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According to the present invention, an improved Magnus type wind (or fluid) power generator is described that harnesses the power provided by the moving fluid to spin the Magnus cylinders at high rotational speeds. Here, due to the invention’ s improved force traducing mechanisms and the design of the fin, the fin and force transuding mechanisms cause the circumference of the at least one Magnus cylinder(s) to move at a radial velocity that is substantially greater than the speed of the fluid. As used herein, the term “hydro application” and “hydraulic” are used to describe the use of the energy harvesting device with regard to liquid, and the term “gas application” and “pneumatic” are used to describe the use of the energy harvesting device with regard to gas (e.g., air).

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Yoga silhouette at ocean cost and sunset India The rotary energy harvester embodiment is uniquely suited for this application. The fluid flow path may be defined by an inflow fluid channel formed by inflow fluid channel walls 4, 5, 6 and 7, and by an outflow fluid channel formed by channel side walls 8, 9, 10 and 11 , as well as an energy harvester chamber 12 disposed between the inflow fluid channel and the outflow fluid channel. FIG. 17 is a schematic representation of an energy harvester of the invention attached to the bottom of the fluid channel by a bridge structure.

FIGS. 4 and 5 show a rotational system that uses the fluid flow in the channel to rotate the cylinders in perpendicular fashion to develop lift perpendicular to the flow. As the fluid flows past successive Magnus cylinders, the fluid flow is further accelerated by each prior Magnus cylinder, and this in turn increases the lift for successively positioned Magnus cylinder in the fluid flow path. 12 and 13, the Magnus cylinder diameters can be sized and arranged in tandem so that the Magnus cylinders in a second (downstream) energy harvester benefit from the increase in water velocity caused by an initial (upstream) energy harvester. There are far more low wind and low water flow environments than there are high wind and high water flow environments, and thus the invention can extract more energy from the environment by taking better advantage of these low flow rate conditions.

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This increase in turbulence reduces the drag of the Magnus cylinder movement in the fluid flow thereby increasing the energy that can be extracted. Application 12/691,951, the disclosures of which are incorporated herein by reference, taught a Magnus type power generator that included a horizontal rotary shaft that transmits a rotation torque to a power generating mechanism, rotary cylinders that were disposed radially from this horizontal rotary shaft and located distally along the shaft, and a drive mechanism that was in communication with both the rotary cylinders and a driving motor. Dolor articular y muscular . Savonius type rotors essentially are an asymmetric type of rotary air scoop mounted on a shaft where the open end of one scoop catches wind, thus providing force that rotates the other scoop around the shaft axis. Here, at least one fin (such as a one turbine blade, Savonius turbine, screw, fan assembly, or other finned device) may be attached to this inner shaft, and this at least one fin may be positioned so as to produce torque in response to the moving fluid, thus rotating the central shaft about its axis of rotation.