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280. Radial post-tensioning cables 279 connect opposite sides of the flotation module, passing approximately (though not necessarily exactly) through the center as they do so. This embodiment’s hemispherical buoy hull 5, and its facility for rotation so as to preserve a common and/or constant alignment with the inertial mass 10, tends to preserve a desirable alignment of the ribbon cables with the rollers about which they rotate, i.e. This requirement limits the location of these converters and the depth of the water in which they may be deployed. 145B, which in turn spins the rotor of a generator 145C, thereby generating electrical power. Modules 4614 and 4615 may contain additional power takeoffs, sensors (e.g., of angular frequency, of torque, of angular displacement, etc.).

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While different embodiments of the current disclosure may be optimized so as to generate electrical (or other) power from respective inertial masses, each typically and/or preferentially positioned at an embodiment-specific average optimal depth, even a single specific embodiment may change the average depth of its inertial mass in order to adapt and/or optimize its power generation to changing wave conditions, to reduce wear on a particular portion of the cables connecting its buoy to that inertial mass, to avoid a unfavorable current at a particular depth, etc. And, likewise, and/or conversely, an increase in the torque of pulley 405, while the buoy is rising, will tend to create a net relative torque 413 on the buoy. But, its average density will typically be not very much greater than water (e.g., it can be in the range of 1020 to 1080 kg per cubic meter, but can also be outside this range), so that its “net weight” (i.e., the gravitational weight of the vessel including the water inside, less the buoyant force upon it owing to its displacement, i.e., the gravitational weight of the vessel including the water inside less the gravitational weight of an equivalent volume of water) while appreciable in everyday terms, is far, far smaller than the net weight of a similarly sized object made of a material such as concrete or steel.

The angle of the arc defined by the contact between depending connector 7-150 and pulley/capstan 7-125 is less than a 2 times pi radians, i.e., depending connector 7-150 can pass around pulley/capstan 7-125 less than full one time. Or, again for avoidance of confusion and for precision, and again in some embodiments, a peak drag force over the course of given period of time can be compared to a peak tension in the flexible connector over the same period of time, and the latter is far greater than the former (e.g. Note that, for simplicity and clarity, the slope or curvature of the water’s surface is not shown, i.e. The other end 17 of the flexible connector is connected to a restoring weight (i.e. ΙΟΙ 15. Each of the pulleys/capstans can interface to its own generator or can be mechanically connected to one or more shared generators.

And, another contains at least one internal void that is filled with foam (e.g. 2324. It contains two vertical apertures 2318 and 2320 that communicate from the upper to the lower surface of the module. This inertial mass utilizes a “pointy” lower end in order to reduce drag when it is drifting down in order to restore its nominal, default separation from flotation module 1701 following the passing of a wave crest.

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During normal operation, if the periodic application of a lifting force to the inertial mass were to cease (whether because of a cessation of waves, or because of a cessation of the countertorque applied by the power-take-off system to the pulley controlling the operational length of a flexible connector connecting the flotation module to the inertial mass, or for some other reason), then the inertial mass would, in some embodiments, tend to fall downward under gravity, and achieve a separation distance outside, and greater than, the aforementioned operational separation distance range; at least unless arrested by a brake or some other mechanism to the same effect, and/or until caught by a tether, and/or until it reaches a parked depth or parked separation distance. In some hydraulic embodiments, the pulley/crankshaft assembly described above is repeated multiple times, so that there are multiple pulleys/capstans, each with its own mechanical assembly such as a crankshaft for transforming rotational motion into linear motion in an assembly of cylinder pistons.

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Flexible connectors 91-4 located inboard of drums 91-3 transit down and are mated to ribbon spreader structure 91-6. Depending from ribbon spreader structure (“ribbon junction bar”) 91-6 is a flexible linear distribution of weight 91-5 which may be chain, wire, weights hung from rope, or any of a multitude of configurations (hereafter it shall be referred to as chain for clarity). The flexible connectors, and/or ribbons, and/or ribbon cables, of this and of the other embodiments described in this disclosure, may be composed and/or fabricated of: chains, ropes, steel cables, belts, roller chains, linkages, synthetic cables, gear belts, vbelts, synchronous timing belts, drive belts, pulley belts, and/or any other flexible relatively long, and relatively narrow, cord. The inertial mass 4205 of embodiment 4200 is cylindrical, tall, and relatively narrow. This discrepancy in the relatively rapid upward acceleration of the wave on which the buoy 130 floats, and the relatively “sluggish” upward acceleration of the inertial mass to which the buoy 130 is connected, creates a tension in the cables, e.g.

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611. Isquiotibiales acortados dolor lumbar . One end of each ribbon cable strand is affixed to the roller about which it is wound. The ribbon cable 102C/104 connects the PTO to a submerged inertial mass 105, traveling vertically through an aperture 103 in and through the buoy. Mounted on and/or in, attached and/or affixed to, and/or incorporated within, the buoy 130 are two “computing chambers and/or modules,” e.g. 10, 13, 14, from which is suspended a middle portion of a flexible connector, e.g. This has the advantageous feature of being a passive “off’ configuration which the system can obtain in the event of a failure, or merely in calm, waveless conditions. Dolor de espalda que hacer . In subfigure 45A, flotation module 2A-105 floats on the surface of the water 2A-100 which is approximately at a local minimum, i.e. In the control system depicted in subfigure A, the countertorque processor 221020 can send a digital data packet or an analog signal, or return a value (e.g.

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Dolor This means that in the event that one or more hydraulic cylinders require maintenance, repair, and/or replacement, then as an alternative to having a technician climb inside the PTO module and execute the needed work therein, and, as an alternative to removing and/or replacing the entire PTO module, it will be possible to instead remove and replace only the upper section, e.g. The preferred flotation module form having these properties is one wherein the bottom surface of the flotation module has a shape approximating that of an inverted “spherical dome” – i.e. The illustrated embodiment 100 receives tasks, programs, data, messages, signals, information, and/or digital values, emitted 112, issues, and/or transmitted, from at least one satellite 111, at least in part, through antenna 110, the data having, at least in part, originated from a remote computer and/or server. An “modular wave energy extraction system” embodiment of the current disclosure may have one or more apertures.

2308, by a connector and/or nut, e.g.

¿Puede la depresión causar dolor de espalda? - Vertebralle.. 170. When not obstructed, an orifice in vessel wall 604 allows water to pass 602 freely from one side of the wall to the other. The brake’s control system can be integrated into or communicate with that of the generator and other power-take-off components. 786, to each other inner pulley. The rotational axis of each crank axle is not coaxial with the rotational axis of its respective crankshaft. This inertial mass is composed of, and/or incorporates, six separate frusto-conical vessels with upper mouths, e.g. Many designs, materials, and structures are able to provide an inertial mass that will be compatible with the present disclosure, and all such variants are included within the scope of the present disclosure. This results in the movement of the flexible connector 2708-2710 such that portions 2708 and 2709 become longer, and portion 2710 becomes shorter. 2308, by a connector and/or nut, e.g. In some embodiments, a periodic peak tension in the flexible connector occurs when the inertial mass is descending (relative to the surface of the earth).

180 partition when the vessel is moving downward. Third, one end of each of the depending connectors 4-150a and 4-150b is fixedly attached to its respective pulley/capstan. Heatdissipating fins, e.g. 230, are also attached and/or affixed to a thermally-conductive plate 227, and/or wall, that separates the space 218 from the water 233 surrounding the buoy 210. The fins 230 allow heat conductively transmitted and/or transferred from the fluid 218 to the plate 227 to be more quickly and efficiently transmitted 232 and/or transferred to the water beneath the buoy. FIG. 218 shows a perspective view of a flotation module of an embodiment of the present disclosure. FIG. Anemia y dolor de espalda . 10 shows a perspective view of the same embodiment of the current disclosure shown in FIG.

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  • Thiele K, Maternidad Tabú, una historia real sobre depresión postparto, Urano, 2010, México

FIG. 90 shows the same directional rectifying pulley illustrated and discussed in relation to FIGs. In one embodiment, inertial mass 4205 has a substantially neutral average density (i.e., the same density as that of the water that is displaces). 129 to its inertial mass. 216. The illustrated flotation module 263 floats adjacent to the surface 261 of a body of water. A buoy 100, floating platform, buoyant structure, buoyant chamber, and/or vessel, floats adjacent to the surface 101 of a body of water. 609, near the bottom of the buoy. FIG. 156 is an side view of the embodiment of FIG. FIG. 27 is a top down view of the embodiment of FIG. FIG. 175 is an illustration of a cross-sectional view of the embodiment of the current disclosure illustrated and discussed in FIG. FIG. 28 is a top down view of the embodiment of FIG. It is similar to the embodiment illustrated and discussed in relation to FIGs.