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Preferably, each connecting element is equipped with at least one generator component or is connected at least one generator component, and this generator component is to select the lower component: the stator at the connecting element two ends; Rotor at the connecting element two ends; At the stator of connecting element one end with at the rotor of the connecting element the other end; And only at the stator or the rotor of connecting element one end. 6-8, as stated.Basically, this stator and rotor all should with the surrounding environment electrical insulation, thereby this generator is durable and be waterproof.Imagination be, this stator 11 is made up of a plurality of parallel annular bodies, each annular solid is divided into the parts that comprise inductor coil that a plurality of mutual electricity are isolated.Also imagination is; Said rotor 12 is made up of a plurality of annular solids that are parallel to each other similarly; Each annular solid is equipped with the part that is formed by permanent magnet material or conventional magnet, thereby when the rotor relative stator is moved, in the inductor coil of this stator, produces stable variation field.The stator of each generator produces Ac, but need be from the electric current homophase of each generator.

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Kinetic energy Wave force has the advantage of renewable energy sources, relies on the position and the technology of equipment, in wave energy, has great potential.This advantage is and can obtains electric energy through wave force, therefore, avoided fossil-fuel-fired discharging CO 2Yet we have only utilized wave force in limited scope.This be since such as energy produce unstable, device is expensive and it is outer to be exposed to, it is longer usually to install land user energy transit route from this, and be difficult to the sea on device link to each other and be difficult to carry out that factor such as assembly operation causes.

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Wave power apparatus and this equipment are as the application of emergency generator The present invention relates to a kind of wave power apparatus; Wherein, a series of buoyancy aids that are hinged can be arranged on large stretch of water surface, perhaps can partly be immersed in the water surface; So that stand fluctuation at this place; At least one energy producing unit be arranged to this buoyancy aid series in movable chain link be associated, and constitute the part of single chain link, the shape of this chain link forms the hinge with first hinge member, second hinge member and chain rivet; This first hinge member is made up of the stator of generator or is connected on the stator of generator, and this second hinge member is made up of the rotor in the generator or is connected on the rotor in the generator. Preferably; The chain rivet of said hinge extends through stator and centre of rotor respectively; And the chain rivet of this hinge is made up of the live axle of generator; Perhaps connect said hinge member by this way, promptly at least one end of this chain rivet and the live axle of generator axially align, and are connected on this live axle.

Preferably, stator and the rotor in each chain link all is movable with respect to chain rivet. GB2338839 has described two kinds of schemes, and wherein a kind of scheme relates to the floating drum with movable afterbody and linear electrical generator, and this linear electrical generator is within chain link. The live axle of wherein said generator is connected on the chain rivet, and the housing of this generator is fixedly connected on second hinge member. In addition, guarantee that wave power apparatus can bear the extreme weather conditions with high wind and big wave height, this is the most basic.Even wave power apparatus can be near the coastal region setting, yet also should be able to play a role during away from visible coastal region.Therefore, this wave power apparatus also can be assembled and fetch marine like a cork, and it also is very important having light weight and durable structure simultaneously.

No matter what zone; All will be suitable for according to equipment of the present invention, be very important with suitable mark 33 these equipment of assembling, for example; From following group, select this mark: radar reflector; Optical transmitting set, indication stake, radio transmitter and be anchored on the indication balloon at least one end of this array.

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1 and 2, its purpose is this array is designed to and can be fixed on seabed/sea bed 21 through rope or chain cable 22 at the one of which end.Can follow rope 22 to sea bed from the cable 23 of generator, be delivered to user locations thus forward, perhaps can be arranged to partly to swim in marine for example to pass to user’s set on the coast. From the description of following reference accompanying drawing, other embodiment of said equipment will become obvious. In order to obtain optimal wave force exploitation, the zone that focuses on upper and lower motion should be big as far as possible.Therefore, traditional scheme must be arranged on buoyancy aid between the chain link, and this has just caused connecting element to become very inconvenient, and is easy to damage and make costliness.Most probable reason is exactly that the conversion powered device is heavier, and needs buoyancy; Therefore, the structure of buoyancy aid must adapt to power conversion equipment, and this power conversion equipment is associated with chain link; And in some cases, this power conversion equipment is extended a segment distance along buoyancy aid.Yet; Angle from safeguarding alleviates whole weight as much as possible, makes up the modular that can reduce production costs simultaneously; Simplify assembling; Even it is easier under disadvantageous weather conditions, to make maintenance and equipment go into the sea, and realizes the simple and easy storage of the module of formation entire equipment, and these are also very important.Yet because existing structure, these have been proved to be is infeasible, although there have been a lot of known technologies in the art.