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Muletas-INDESmed The processor may be or include a signal processor, digital processor, embedded processor, microprocessor or any variant such as a co-processor (math co-processor, graphic co-processor, communication co-processor and the like) and the like that may directly or indirectly facilitate execution of program code or program instructions stored thereon. In comparing velocity results with power results, which are directly dependent on mass throughput, the nozzle performance can be accurately judged by their close agreement. In embodiments, the modules could be on sleds with their own way of getting down to the ground or may be installed by way of a built-in installation platform. The circumferential speed of the rotor may be decreased to below a low sonic speed by the increase in load on the rotor.

In embodiments, the control of the mass within the rotor radius may be achieved by way of variable mass flexible structures, e.g. These mechanisms may be independently or combinatively utilized wherein a “large” scale vortex generation feature used to create globally desirable density conditions may include a “small” scale generation mechanism to control the local flow properties associated with the larger mechanism. As alternate energy sources such as wind energy are increasingly utilized to counter the rising energy costs of fossil fuels, it becomes more vital that energy efficiencies associated with these alternate energy sources be maximized. In embodiments, the magnetic properties associated with electrical distribution or transmission system may be utilized to help orient the array, such as in generator rotor (e.g. Additionally in the case where a transmission is used in the module the conversion of torque to rpm and the inverse may constitute a portion of the load applied to the rotor.

Additionally, the area of the array may not have to be a fixed shape or size.

The structural components may constitute the main load- and pressure-bearing components of the array. The module may be an important aspect of the invention, where a module may be an integrated element that is inserted into the array as a plug and play component. Additionally, the area of the array may not have to be a fixed shape or size. In embodiments, the module or array may be provided with a way to orient itself relative to the fluid flow. The parameter by which they may be optimized in this environment may be to reduce the mass flow disturbance over the upper portion of the blade, better attach the upper and lower boundary layers, create vortex cycling on the lower portion of the blade to counteract drag, minimize the lower portion of the blade’s interaction with the flow or manipulate such interaction, and the like, or a combination thereof. In FIG. 8, the same swept area is accommodated with an array implementation 802 of the same lower height and wind speed, but this time with a narrowing 44 m width and higher upper row, now with an elevated wind speed f 8.1 m/s.

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That said, in the 1 m/s to 6 m/s range the 6-bladed rotor captures more of the KE available in the raw flow. Herpes zoster dolor de espalda . It may be seen the optimum output may be found in this case at a lower nozzle:rotor conversion at a loading level of 4 due to the generator performance within that range. In short the module yield optimization process may be stated as matching of rotor aerodynamic performance to nozzle aerodynamic performance to generator characteristics such that nozzle acceleration, rotor conversion, and generator efficiency are simultaneously maximized across the operating velocity range and loading conditions. In instances, closely matching the nozzle-rotor pair rpm-torque characteristics to the generator rpm characteristics may not be possible.

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These may represent a subset of possible complex topography members. In embodiments, a facility may be provided for modifying air temperature or density in the environment of a nozzle to increase flow through the nozzle, such as modifying air temperature through heating air in the proximity of the outtake of the nozzle. 1, each containing a plurality of modules 110, may in turn be configured into a plurality of arrays 124, arranged with respect to each other and oriented with respect to a direction of fluid flow. The bearing may have n modular elements that form the bearing as a whole wherein each element has an external or internal sliding element and may be removed and replaced in the case of failure or maintenance independently of the other elements. Weights or fluids may also be controlled by way of actuators. As in other iterations of the invention with regard to the superstructure and modular assembly of the array, in the case of the exterior structure, the properties of the structure may be designed in such a way as to allow easy extraction of a single module or multiple modules from an array within structure.

If a comparison is made between an array and a conventional turbine, one may start to see big differences, such as an array on platform compared to a tall turbine. In embodiments, the mobile wind power platform may include a storage system based on vacuum-pressurized gradients such that energy from the prime mover is used to totally or partially evacuate at least one of a plurality of “blow-down” chambers.

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The materials used in manufacturing the components may include at least one of acrylic, aramid, twaron, Kevlar, technora, nomex, carbon, tenax, microfiber, nylon, olefin, polyester, polyethylene, dyneema, spectra, rayon, tencel, vinalon, zylon, asbestos, basalt, mineral wool, glass wool, syntatic foams, carbon foam, polyurethane foams, polystyrene foams, metal foams, and the like. The array may include nozzles made with polycarbonate thermofoam, polymer, a fiber/resin composite, a syntactic foam, a closed cell foam, an open cell foam, with gelcoat, and the like. FIG. 11 depicts an array with three integrated generators.

In embodiments, laying out the arrays into a wind farm configuration may entail a plurality of design parameters, such as the minimum optimal dimensions across the array, the front array numbers and dimensions verses the back, where the arrays are placed in the wind farm, whether the wind farm can be placed near urban spaces, on top of a hot spot, close to transmission line, and the like. Dolor en la mano izquierda dedo gordo . An exterior superstructure may additionally be uniform or non-uniform in its geometric properties with regard to its dimensions in the vertical plane.

In this regard, global (e.g.

The integrated buoyancy facility may be integrated with the interior surface of the nozzle. A “wide” mechanism might have a variable interior surface either applied globally or locally to access and/or enhance this effect. In this regard, global (e.g. This may lead to rotor profiles that are very different from extant airfoils as the flow conditions they are operating in both in terms of a single inflow vector and the in and crossflow environment are very different. From this a delta matrix between the rotor efficiency and the rotor-nozzle pair efficiency may be generated wherein negative values may indicate a reduction in function for the nozzle-rotor pair vs.