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The floating platform 22 has a hull 28 including a top surface 30, a bottom surface 32, a leading edge 34, and a trailing edge 36. The hull has a buoyancy compartment 38 and an energy generating portion 40. The track 24 and the mass 26 are located in the energy generating 25 portion 40 as explained in greater detail below. The floating platform 128 has a track 24 and a mass 10 26, a rolling energy generating mass, which follows the track 24. The floating platform 128 has a hull 28, including the top surface 30, the bottom surface 32, the leading edge 34, and the trailing edge 36. The hull 28 has a buoyancy compartment 38 and an energy generating portion 40. In addition, the system 20 has a mooring anchor 130. It is attached to the trailing edge 36 of the floating platform 128 by a mooring line 132. In addition, the system 15 20 has a pair of tuning masses 134 along a tunable bar 136 located below the floating platform 128. The tunable bar 136 hangs below the bottom surface 32 of the floatable platform 128 by a line 138. The tunable masses 134 can be varied along the length of the tunable bar 136 to vary the moment of inertia of the tunable masses 134 in relation to the floatable platform 128. In addition, the tunable masses 134 can be moved up and down 20 relative to the bottom surface 32 of the hull.

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The hull 28 20 actuates independently and its pitch motion creates one-degree of freedom of motion, and the mass 26, the rolling energy generating mass, which rolls on the track 24 attached to the hull 28 of the floating platform 22 or 128, actuates independently in the same axis as the pitch of the hull 28 creating a dynamic second degree of freedom of motion. Dolor en el gemelo de la pierna . 7. In this embodiment, a wheeled vehicle 100 rolls down an incline plane 102 on a track 104. The mechanical energy of the moving vehicle is converted to electricity by driving the shaft of an electric generator with a belt (not shown) attached to the axles or wheels of the wheeled vehicle 100. Alternatively, although it is not as efficient, the linear motion of the wheeled vehicle 100 can be converted 25 into rotary motion to drive an electric generator via a screw drive or other means known to those skilled in the art.

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It is recognized that electricity generated by the system can be used to convert seawater into hydrogen gas. All of these people need electricity. As a is consequence, the hydraulic hoses interconnecting the hydraulic cylinders and the rotary actuators need to allow for this relative motion. For tidal operation, in which the turbine should be able to operate with both ebb and flood tides, i.e. The revolutions per minute of the cylinder 60 can be controlled by varying the diameter of the cylinder 60 and the shaft 70 of the generator 72, or by using gears and other means known to those skilled in the art. The flow of the ballast 270, a liquid such as sea water, from ballast tank 268 to ballast tank 268 WO 2012/018392 26 PCT/US2011/001368 is controlled by a plurality of valves 272 and / or pumps 274. The ballast 270 is moved from one ballast tank 268 to another ballast tank 268 to assist in tuning of the system 260. Referring to FIG.

Alternatively, as shown in Figure 8A, a controlled volumetric pump 76 can be used instead. Alternatively, the vane 68 of the rotary actuator may also be equipped with a low-friction sealant, such as Teflon, UHMW, or the like. Alternatively, the foil pitching-center junction with its structural spar may incorporate a clutch coupling. With reference to Figure 11 and 11A, the heaving-to-pitching coupling system 58, which includes hydraulic conduits inter-connecting the linear actuators 50, 52 and rotary actuators 54, 56, may incorporate some length of coaxial sliding conduits 110, 112, 114, 116, so that the hydraulic circuit can account for the relative motion between both hydrofoils 34, 36 while maintaining a constant overall fluid volume. This embodiment can be advantageous for applications where several turbines 30 are deployed together, such as in tidal farms, also called hydrokinetic turbine 5 parks, where the linear-to-rotary transmission system of each turbine unit 30 connects to a same rotating shaft and electrical generator, with the relative motion phases between the turbines set in such a way as to further smoothes out the applied torque and rotation velocity.

The system 146 allows operating a first oscillating hydrofoil 34 with similar compact means of transmission for propulsion, rather than for power extraction. Dolor de rodilla derecha causas . This propulsive system 146 allows the transmission of mechanical energy from the rotatable driving shaft 90. The propulsive system comprises the same components of the turbine 30, that is: a support structure, first and second hydrofoils, a heaving-to-pitching assembly and a rotary-to-linear transmission system. Back to Figure 7, mechanical friction should be avoided wherever possible, in order to reduce maintenance. In order to lower the operating pressure of the hydraulic cylinders, it is possible to double the components of the heaving-to-pitching assembly. The hydrostatic 113 bearings 70a, 70b are fed by an external pump 72 operating at a higher pressure than the hydraulic fluid. 6A comprises custom stainless steel construction of the cylindrical masses 82 and 84 and frame 86. The belt drive 88 and timing gear (not shown) were purchased from Stock Drive Products of New Hyde Park, New York, and the generator is a low RPM permanent magnet DC generator purchased from Windstream Power, LLC of North Ferrisburgh, Vermont.