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white truck moves fast on a highway at summer Since modern power plant capacities are in the tens or hundreds of megawatts range, it is clear that even if a wind driven power generation system could capture the total energy content of the wind to which it is exposed, it would have to expose a large area to the wind to be competitive with other types of power generation systems. It is noted, that the circuit containing the high pressure switch 586 is, at this point, interrupted only by the non-actuation of the high pressure switch 486 so that, should the wind freshen at this point, the high pressure switch 486 could actuate the motorized gear drive 578 to turn the blade assembly 420 away from a facing relation with the wind. 9, each blade 422 comprises a tubular boom 524 which slips into a connector 520 on the hub 514 so that booms 524 extend radially from the axis 486 and are disposed substantially in a plane perpendicular to the axis 486 and parallel to the axis 418. The booms 524 are secured to the connectors 520 by, for example, welding.

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Variacor pivot joint G 3/4 \ The axis 486 may be disposed in any geographical direction by rotating the first tubular member 478 about the axis 418 so that, as will be discussed more fully below, the axis 486 may be directed at any selected angle with respect to the direction of the wind. In particular, it is not possible to build plants which are competitive with other power generating systems by merely scaling up the small wind generation systems which are known in the art. In particular, if the direction 429 of the wind has changed, the wind will strike one side of the fin 574 and exert a torque thereon to rotate the fin 574 about the fin support shaft 552 until the fin 574 is aligned with the wind. In particular, the driving portion could be mounted on the shield assembly 16 with the driven portion being mounted on the fin assembly 18. Similarly, the connecting assembly 34 could employ a pair of sheaves, one drivingly supported by the motorized gear drive 302 on the fin assembly 18 and one attached to the shield assembly 16, connected by a drive belt.

The gear drive 302 has a reversible electric motor 308 that selectively drives the cog 304 in a rotational direction so as to move the cog 304 along the gear track 284 to adjust the position of the fin 296 relative to the gear track flange 280 of the shield assembly 16. The electrical wires and the power supply connected to the electric motor 308 to provide energy for driving the motor 308 are not shown as these are conventional, and the control means for selectively rotating the cog 304 will be discussed below. To this end, the rotor assembly 14 is disposed to rotate about the axis 20 and the shield assembly 16 is placed in a partial masking arrangement about the rotor assembly 14 so that a portion of the cross sectional area of the rotor assembly forms a wind interception area for the power plant 10. This wind interception area is varied, by controlling the angular position of the shield assembly 16 about the axis 20, to cause the rotor assembly 14 to rotate at a substantially constant rate.

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The fin assembly 416 comprises a fin 574 which is constructed in a manner similar to the construction of the fin 298 of the power plant 10; that is, the fin 574 includes a truss structure (not illustrated) covered by a skin 576, made of sheet metal or the like, attached to the truss structure (not shown) by any suitable means such as, for example, rivets. Since the high pressure switch 320 is of the normally open type, its non-actuation interrupts the electrical circuit of which it is a part. The high pressure switch 320 and the low pressure switch 322, previously dicussed in connection with the actuation of the gear drive 302 are fluid pressure actuated electrical switches which are of conventional design and which are disposed in fluid communication with the pressure tank 316. The high pressure switch 320 is of the normally open type; that is, the pressure in the tank 316 must rise to a preselected value for the switching members in the high pressure switch 320 to make electrical contact.

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The low pressure switch 322, on the other hand, is of the normally closed type; that is, the switching members of the low pressure switch 322 make electrical contact when the pressure in the pressure tank 316 falls below a preselected value. A sheave 449 is affixed to the portion of the drive shaft 468 located within the cavity 442 and is disposed concentrically with the axis 418. A power transmission means 451 which, in this embodiment, is a belt, contacts and is driven by the sheave 449 to transmit power from the drive shaft 468 to the speed increaser 441. An opening 453 in support base 430 serves as a passage between the cavity 442 and the control room 436. Although a transmission belt 451 is depicted in FIG.

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The rotation rate control requirement has been recognized in various United States Patents concerning wind driven electric power generators. Embarazo dolor muscular . As is well-known, generators are based on Faraday’s law of induction which states that the electromotive force induced in a conducting loop is proportional to the time rate of change of the flux of the magnetic induction passing through the loop.

Truss structures are used extensively in the preferred embodiment of the wind driven power plant 10 in order to minimize the weight and construction cost of the plant. 418. Although a total of four blades 422 are provided for in the power plant 410, it will be understood that the power plant 410 could be provided with a greater or lesser number of blades 422 without departing from the concept of the present invention. The central shaft 72 comprises three portions: a main portion 78, a first upper portion 80, and a second upper portion 82. The diameter of the first upper portion 80 of the central shaft 72 is smaller than the diameter of the main portion 78 thereof, and a rotor support shoulder 84 is formed between the main portion 78 and the first upper portion 80 of the central shaft 72. As its name implies, the purpose of the rotor support shoulder 84 is to provide a means to rotatingly support the rotor assembly 14 on the central shaft 72 in a manner that will be made clear below.

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9, it will be clear to one skilled in the art that a greater or lesser number of connectors 520 and blades 422 could be used without departing from the concept of the present invention. The skin 300 is attached to the truss structure 298 by any suitable means such as, for example, by rivets. A portion of a representative silicone treated canvas panel, such as the panels used to form the sails 188 and the shield 26, is shown in FIGS. Dolor muscular hombro izquierdo . Although the control of the rotation rate of the rotor assembly 14 will be understood by one skilled in the art from the above description of the rotation rate control system 48, a brief description of the control process will further serve to clarify the precise manner in which the rotation rate control is achieved. The rotation rate control system 48 comprises, in general, a hydraulic circuit 309 illustrated by a block diagram in FIG.