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Periférico, un caos vial que nadie resuelve - Noticias del.. Fig. 3 be based on many oscillators to the formula vortex-induced vibration electricity generating device running principle schematic diagram that shakes. Each hole can have an independent controlled closing mechanism device.This closing mechanism device can be valve and/or gate.Each hole can open and close individually, and perhaps this closing mechanism device can be in central authorities’ running so that the disposable institute that closes in each array be porose.The existence of this closing mechanism device makes the user can change the sectional area of the active part of this equipment. As shown in Figure 29, along the river 202 or the length of other water bodys a series of structures 200 that formed by these modules have been installed.Each structure 200 is width of striding across the river, perpendicular to the direction of current 204 and in another module upper reaches and/or downstream location.

The distance that these spacing structures are opened is influential for the final rising of the river level at the upper reaches of the structure of this array of decision.Distance between each structure will depend on its institute’s installation environment.The physical features on the land that the distance between these structures can flow through according to the river changes.Distance between each structure can be sufficient, and making has the river level of a upper reaches structure to be positioned not receive the influence of any downstream SMEC basically.If these structures are by fully spaced apart, then the river level at these structure upper reaches will reach its original level, except the part at the head at each tight rear of structure increases.

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Figure 18 shows one embodiment of the invention, and it has horizontally extending drifting management blade 132 on the pipeline of vertically arranging 134, and these pipelines are connected on the manifold 136.This equipment comprises the vertical pipeline 134 of an array with one or more drifting management blades 132, and these drifting management blades are horizontal location on this conduits of vertically arranging.These horizontal blades can be that what to put down is substantially horizontal so that keep it at current when the Venturi tube.

Flekosteel liečba bolesti svalov a kĺbov - World 2016 Figure 30 shows the full view of operating equipment, and wherein 202 length has been located three structures 200 along the river.Words like needs can be installed other structure.This structure has formed the slight rising that will occur river level to the obstruction of water and at the SMEC rear when water flows to current downflow along the river.The increase of the river degree of depth is the low water head driving force to equipment.Because it is minimum that the safe superelevation that forms at each structure rear is compared with the interception fully in river, so the environmetal impact at the upper reaches is not very disruptive.

Figure 17 shows the profile of the pipeline 120 that is used for SMEC equipment, and this pipeline is 124 trail and comprise a plurality of perforation 122 in the edge in the downstream side.Perforation 122 can form in the end in the downstream side 124 of pipeline and can a flow control valve 126 be positioned in the downstream side 124 in so that the current of control from the boundary layer entering flow channel 128 of diffuser section.Flow control valve 126 can be used for the boundary layer suction pipeline 120 of water from diffuser section, and this helps the separation that prevents or postpone to flow. This downstream can comprise a flow control valve, and this flow control valve provides a flow path between the downstream of this element and this flow channel.

This clogging rate can influence the performance of equipment.Clogging rate forms divided by the gap between the adjacent channel at Venturi tube section place with the distance between the center line of two adjacent venturi pipelines. Based on many oscillators to the formula vortex-induced vibration electricity generating device that shakes, comprise oscillator, strut, connecting rod, bearing, torsion spring, linear guides, bottom drive link, upper transmission bar and linear electric generator, strut is fixed on bottom current; In the middle part of connecting rod by bearing and support bar top hinged to make connecting rod can rotate around support bar top, torsion spring is established in movement process, to be subject to restoring force effect to make connecting rod and to possess reciprocal twist motion ability in the middle part of connecting rod, torsion spring is fixed on outside bearing, connecting rod two ends are connecting linear guide rail respectively, and two linear guides outer ends are connected to make connecting rod to do reciprocal twist motion respectively during with an oscillator, oscillator does upper and lower linear motion; The bottom of bottom drive link be fixedly connected with in the middle part of connecting rod to make bottom drive link can jointly do reciprocal twist motion with connecting rod, drive link top, bottom arranges linear guides, linear guides outer end is connected with upper transmission bar by bearing, and bottom drive link arranges one between to oscillator; Upper transmission bar is connected with all bottoms drive link by bearing, forms body vibration system; Upper transmission bar one end is connected with linear electric generator.

Fig. 1 be based on many oscillators to the main TV structure schematic diagram of formula vortex-induced vibration electricity generating device that shakes. 2008, the Bernitsas professor of Univ Michigan-Ann Arbor USA and team thereof successfully have developed a kind of novel low speed water electricity generating device—VIVACE (VortexInducedVibrationAquaticCleanEnergy), and successfully apply for a patent.According to fluid mechanics relevant knowledge, under certain flow rate, elastic support stream the whirlpool that can produce on rear side of bluff body and alternately come off, and cause bluff body periodic vibration; And bluff body vibration also causes fluid trailing vortex morphologic change, this i.e. This electricity generating device efficiently utilizes wake galloping effect under the prerequisite making full use of vortex-induced vibration, achieve the unified of multiple oscillator energy to collect, the specification movement locus of oscillator, improve the generating efficiency of oscillator group, ensure that power generating quality, for the upper network operation of the type electric energy provides good precondition; The arrangement achieves the object replacing most small-capacity generator with minority heavy-duty generator, thus reduce manufacture and installation cost, improve engineering practicability; Connection corresponding to this device and force transferring structure simplicity of design, be easy to manufacture, and is convenient to dismounting and substitutes, have good economic serviceability, can apply to widely in the vortex-induced vibration generation engineering of ocean current and hydropower station tail water.

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2m/s.For traditional propeller blade formula (axial flow, through-flow) generator, its start velocity is all greater than 2m/s, obviously effectively cannot utilize these abundant energy.Therefore, the research and development of effective low speed water electricity generating device have become this field major issue urgently to be resolved hurrily. The formation mechenism of vortex-induced vibration is more, and wherein wake galloping is a kind of comparatively special vortex-induced vibration phenomenon.So-called wake galloping, namely arranges cylinder afterwards owing to being in the wake flow Tuo Wo district of front-seat cylinder and the vortex-induced vibration phenomenon that produces.Take off the excitation in whirlpool owing to being subject to front-seat cylinder, lift coefficient and the Oscillation Amplitude of rear row’s cylinder generally can be greater than common vortex-induced vibration.Visible, if utilize wake galloping effect, the Oscillation Amplitude of vortex-induced vibration power generating equipment can be increased, thus increase the conversion of vortex-induced vibration generated energy.For this reason, for the root problem of VIVACE simple oscialltor vortex-induced vibration power generating equipment, and in conjunction with vortex-induced vibration and wake galloping effect, the present invention proposes a kind of associating with many oscillators of wake galloping based on vortex-induced vibration to vibrate low speed water electricity generating device.

Fig. 2 be based on many oscillators to the formula vortex-induced vibration electricity generating device side-looking structural representation that shakes. Dolor de rodilla por detrás . The present invention relates to fluid mechanics and field of new energy generation, particularly a kind of based on many oscillators to the formula vortex-induced vibration electricity generating device that shakes. Because many oscillators body vibration mode is various, therefore, all other forms relating to many oscillators cogeneration of vortex-induced vibration and wake galloping also all belong to the protection domain of this patent. The object of the invention is for above-mentioned technical Analysis and existing problems, there is provided a kind of based on many oscillators to the formula vortex-induced vibration electricity generating device that shakes, this device effectively can utilize vortex-induced vibration and wake galloping effect, and solve the open defect of simple oscialltor vortex-induced vibration electricity generating device existence, reduce manufacture cost, improve generating efficiency and power generating quality, strengthen Economy and the engineering adaptability of vortex-induced vibration generating.

The pipeline arrangement that the present invention seeks to provide substituting is to provide improved performance to this type of energy producing unit. The hydrokinetics efficient of dynamic drainage turbo machine can influence the overall performance of this equipment.Use the controlled turbo machine of pitch can help to make maximizing performance.The type of turbine that is suitable for SMEC comprises axial flow and blue (the Axial flow and Kaplan) type of turbine of Kapp.Frictional loss can be all through reducing sharp edges and adopting smooth internal surface to minimize for the turbo machine part that water contacts.Turbo machine can get very low in hydrolocation, the working pressure around this has increased and help inhibition and the performance degradation that cavitation caused on the blade surface.Generator is positioned at reduced water and the contacted chance of any electricapparatus on the water surface.This can realize through sufficiently long live axle between turbo machine and the generator.

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Provide a plug section to help aux. The upstream extremity of each element can leave these holes extensions and narrow down gradually; Thereby form a kind of microscler shape; Make that so the relative wall of adjacent element defines one second diffuser section of upstream extending from this Wen area under control section when these elements are arranged back-to-back.The profile in this upstream side and downstream side can be substantially the same. The rear end of the downstream of these elements can comprise a plurality of perforation so that the boundary layer control at auxiliary this diffuser section place. In one embodiment, each SMEC equipment can be used as that module forms and along the river or the length of other water bodys (for example river mouth, fyord or irrigation canals and ditches) position.These modules can make flowing of water or tidal flow generates electricity.

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The height of these pipelines is selected to adapt to has the river of this structure part to be installed degree of depth.The length of these pipelines is such length: make that these modules will be along the riverbed to extending below to minimize the current of bypass. Wherein, these flow channels are connected in the outlet of this flow-catheter, make current cause water to be passed this flow-catheter and go out this turbo machine of mobile driving of gained via these orifice flows by suction through these Venturi tube sections like this. The profile of each element can be hexagonal basically or oval-shaped basically.These profiles are that in use the profile of each element extends on fluid flow direction in such making. Can within scope of the present invention, make other change. Figure 31. show the side view of the pipeline at different water levels place. In figure, 1. oscillator 2. strut 3. connecting rod 4. bearing 5. Ejercicios para el dolor de hombro derecho . torsion spring 6. linear guides 7. bottom drive link 8. upper transmission bar 9. linear electric generator 10A-10I. come off whirlpool.