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The threading on the terminal end 120 of the drive arm 16 and on the interior of the threaded collar 122 can be of any suitable design that permits the collar 122 to rotate as a result of reciprocation of the drive arm 16 while retaining a limited freedom of reciprocal motion. These fluctuations can more readily result in damage to, or loss of, power generating equipment.

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Flekosteel UK reviews, how to use, price: a unique remedy.. While wave magnitude is generally greatest at the surface, it is also more prone to significant fluctuations with changes in wind conditions. The pre-filter 222″ is preferably a charcoal filter, and can also include an initial screen or mesh to remove coarser particles and prevent entry of marine life. The wave action load 14 is also adapted to send and receive data and command/control information from off-site. Advantageously, the load 14′″ need not necessarily be mounted directly to the seabed, and can instead be moored to the seabed (or other point) and adapted to maintain a relatively fixed depth. According to an embodiment of the present invention, a subsurface wave power generation system includes a seabed mounting plate adapted for securing to a seabed, a wing having generally opposed first and second wing surfaces extending between a first wing end and a second wing end, the second wing end being pivotably mounted to the seabed mounting plate such that pivoting motion about a pivot axis generally parallel to the mounting plate is imparted to the wing by subsurface wave action acting on the first and second wing surfaces, and a drive arm pivotably connected to the wing to convert the pivoting motion into reciprocal motion.

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The water pressurization assembly 200″ includes a fluid chamber 160″ with a piston 162″ slidably disposed therein and reciprocally driven by a drive arm 16″ connected to a wing assembly or other wave action harnessing device. If desired, a second drive arm 16 (see broken lines) could be added opposing the first drive arm, and one or more additional loads connected thereto.

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The first and second wing surfaces 60, 62 are both concave, resulting in a biconcave arrangement that is believed to enhance the pressure exerted on the wing 20 through a pivoting cycle, together with the side panels 76 and the float 70. Outwardly extending flanges 78 (see FIG. FIG. 8 is schematic sectional view of the slip linkage of FIG.

The drive arm drives the electrical generator through a slip linkage. The slip linkage includes a first stage that converts the reciprocal motion of the drive arm into rotational motion and a second stage that selectively engages the a drive shaft of the generator drive to impart the rotational motion thereto. The rotation of the drive gear 112 is transmitted to the gearing mechanism 114 which may convert the RPM of the drive gear into a faster RPM output.

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Anchor cables may be made of braided steel, composite, fiber, nylon, amorphous metal alloys, or any other suitable material to secure the displacement vessel and withstand the sea environment. For example, a first control mechanism 1120 a housed within the displacement vessel 1102 may wind up control cable 1128 a while a second control mechanism 1120 b housed within the displacement vessel 1102 may release control cable 1128 b to change the displacement vessel 1102 orientation in the water and rotate the displacement vessel 1102 clockwise. The collar 122 will rotate in direction 112 when the drive arm 16 moves in one direction and will rotate counter to the direction 112, when the drive arm 16 moves in the opposite direction. The turbine 164′ is preferably selected from among those types which rotate unidirectionally, regardless of the direction of fluid flow past their vanes. The buoy 12′″ preferably includes instrumentation for monitoring sea and atmospheric conditions, which can be transmitted to shore.

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The drive arm 16′″ traverses a plurality of joints 52′″ to accommodate the variable motion of the buoy 12′″ in frequently varying surface wave conditions. 5, the first and second wing surfaces 60′, 62′ of a wing 20′ incorporate a plurality of louvers 86′. The louvers 86′ open to allow water to pass through the wing 20′, decreasing the thrust exerted thereon. The drive arm 16 traverses a plurality of universal joints 52 to facilitate the transition between the pivoting motion 24 of the wing 20 and the reciprocal motion 26 to be supplied to the electrical generator assembly 14. Additionally, the joints 52 can accommodate some rotation of the wing 20 on the wing directional plate 36. Preferably, the drive arm 16 attaches at or near the center of the wing 20, although multiple alternate attachment points could be included. Dolor muscular pierna . Referring to FIG. 11, in an alternate embodiment, a generator assembly 14′ includes fluid chamber 160′ in which a piston 162′ on the end of a drive shaft 16′ reciprocates, forcing fluid into and out of the chamber 160′ past a turbine 164′. The turbine 164′ rotates, turning a generator 100′, which in turn generates electricity.

It will appreciated that the drive arm 16 could include further joints to traverse additional angles, as well as to branch into multiple drive arms to supply multiple loads. It is a further object of the present invention to convert the harnessed wave action into electrical power and/or purified water.

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The reverse osmosis unit 230″ includes an osmotic membrane 244″. Purified water is discharged on the output side of the osmotic membrane 244″ and brine is discharged on the input side. Referring to FIG. 12, according to a further embodiment of the present invention, the load is a water purification assembly 14″. The water purification assembly 14″ includes a water pressurization assembly 200″ and a reverse osmosis assembly 210″. The water pressurization assembly 200″ receives seawater therein and outputs pressurized seawater to the reverse osmosis assembly 210″. The reverse osmosis assembly 210″ outputs grey water and purified water for subsequent on- and/or off-shore use and/or storage.