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Dolor de cabeza: cefalea tensional - EnFamilia The two assemblies shown are rigidly connected by means of fins 830. Any number of generator assemblies may be connected together in this manner to form a set. FIG. 18 is a cross-sectional view of two generator assemblies of a further embodiment of the present invention of the general type used in the installation of FIG. The upper housing end 606 also contains a buoyant material 674, such as a foam or other cellular material, as shown in FIG. The upper housing end 606 contains a drive assembly 670 connecting the ends of the shafts 622 to a plurality of generators 672, shown in more detail in FIG. The buoyant structure 910 shown in FIG. A ring-like rotating member is retained by the support structure to be rotatable about an axis. First, depending upon the impellor arrangement, the action of the rotating impellor may cause a counter-rotational movement of the housing, tending to move the housing out of proper upstream alignment.

Curso de Formación y Actualización en Dolor - 9 de octubre.. Alternatively, if a single impellor is employed, means must be provided to prevent the generator housing rotating out of proper alignment with the incident current flow under the action of the rotating impellor, as this will reduce the overall efficiency of the generator assembly. Water contacts the upstream blades 734 of the impellor assembly 720. Water impinging on the front housing member 710 is directed by the surface 738 onto the adjacent upstream blades 734, as shown in FIG. The front housing member 710 is packed with a buoyant material 746, such as a foam or other cellular material. The front housing member 610 is packed with a buoyant material 646, such as a foam or other cellular material. Dolor en el centro de la mano . The inner surfaces of the front housing member 642 and 644 are arcuate and have a radius of curvature substantially the same as the path followed by the outer edges of the blades, with a suitable tolerance, such that the inner surfaces 642 and 644 are swept by the outer edges of the blades, when in use.

FIG. 13 is the cross-sectional view of FIG.

The overall shape of the upper and lower housing ends 706, 708 matches that of the front and rear housing members 710, 712 (shown in FIG. As represented in FIG. Thus, as shown in FIG. FIG. 13 is the cross-sectional view of FIG. In still a further aspect, the present invention provides an improved impellor assembly for use in a generator assembly for generating energy from a flow of water, in particular an ocean current. Water impinges on the upstream blades 634 of the impellor assembly 620, imparting rotational kinetic energy to the blades, and flows into the region between the blades.

Without a significant loss in momentum (and hence energy) water within the region between adjacent blades flows between the circular plates 628, through the annular cavity 632 and continues in a downstream direction. A largely unexplored aspect of generating energy from oceans and seas is that of the significant currents that flow in many offshore locations. Alternatively, it has been proposed to locate energy generating devices on land adjacent a body of water, such that the devices are impacted by waves incident on the shoreline. While the generator assemblies and impellor assemblies have been described with reference to a flow of water, in particular to generate energy from an ocean current, it is to be understood that the assemblies may be applied to the flow of any suitable fluid. In particular, there have been few proposals for the exploitation of ocean currents, in particular deep ocean currents that flow in a consistent and steady pattern for extended periods of time.

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Alternatively, adjacent assemblies may be connected by a retaining means, for example a rigid retaining means such as a tubular, beam or shaft, or a flexible retaining means, such as a cable or tether. Alternatively, only some of the generator assemblies may be provided with such a vane or vane assembly, which will act to rotate the entire bank of assemblies. Thus, for example, in the case of the preferred arrangement in which a plurality of generator assemblies are arranged in a line extending substantially vertically from the fixture assembly, each generator assembly may be arranged to be rotatable with respect to the fixture assembly independently of every other generator assembly in the system. 1. Dolor en la punta delos dedos de la mano . However, it is to be understood that the length of the tubular assembly 22 and the number of tubulars employed will be determined by the depth at which the generator assembly is to be deployed.

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Currents flow in many places in seas and oceans. In operation, the action of the flow of water on the fins 830 of the assembly is to keep the housing 804 of each assembly oriented with the inlet end 806 facing upstream of the flow of water. A particularly preferred embodiment comprises a turbine having two impellors arranged vertically, each impellor having a plurality of blades and being arranged such that the volume of water swept by the blades of the impellors overlaps. First and second impellors are located within the housing and are arranged such that their swept volumes are overlapping.

A hub assembly 724 is fixed to and extends around the shaft 722, so as to rotate therewith. 15. The respective ends of the shaft are supported in suitable bearings within the upper and lower housing ends (not shown for clarity). The retaining means for securing the generator assembly is arranged to allow the generator assembly to rotate or swivel about the fixture assembly in a vertical axis. A preferred impellor arrangement comprises a plurality of vertically extending blades rotatable about the vertical axis. Preferably, the generator assemblies are arranged to extend in a line vertically from the fixture assembly.

In this way, the wellhead assembly of the installation 402 and the first and second anchor assemblies extend in a line on the ocean floor in the direction of flow of the current. The turbine assembly is described and shown as being anchored to the ocean floor by a tether or cable with the turbine held in a position within the water exposed to the flow of an ocean current. The generator assemblies and the retaining means are of the same general configuration as described hereinbefore and shown in FIGS. Referring to FIGS. 6 and 7, there is shown subsea installation, generally indicated as 302, comprising an alternative configuration of generator assemblies. Referring to FIGS. 4 and 5, there is shown subsea installation, generally indicated as 202, comprising an alternative configuration of generator assemblies.

Accordingly, there is a need for an improved method and system for generating energy from such deep ocean currents. The White Paper discusses various factors of generating energy from ocean currents in general terms. The plurality of generator assemblies may be arranged in any form of matrix or array, extending in one, two or three dimensions from the fixture assembly on the bed of the body of water.

For example, a three dimensional array of generator assemblies comprises a plurality of generators arranged in a pattern extending upwards, laterally across the direction of flow of the prevailing current, and up- or downstream of the fixture assembly. As noted above, the systems of the present invention may be employed to generate power, for example electrical power or hydraulic power, from a current or currents flowing in a deep water location for use in a subsea installation, in particular a subsea installation for the production of oil and/or gas. However, this may be beneficial, as it acts as a feathering action on the generator assemblies in situations of high current flowrate, in turn preventing the generator assembly from being overworked or overloaded.

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The action of the current is to move the generator assemblies out of vertical alignment, that is perpendicular to the current flow, thereby reducing the efficiency of the generators. 2 in operation in a body of water under shear current conditions. Preference is given to an impellor that is arranged to rotate about a vertical axis perpendicular to the flow of water.

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