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Racbipafa: Bienvenido Dolor libro.pdf Pilar Sordo Also according to the present invention is an apparatus for converting the kinetic energy of a fluid flow into work, the apparatus for placing the foil in a row of foils and at least 2 degrees of freedom. Placing the support structure on the support structure, passing the fluid flow through the foil to cause the foil to flutter, and inertia to the row of foils to stabilize and maintain the flutter vibration. As described above, the present invention has been described as including a foil cascade that is driven only by a moving fluid stream to perform useful work.

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Such a foil extracts energy from the flow and performs useful work such as power generation, or generates propulsive force by applying energy from the outside and generates negative drag. Begin to. The staggered foils are connected by rods or cables at 8e, 8o at the even and odd foil leading edges and at 9e, 9o at the even and odd trailing edges, respectively.

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To emphasize the use of such foils for energy generation rather than aircraft lift, we use the term “aerofoil” rather than the more commonly used term “airfoil” To do. Therefore, the critical fluid velocity is the lowest possible for a particular set of parameters. Obviously, each foil that is constrained functions as an infinite cascade, that is, has the lowest critical velocity possible for a particular set of parameters. As described above, the single foil arranged at equal intervals from the opposing wall of the restraining fluid acts as an infinite cascade, so that the single foil can be vibrated in the restraining fluid and the propulsive force can be increased. According to yet another aspect of the present invention, an apparatus is provided for converting the kinetic energy of a fluid stream into useful work, the apparatus being open at opposite ends so that the fluid stream can pass through.

Avoid shortcomings. Unless specifically mentioned for a particular fluid, the term “aerofoil” as used below also includes the concept of hydrofoil, with appropriate changes in terms such as, for example, replacing the air system with a water system. The support structure consists of a frame having a barrier, which is provided below and / or above and laterally of the frame and guides the flow into the structure. Both ends of the foil are attached to the frame by support springs 12 for convenience of the foil 2Three12 at both endsThreeEtc.

Here, in this embodiment, the cylindrical body 4 attached to the side of the tower 5 houses the interlocking mechanism, the crankshaft, and the generator. For cascades, the critical velocity is lower than for certain parameters, so the curve associated with this is below that shown for a single foil in FIG. Thus, if the flow rate drops to a value that is too low for the controller described below to maintain the system at critical speed, the mechanical speed is increased until the fluid speed increases to a speed sufficient to restore the critical speed flow.

This practical device may contain two generator systems, one connected to the leading edge and the other to the trailing edge, providing a way to control operation by changing each impedance of the generator system To do. The shaft 15e drives a large flywheel 17e, and this large flywheel meshes with and drives a small flywheel 19e having a weight 21e provided on the arm 23e. Como eliminar el dolor de espalda baja . The large flywheel of this embodiment is also connected to the interlocking mechanism 25e via a pin 27e. The connecting arm rotates the crankshaft 29e and drives the generator 31e. This combination is repeated for the leading edge odd foil “sub” subsystem, the trailing edge even “sub” subsystem, and the trailing edge odd “sub” subsystem. This is clear from the following description. FIG. 3 is a graph showing the advantages of incorporating a practical device such as an electrical network into a vibrating blade row.

14 and 15 is shown to be placed in a constrained fluid, but such a cascade is in a naturally flowing unconstrained fluid stream, such as a river or wind stream. U.S. Pat. No. 3,995,972 discloses an apparatus comprising aerofoil stacked and rigidly connected to each other installed in a wind stream. The airfoils in each subsystem are connected to each other and vibrate in the same phase. Furthermore, if the aerofoils are arranged so that adjacent aerofoils vibrate 180 degrees out of phase with each other, the critical velocity for a particular set of parameters is as low as possible.

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Decreases to the value obtained. In operation, the OCPS is installed where it is subjected to fluid flow. Means, and means for passing a fluid flow through the foil for fluttering the foil, and providing inertia to the foil connected to the foil rows for stabilizing and maintaining the flutter vibration.

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A control system may be provided to maintain flutter vibration even when the fluid flow rate changes. These large flywheels are then connected by gears to a set of small flywheels 19e, 19o, 20e, 20o, which rotate at multiples of the subsystem frequency due to their different radii. The bar connects the top of the large flywheel to the crankshaft that turns the generator.本発明のさらに別の特徴によれば、拘束された流体中に配置した単一のエアロフォイル、若しくは動いている流体流中に配置したエアロフォイルの翼列のいずれかが提供される。

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