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Vet. Marina Snitcofsky - LATAMCATS As the wave follower 20 rises, the piston 27 travels to it’s left (toward it’s nominal top) within the relatively immovable cylinder 28 creating a suction within the cylinder 28 below the piston 27. This action causes fluid to be pulled into this lower part of the cylinder 28 through the inlet at foot valve 37. As the piston 27 rises, thereby reducing the volumetric capacity in the upper part of the cylinder 28, the fluid contained within the upper part of the cylinder 28 above the piston 27 is pressurized and expelled through the outlet passing through the check valve 38 and through an outlet tube 41. As the wave follower 20 now travels downward, so does the piston 27, thus reversing the action within the cylinder 28. This now creates a suction within the cylinder 28 above the piston 27. This action causes water to be pulled into this upper part of the cylinder 28 through the inlet at foot valve 39. The fluid contained within the lower part of the cylinder 28 below the piston 27 is pressurized as the piston 27 is forced downward, reducing the volumetric capacity in this lower part of the cylinder 28 and is thus expelled through the outlet passing through check valve 40. The expelled, pressurized fluid from both the upward and downward strokes of the piston may then be gathered at 42 to power internal, external or separate and remote devices, systems or processes.

Fluid can freely enter and fill the chamber on the rise of the waves because the air which otherwise occupies the chamber is allowed to escape through a one way valve vented to the external atmosphere. The enclosure 47 is made up of a top panel 57, a back panel 48 and two side panels 49. Vertically mounted funnelling panels 50 are fixedly attached to the side panels 49 at an angle such that the waves 67 which enter the apparatus through an open front 53 are amplified in height as the channel established by the funnelling panels 50 becomes narrower. A lever arm 107 is attached in each of the slots 123 to the wave follower 20 by a trunnion pin 108 or some other similar means providing for vertical pivoting of the lever arms within the slots 123. The trunnion pin 108 is fixedly attached to each of the two wave follower sections on either side of the slot 123. This is repeated at all of the four joints 130. Colchones para dolor de espalda . The lever arms 107 pass through other slots 121 found in the inner floatation unit 100 and are pivotally attached at a sliding bearing slot 112 at another end to a trunnion block 302. The trunnion block 302 is fixedly attached to a reciprocating drive shaft 174 whose function has been explained in FIG.

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CANAIS DE ACUPUNTURA - MERIDIANOS YIN YANG - YouTube These guy wires 135 are in turn fixedly attached to reaction plate 136 by a mooring eye 137 and also to reaction plate 145 by another mooring eye 137. The vertical reaction plates 136 and 145, being situated below any significant wave action are thus not subject to lateral forces synchronous with those acting on the wave energy converter 213 and because of their significant surface area, resist being pulled laterally, thereby greatly reducing lateral movement of the wave energy converter 213 in response to wave surges. Once the wave follower 20 has “dropped” and the chamber 22 is re-submerged below the surface of the wave 52, the pressure sensor 185 detects a preset low pressure condition and the load on the wave follower 20 is re-established by re-closing the valve gates 193 of the sensor/solenoid valves 45 and 43. The load discussed above is made up of that resistance set up by the pump assembly 202a, the linear drive/generator assembly 202b and normal systemic resistances such as friction.

It is no longer incorporates a hydraulic pump or hydraulic load release and re-establish means. This constantly pressurized water then passes from the accumulator 86 through a check valve 89 into one or a series of commercially available, membrane type, reverse osmosis tube assemblies 90 which prevent dissolved salts, minerals and other unwanted contaminants from transferring through their membranes.

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Thus the sensor 73 is able to transmit this information via wires 74 in the cable 197 which are housed inside the lever arm 171 of the wave follower 20 and are connected at another end to the solenoid switches in each of the switch/valve assemblies 75 and 76. The switch/valve assemblies 75 and 76 receive their power via power cables 69 from a battery 70. The sensor 73 also receives it’s power from the battery 70 but via power cable 307 which may integrated into cable 197 as it runs through the lever arm 171 and upper portion 21 of the wave follower. These teeth mesh with and drive, at 82, a toothed 161 sprocket 162 which turns a rotatable shaft 164. Mounted into the sprocket 162 and interacting with the shaft 164 is an overrunning clutch 163 which causes the shaft 164 to be driven clockwise when the rack 81 rocks forward but which slips or overruns the shaft 164 when the rack 81 rocks backward.

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These pulleys, both turning clockwise, drive a belt (or chain) 190 which in turn drives a pulley 196 fitted with another overrunning clutch 189 which drives a driven member as represented by 78 in a clockwise direction 191. The rack 81 is linked to the lever arm extension 172 by a pivotal joint 25, said link being through a mechanical load release and re-establish means 216a (further described in FIG. These sections 131, 132, 133, 134 are formed such that slots 123, extend along the joint lines 130, said slots extending from the centre hole 128 some distance outward but not the complete distance toward the outer edge of the wave follower 20. These slots 123 are such a width as to allow lever arms 107 to move up and down freely within them.