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Free Motion Applique IOa. Fig. 11 is an axonometric view showing electrical energy production by means of a large floating body with overhangs coupled to the racks, Fig. Fig. 4 is an axonometric view with a partial cross section of another embodiment of the energy generating system of Fig. Fig, 2 is a schematic view showing vertical motion of the floating body under action of waves. It is presumed that the floating bodies in the back line will be exposed to lQwer wave amplitudes, because the floating bodies in front lines will accept most of the energy. Because of limited free motion of the platform, possible jamming, bumping and accidence, this patent was never put in practice. Orientation of floating body lb in this fashion provides for its natural stabilization and balance.

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The way of securing of the membrane 6 to the floating body on the one side, and to the transmission shaft 2 on the other side, is well-known. The transmission shaft embraces a pulley 27 and then moves upwardly towards a beam 9a with an induction coil 14a. The induction coil with a magnet 4 is attached to the flexible transmission shaft, which can be in the form of a cable, a chain or a strong rope for example.

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The magnet 4 is attached directly either to the transmission shaft 25 or to a rod coupled to the transmission shaft 25. After leaving the induction coil, the transmission shaft 25 moves over a smaller pulley 28a. In this arrangement the transmission shaft 25 has a weigh 26 which is used to maintain tension in transmission shaft while the pulley 27 is pivotally coupled to the column 7b. Maximal energy is generated when the magnet (permanent magnet) oscillates around the center of the induction coil 14a. To achieve oscillation around the center of the induction coil during high and low tide, the magnet 4 is moved vertically along the transmission shaft 25. The induction coil 14a, together with a beam 9b, can be moved as well. Dolor muscular mandibula . Floating body lb should be as long as possible, while the width depends on the length of the most frequent waves on the place where the floating body is positioned.

6A shows two floating bodies Id which, over a transmission shaft 25, transmit motion to the magnet 4 in the induction coil 14a. This Figure shows a rationalized solution of placing parts of the system in space. This transmission shaft is used to accept stronger lateral forces caused by strong winds and waves. In this invention pumps drove sea water through pipes to electrical generator which generated electricity. When the floating body moves vertically upwards, mechanism 200 is driven through transmission shaft 25 which is secured to bracket 30a. When the floating body moves vertically downwards, mechanism 200 is driven by transmission shaft 25, which is attached to bracket 30. It has to be mentioned that the force inside transmission shaft 25 is far much stronger when the floating body shifts upwards and it is proportional to the mass of displaced water attenuated for the mass of the floating body.