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Curso de Acupuntura Estética - Faculdade Inspirar Point absorption devices can react against the sea floor (located therefore necessarily in relatively shallow water, usually in the proximity of the coast) or they can be floating and react against the inherent inertia of one of its components. The invention relates to a converter of point absorption wave energy, which comprises preferably two or more oscillating buoys floating in the surface, each of them being joined to one or more deeply suspended containers or bodies, being used the relative movement between both bodies to generate energy.

Each combination of surface float plus the docked submerged vessel, like a floating structure vertically, it will have its own natural oscillation frequency at along its vertical axis, which can be regulated by means of appropriate control and design; each of the devices being stable around a vertical position. This will have as a result a more constant power generation than in others dispositives.

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Preferably, the apparatus includes systems of tuning and control attached to probes or detectors or a actuation console either mounted on said device, or operation by remote control from said at least two dispositives. Comprehension theory of the waves of the sea as well as the technical experience in the related marine engineering have made progress immeasurable from oil and gas platforms located on the high seas during the same period. He term “wave” or “wave movement” as used herein, it refers to both waves on a surface of a liquid, such as swell in a body of a liquid. The term “virtual mass” indicates weight minimum gravitational and refers to a body that provides a high hydrodynamic ballast or mass of inertia having “mass added “associated with its movement in the fluid.

It can consider that said submerged bodies 9, 10 have a mass virtual: the term “virtual mass” indicates a weight minimum gravitational and refers to a body that provides mass of inertia and hydrodynamic ballast or added mass. In terms of practical application, only a few types of devices are currently, or have recently been, in Use or test in European waters.

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With the final purpose if carried out, it will be necessary to design the basic device of so that its natural frequency is greater (or its shorter period) than that of most waves; then you can use control systems to reduce this frequency, from so that the phase velocity of the device and that of the wave coincide and that the amplitude of oscillation tends towards the optimum for the maximum extraction of useful energy according to the terms.

From the following detailed description of the attached drawings and the attached claims will result obvious other advantages and features of this invention. The present invention relates to an apparatus that It can have a size that is at least comparable, and can be distribute on the high seas and in large provisions. When the cylindrical compartment open at both ends will not contain liquid, and therefore, can be considered to have no mass of inertia. Therefore, there is a need to have an improved wave energy conversion device. However, there is little chance that none of these facilities have an installed capacity greater than two megawatts and the number of suitable places. Dolor lateral de rodilla en reposo . It comprises two devices: an indoor device 3 and a outdoor device 4. Both indoor and outdoor devices comprise surface floats 5, 6 connected in a manner rigid by means of rigid bars 7, 8 or other suitable means, to respective bodies 9, 10 submerged below the surface.

Swing frequency Actual bonding devices can be increased above of its natural frequency through phase control systems, for example, by hydraulic means, so that the apparatus Store to move in phase with the type of immediate wave. This piston arrangement will allow three degrees of freedom of movement between the two oscillation devices 5, 6; energy can be extracted through movements in the 30 hydraulic, tilt and stir cylinders as well as of the vertical swing. Activating a valve 14, which may be located in the top and / or bottom of the cylindrical container or above, by means of a narrow bored extension open to the atmosphere through the surface float, you can vary the trapped mass contained inside compartment 13. The submerged body may have a plurality or none of said compartments contained therein. The surface float combination and virtual mass suspended deeply can be tuned to the predominant wave type, facilitating resonance through a range of wave periods, an important property if desired achieve maximum energy absorption.

Combining approximately two of these devices tuned separately, you can get a relatively large phase jump. The design imperative is obtain a useful energy at a low cost, that is, optimize the cost of the power unit supplied, instead of trying get the conversion of the maximum amount of wave energy available. Without However, the incorporation of a large virtual mass, a characteristic of the present invention, facilitates the design of a simple device that has a low cost, with a large capacity installed that matches well with the long wavelength and with the strong ocean waves, and that is suitable for offshore conditions. A similar device but slightly different, the LIMPET, has been installed on the face of Islay cliffs in Scotland. 3. outside of the normal area where the waves break, but not in the ocean, is say in the proximity of the coast.

In rough seas, but not necessarily seas ends destructively, said phase control and or mooring it will allow the useful energy to be recovered and the efficient performance even though the amplitude of the oscillation exceed the design limits of the hydraulics (“outside the career”). This can be done using air springs or hydraulics to temporarily immobilize or dampen the movements of the devices and or to return energy to apparatus at certain stages of the cycle. Due to the large dimensions of the apparatus and its typical distribution under ocean conditions, it can additionally understand navigation lights and reflectors of radar 15 for identification in navigation.

Object of the invention It is an objective of the present invention provide an improved device for energy extraction of waves or swell in a body of liquid. Other improvements are made ensuring that the all submerged assemblies and containers are hydrodynamic and are finished to minimize resistance hydrodynamics and the spaces between the two or more devices oscillators and connected remain large enough to make the forces of the waves that break result insignificant (a space of about 1 meter in conditions oceanic). The last two forces act to reduce the magnitude of the excitation force. With phase control systems, prediction of waves and being axially symmetrical, we have to convert the energy 1 will continue to function effectively in seas irregular, a condition that is more usual than waveforms normal monochromatic Very often, the waves are the result of two or more overlapping patterns, perhaps with a wave movement of a long wavelength superimposed on the that the selected place is open to the ocean and to the prevailing wind directions.

Surface floats preferably They are of sufficient size and weight to ensure that remain partially submerged in water under conditions of normal wave or swell. The devices are designed to be independent of tidal changes in sea levels at which It is intended, they have a minimal dependence on the wave direction, and maximize your return from ocean waves With long wavelength. Such device does not provide an optimal transfer of energy from the waves that pass to converter. Theoretical analysis has shown that the present device, effectively a combination of two devices oscillating being each of them a device of punctual absorption, can absorb significantly more energy of a passing wave from which a single one can absorb punctual absorption device. Preferably, the total mass, virtual mass and dimensions of each of the devices comprising the surface float, the body or the submerged vessel (s) and the trapped liquid is such that each of them will tend to present a frequency of natural oscillation along its vertical axis that is close at the lower end of the frequency range that corresponds to the mass of the energy of the passing wave.

This fact is more pronounced in places where wavelengths tend to be long, as in the case of offshore places off the coast of Northwestern Europe At or near the coast, the capacity of this attenuated resource is greatly diminished due to the lack of physically appropriate places and restrictions imposed by planning controls. Dolor de espalda parte alta izquierda . Said at least one submerged body is preferably submerged to a depth below the surface which is a significant fraction of the length of the predominant wavelengths of the wave or swell in a body of liquid. The submerged bodies 9, 10 are adapted to trap volumes of the surrounding liquid. The apparatus may additionally comprise means of phase control or drag adapted to help and optimize the oscillation, the amplitude and the relative movement of the docked devices in variable or hard maritime conditions. So far, the invention has been described by means of an apparatus comprising two point absorption devices, each of them being able to perform an oscillation Independent.