for the invention such as providing power on a temporary basis in a seaside location remote from commercial power. A pulley 7 is mounted at the upper end of post 3 via a universal or ball joint 33 and accepts cable 8 which is attached to a float 6. The size of float 6 is selected on the basis of the maximum power desired from the invention and the expected wave amplitudes. The output shaft from spring anchor plate 25 is operatively connected to output section 40 of the invention which comprises a step-up gear system 42, flywheel 50 and output coupling 52. Flywheel 50 is selected to store the maximum energy capability of energy storage spring 24 as rotational kinetic energy at a desired rpm.

3 contains a set of conventional step-up gears driven by shaft 26. The step-up ratio required is again a function of the maximum and average powers desired, the desired rotational speeds or flywheel 50 and similar design parameters. 4, is mounted on supports 11. Cable drum 12 is arranged to freely rotate on fixed shaft 13. Cable 8 from the float assembly is fastened at its shore end to cable drum 12. The capacity of cable drum 12 is based on the expected amount of cable required to be stored thereon.

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The ratchet drive is arranged such that the transfer gear is caused to rotate when the cable motion is seaward and the cable drum rotates in the forward direction and to not rotate when the cable motion is shoreward as the cable is being rewound on the drum in the reverse direction. It is still a further object of the invention to provide apparatus for producing useful work from wave motion in a body of water in which such production is relatively independent of the period of the waves. It is still another object of the invention to provide apparatus for storing energy from wave motion which is adapted to operate electrical generation systems. When an alternator is used to provide electrical power, well-known circuits may monitor the alternator frequency as an indication of flywheel speed, or may monitor the unregulated voltage output as a measure of load conditions. Dolor de espalda sintoma de embarazo . The output of gear box 42 is connected to flywheel 50 via shaft 53 which also may be utilized to couple the output of the apparatus to a desired load.

Thus, the spring anchor plate and its output drive shaft will continuously rotate to drive the flywheel through the gear step-up unit. The output drive shaft is coupled to a step-up gear assembly which forms part of the third element of the invention, the output drive assembly. 8, may be a solenoid hydraulic valve 83 operated by electrical contacts 81 on governor 80, and supplying hydraulic pressure to actuator 77. Although the hydraulic system is not considered as a part of the invention, the system may include an accumulator for maintaining and supplying hydraulic pressure, and a hydraulic pump for charging the accumulator. Flywheel 50 is coupled to alternator and rectifier 60 for producing a DC charging voltage. Thus, the novel winding technique with temporary energy storage in spring 24 and essentially continuous rotation of flywheel 50 with energy stored therein converts the intermittent wave-produced energy to a smooth flow of mechanical energy.

Then when the motion of the cable 8 is towards the shore, the cable rewind spring 14 rewinds the cable upon the drum 12. Sufficient extra cable may be stored on cable drum 12 to accommodate variations in wave amplitudes and in tidal variations of the average height of the water. Dolor lumbar facetario . SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention meets the criteria for an effective apparatus for producing useful work from wave motion in the ocean or other large bodies of water and is relatively insentive to period and amplitude of the waves.

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The first element is a cable assembly comprising a float system anchored offshore and adapted to be responsive to the motion of the waves. 8 in which a conventional clutch assembly 70 is installed between ratchet housing 15 and transfer gear 18 and utilizing the clutch control system shown in functional blade diagram form in FIG. On the shore the cable handling element is anchored to the ground and consists of a cable drum 12 and transfer gear 18. The cable drum 12 includes a cable rewind spring 14 with the cable 8 attached to drum 12 such that when the motion of the cable 8 is away from the shore the cable rewind spring 14 is wound. A float mounting arm 95 is pivoted at the distal end of lever 92 by pivot 96. As a shore wave or breaker 102 approaches the shore in the direction as shown by the open faced arrow, such wave is normally preceded by a trough 101. The wave strikes float 93 tending to lift float 93 as shown by arrow E which then pivots about pivot 96 causing float 94 to be engaged in the trough 101 as shown by arrow E. As wave 102 continues inward, it lifts both floats 93 and 94 upward causing the opposite distal end of lever 92 to move inward as shown by arrow G moving cable 8 seaward as shown by arrow H. The articulated double float assembly of floats 93 and 94 provides a more efficient action due to the capability of the floats to move as shown by arrows E and F in response to the changing profile of the surf or breakers approaching the shore.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT The invention involves apparatus for absorbing energy from wave motion in a large body of water such as an ocean. After the wave motion machine of the present invention is in operation, the energy storage spring will tend to unwind continuously as power is utilized from the machine output and will tend to wind during the transfer period when the wave is rising. The winding of spring 24 thus stores the energy transferred from the wave motion into torsional potential energy. The ratchet pawl 23 allows transfer pinion gear 22 to rotate only in the direction driven by transfer gear 18. Transfer pinion gear 22 is coupled to energy storage spring 24 which may be a large, heavy-duty spiral spring.

Although various specific mechanical arrangements have been shown for exemplary purposes, many variations in the float design and in the energy storage and transfer elements may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention. As may now be recognized, the apparatus is insensitive to the actual wave periods and to variations in wave amplitudes, as long as the average available power output is not exceeded. It has been calculated that waves in an average sea having an approximate 1.5 meter wave height occurring with a period of eight seconds will produce a mean flux of wave power across a section of the ocean of about ten kilowatts per meter.

Here, a steel framework 9 is provided having a post 3 centrally located thereon. While drum shaped floats are shown here, other shapes may be used in accordance with the invention. Alternatively, pilings or the like may be used to secure the float assembly to the bottom. The remainder of the cable assembly is located on the shore and securely anchored to the ground.

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The energy and power in ocean wind waves can be quite considerable. Medicamento para dolor muscular intenso . For installations in which the hourly and daily wave amplitude variations are small, an AC generator may be used to directly power desired loads. Any conventional means for operating clutch 70 may be used. 2, may be used with the invention to utilize shore breaking waves, especially in regions where large tidal variations are not present. Sufficient turns of the cable are provided on the drum to accommodate the expected wave height and variations in the mean water depth due to tides. On the rewind portion of the wave cycle, pawls 19 slip and transfer gear 18 remains stationary.

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Then as the float drops, the cable drum will wind the cable onto the drum by means of the rewind spring. As may now be understood, as energy is drawn from flywheel 50 to perform the desired useful work, the energy extracted therefrom during one wave cycle is restored to the flywheel 50 during the cable drum unwind portion of the next cycle.