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Puentes de cadera - Variaciones y modificaciones para.. In one embodiment of the present invention, conventional pumping of the deep water can be utilized. In the conventional mist-transport process power plant of the type described in the publication referred to above, the output of the condenser is returned to a suitable level considerably below the surface where the water temperature approximates the discharge temperature. For a mist-flow plant using 25 degrees Celsius warm water and 5 degrees Celsius cold water based on cold to warm water flow of 3:1, the mixed water outlet temperature will be about 10 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the deep water pumped to the surface will increase about 8 degrees Celsius by reason of the solar radiation input to the Sea during the summertime which amounts to about 33,600 joule/Kg. The result will be a reduction in temperature of the heat source which will reduce somewhat the performance of the power plant.

Consultorio de Kinesiología. Masajes, acupuntura.. However, the heat storage of the upper layer will remain somewhat smaller because of utilization of the heat in the evaporator of the power plant. As indicated above, this will reduce somewhat the temperature of the surface and also the efficiency of the power plant. The pumps will consume about 100 mw of power for say the six warmer months of the year which will require about 4.4×108 /KWhr of power. At the bottom of the pipe is a one-way check valve which admits water when the apparatus moves downwardly due to wave motion at the surface and which closes when the apparatus moves upwardly.

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Los artículos más leídos sobre acupuntura The warm water intake is close to the surface and will discharge, after heat has been extracted and work produced, at the bottom of the mixed layer which may be at about 50 meters deep. A plurality of perforated plates 33 axially displaced along the rod 30 serve to beat or stir the deep water creating turbulance which has a mixing effect on th water. 2, reference numeral 20 designates a second embodiment of apparatus for mixing deep water with surface water. Because the summer air temperature over the sea follows the water temperature, the above described mixing will reduce the sea temperature and consequently will reduce the summer temperature in coastal cities like Tel Aviv. In addition, reduction of the surface temperature of the sea near coastal areas in the summer will modify the weather in the coastal region because the summer air temperature over the sea follows the water temperature; and with this reduction in temperature, the summer air temperature in the coastal region will be reduced.

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About 50,000 wave operated mixers distributed along 100 Km of coast line along the Eastern Mediterranean with a net pumping conversion of about 2 KW would provide the same results as the powered mixers described previously. 1 along about 100 Km of the eastern coast line of the Mediterranean Sea, each having a pipe about 2 m in diameter by about 100 m long with a 20 Kw pump for pumping about 5 m3 /sec of cool, deep water to the surface during the summer. As a consequence of this type of weather modification, electrical requirements for summer air conditioning will be reduced thus compensating for the electrical input required in the summer to power a deep water pumping operation. Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) power plants provide a further means for reducing the temperature of the surface of the water for increasing the solar heat flux.