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Dolor In particular, the use of mentioned flexible ribbon (membrane that fixed at two or more points) is prone to insufficient power generation due to limited production of vibrations under various conditions, restriction to high flow speeds, temperature and humidity changes, requirements for real-time adjustments, etc. Furthermore, all mentioned proposals for small wind/hydro generators are not always satisfactory due to the design complexities, manufacturing cost, need for a complex mounting/control structures, high maintenance cost and low efficiency in energy production at various flow velocities. New, commercially feasible, small foot-print, scalable solutions are needed to overcome the previous rationales that restrained the non-turbine electrical generators from earlier implementation. In addition, most small wind turbines require a proper zoning and installations. The most general vibrating motion of the assembly is a superposition of its normal modes, where each of the modes is a single frequency solution of the motion equations.

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♀Ori3ll3♀Edukcion Fisik!!* Any vibrating assembly has a set of normal modes (and corresponding frequencies) that depend on its structure and composition. Instead, the vibrating assembly utilize alternating lift coefficients produced by the elastic element 3 attached to the base 4 in order to induce the displacement of the vibrating assembly. Here the flow 7 impinges on the vibrating assembly that sheds vortices, producing alternating lift forces applied to the vibrating assembly. The lift coefficient produced by the vibrating assembly depends upon an angle of attack of the elastic element 3 relative to the flow 7, similarly to performance of a well known airfoil structure.

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The generated electricity can also be used for powering cell phones as well as remote telecommunication nodes or wireless data transmission network nodes, such as WiFi, or meshed network. The disclosed cell 1 includes the elastic element 3 that supports the conductive element 2. The elastic element 3 connected to the base (supporting structure) 4 at least by a single end.

Figure 6. The example of, generally, arbitrary number of generating cells connected either in- series and/or in-parallel. The electricity, generated by the disclosed device, can be used for flow-energy harvesting within the confined flow passages in water-pipes, oil-pipes or HVAC ducts, as an example. The resonant frequencies and/or amplitude of the vibrating assembly oscillations can be modified by changing the stiffness of the elastic element 3, as an example.

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For all embodiments of the disclosure, the oscillation of the vibrating assembly is converted into electricity by the generating cell or its combinations. The generating cell includes at least one electrical conductive element monolithically integrated with the elastic element affixed to the supporting structure by a single end. As mentioned, the conductive element 2 is fully or substantially perpendicular to the magnetic field orientation 8. It should be noted that there are various arrangements of the magnetic field source 6, which provides an appropriately oriented magnetic fields 8, relatively to the conductive element 2. At least one electrical conductive element 2 within the cell 1 can be made of metal rods, loops or coils attached to- or deposited on the elastic element 3 and configured to move with the elastic element 3. A multiple number of such elements can be integrated into the vibrating assembly. Que inyeccion es buena para el dolor de rodilla . Figure 2. Some examples of possible vibration modes of the flat elastic element (plate) in a single generating cell.

Contour plots of possible mechanical deformations of oscillating elastic plate for different modes are shown. In the future, flexible configurations that use multiple generating cells joined into customized structures of arbitrary shape, can become indispensable power supply for any micro- and macro- environments, where the natural or artificial flow is available. It should be clearly understood that the vibrating assembly is not limited to the configurations shown in Fig. In the preferred embodiment of the disclosure, the set of resonant frequencies of the vibrating assembly is designed to be substantially equal to the vortex frequencies within the predetermined range of the flow velocity.

The level of vibration reaches the equilibrium when the energy during the period of dynamic flow excitation is equal to the natural damping of the vibration assembly. When the flow does not impinge on the elastic element, the elastic element and the conductive element are maintained in a neutral position at the base. The disclosure does not include any massive elements which can be dangerous when detached if the device fails under extreme conditions. It also does not require any rotating, friction, grinding parts or flexible membranes to prove a quiet, virtually maintenance-free, operation. Fig. lb, the operation of the cell 1 can be summarized as follows. General case for a single cell – (a), and combination of cells – (b). A flow 7 can be of any type, such as liquid or gas (for example, an air in natural wind or artificial ventilation systems), travels across the elastic element 3. In general embodiment of the disclosure, flow may come from either side of the generating cell.

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By choosing appropriate materials and geometries of the vibrating assembly, the vibration modes of the assembly can be optimized resulting in a higher conversion efficiency of the disclosed generating cell. 7. For both cases, the arrangement of the magnetic field source 6 provides a magnetic field 8 which is substantially perpendicular to the conductive element 2. Such configurations are optimized for converting the flow energy into vibrating energy by exploiting a vortices shedding effect and/or a flutter effect induced along the elastic element. Such positive feedback loop leads to the equilibrium, where the solenoid becomes a source for the constant magnetic field. In other embodiments of the disclosure, the flux through the solenoid coils 6 can be enhanced by ferromagnetic cores, ferrite powder filling and/or ferrous metals coating. Dolor en el dorso de la mano . In general, any other means of providing increased volume of the elastic material at regions of increased strain energy may be implemented accordingly with the principles of the invention.

The invention also suggests using magnetic field generator and an adjustable tension device, configured to apply an adjustable tension force between the fixed ends of the “belt” accordingly to the fluid flow velocity. Either magnetic filed generator or conductor is attached to the ribbon at certain fixed points only. Serial No. 12/577,393 entitled “Apparatus for Harvesting Energy from Flow-Induced Oscillations and Method for the Same”, filed on October 12, 2009 the entire contents if which is incorporated herein by reference. A device and method for generating electrical power from various types of flow, such as gas or liquid, is disclosed.

An electrical circuit is provided to extract and rectify the generated electrical current. Such combinations can be manufactured using MEMS technology, with series of cells being micro-fabricated by a batch- fabrication or micromachining, including integration of the rectifying circuitry and magnetic field sources into the same wafer. Fig. Analgesicos para dolor muscular . 2 illustrates contour lines for a few possible modes of vibration of the exemplary elastic element, having a shape of an elastic plate; (reference numbers in figures are hereinafter consistent with those of Fig.