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De Profundis Vhen the pressure-gage upon the compression-chamber T indicates the desired pressure, the handvalve H V is opened and the water in said compression-chamber allowed to flow forward through the pipe D into the distributionchamber T and from thence into the delivery-pipesD D D D where it is held in check by the hand-valves H V II V H V. These valves are opened after the pressure-indicator upon the distribution-chamber indicates the necessary pressure, and the water is allowed to flow upon the buckets of the Pelton water-wheels V, thereby setting in motion the armature of the dynamo D M and generating the necessary current through the primaries of the converters O V and the secondaries thereof to the working circuits 10 10 The current now set up in the conductors 10 10 sets in motion the electric motor E M, which in turn puts in motion the air-pump A P, and the hand-valve h v in the pipe 25 having been turned to the proper position air is now compressed in the air-chamber T to the desired degree, as will be indicated by the pressure-indicator thereof.

6 of the drawings, where Q represents a short section of pipe extending through the bottom of the float, the arrangement being such that as the float rests upon the surface of the water it will gradually sink until the air compressed in the upper and right-hand portion thereof will maintain it in a floating position, and also such that when the float is lifted out of the water, as hereinafter described, the contained water will flow out through said opening or openings, such an arrangement being designed for the purpose of utilizing the weight of the water in addition to that of the float. 5. The upper end of the pile K is provided with an opening or outlet operatively connected by a junction-pipe with the chamber of the double check-valve O K, the arrangement being such that as the float rises and falls water is drawn from the suction’pipe S into the pumping-cylinder at the upper end of the pile K and then forced forward through discharge-pipe D and ultimately into the coinpression-chamber T through the main discharge-pipe, as will be more particularly described in connection with the description of the mode of operation.

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3. A wave-motor consisting of a float operatively connected with a pump which in turn is connected by a discharge-pipe to a compression-chamber, in combination with means for controlling the backflow of water from the compression-chamber to the pumps such manner that the float may be elevated above or out of reach of the waves when desired, substantially as described.

As the float U rises through the action of the incoming waves upon the outer inclined surface F the lever L causes the rod R to lift the piston of the pump P through the agency of the cross-head C II and thereby draw a supply of water from the chamber D T into said pump. Fig. Sis a vertical -sectional view of the upper end of one of the tubular sustaining-piles, illustrating also in side elevational view the pumping-piston and which the outer surface exposed to the incoming waves is inclined downward, while the upper surface is similarly inclined, the first-named inclination being designed to utilize the lifting eflects of the incoming waves and the second to quickly dissipate any water which may break over the surface of the float. Fig. 6 is an enlarged detail side elevational view of one of the floats and its attachments, a part of the float being broken away to show the interior structure thereof and also.

Fig; 7 is a transverse sectional view of one of the tubular float-sustaining piles and a plan view of the float and its roller-bearings in connection therewith. 9. In a wave-motor a tubular pile, the upperend of which constitutes a pump-cylinder, its bottom end being closed to form a cylinder-head and the top end provided with a detachable packing-ring and packing, in combination with a reci1i rocating plunger-piston, substantially as described. 8. A wave-motor system consisting of a series of floats each operatively connected with an individual pump, a series of suction and discharge pipes connected to said pumps, a compression-chambcr connected to said discharge-pipes and a distribution-chamber connected to said compression-chamber, in combination with a series of discharge-pipes and a series of Ielton water-wheels adapted to receive water from said discharge-pipes, together with a water-tank adapted to supply water to the suction-pipes and to receive the discharged water from the water-wheels, all of said parts acting substantially as and for the purpose described.

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T to the compression-chamber T and having radiating branches running to the several air-chambers and pump-cylinders throughout the system, hi; h ‘2; h o being hand-valves for regulating the flow of air into the various parts of the systemin accordance with the necessities of the case, the function of these parts being to restore any air which may escape from the compression-chambers and air-chambers and pump-cylindersof the system. G and longitudinal A series of tubular piles K K K, located farther seaward, sustain the outer portion of said structure and act-also as individual supportsfor vertically-movin g floats U U U said piles being anchored by anchor-disks A D, as before, in the bed of the ocean and firmly secured together at their upper ends by girders E E- E and tie-rods R R R, provided with turnbuckles T B T B, in a manner well understood by those versed in engineering structures and as clearly shown in Figs.

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17. In a wave-motor a tubular pile the upper end of which constitutes a pump-cylinder and is provided with a detachable packingring having packing therefor, in combination with a plunger-piston adapted to reciprocate through said packing-ring, said piston being operatively connected to a float which surrounds the tubular pile and is provided with guide-rollers having means for adjustin g said rollers relative to their supports upon the pile, substantially as described.

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7. Dolor muscular antebrazo causas . A wave-motor system provided with a series of independent floats operatively connected with pumping mechanism, in combination with a pressure-regulating apparatus adapted to supply air under pressure to the different parts of the system, together with a water-motor operatively connected to a compression-chamber into which water is pumped by the united action of all of the pumps, all of said parts acting substantially as and for the purpose set forth. T and T the elasticity of which is sufficient to maintain the entire system intact from wrecking As a means of controlling individually the lifting of any float entirely out of the reach of the waves, the hand-valve H V is closed and the hand-valve H V in, the relatively small shunt-pipe S P opened, thereby establishing a back pressure of water from the delivery-pipes B into the pump, tending to slowly lift the plunger thereof and at the same time the float.

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4:. A wave-motor consisting of a float operatively connected with a pump which in turn is connected by a discharge-pipe to a compression-chamber, a hand-valve for closing the discharge-pipe, in combination with a shuntpipe shunting the valves of the pump, and a second hand-valve for controlling the flow of water therethrough, the arrangement being such that the backflow of water through the shunt-pipe from the compression-chamber will lift the float out of the reach of the waves, substantially as described. The aforesaid patent also discloses such a float pivotally connected by levers to standards or supports on shore and operatively connected with a vertically-moving rod connected in turn through adjustable clutch mechanism with a pump which, through the action of the rising and falling of the float, continuously pumps water from a tank into a compression-chamber, the same being utilized to drive a Pelton water-wheel and returning again to the before-mentioned tank.

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4 and 5 of the drawings, the arrangement being such that the entire structure possesses great strength. Variable effect of such floats and pump is’converted into a substantially constant source of energy which may be utilized as such, and my claims are generic also as to this feature. Such an arrangement makes it possible to lift all of the floats entirely free of the. As the floatis thus lifted the water therein is released, thereby materially lightening it, so that ultimately the back pressure is sufficient to lift it to its extreme limit, where it may be held by the water con fined in the cylinder and secured by ropes or otherwise to the upper portion of the framework. I prefer to fill the float U partially with water and to so arrange it that when it (the float) is held in its upper position this Water may be quickly drawn off.

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This form of plunger-pump, in which the packing P K is all put in position from the exterior, affords a simple and efficient pump, which is rarely out of repair and in which the packing may be quickly and effectually put in place without disturbing any portion of the apparatus other than the packing-ring P H and boltsff.

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Near the middle of the lever L is pivotally secured a rod R, the upper end of which is connected to a cross-head C II, adapted to move vertically in opposite directions the piston P of a pump P, firmly secured to the piles K K. This pump P is connected by a pipe and a check-valve chamber 0 V at the upper end of a suction-pipe S, the free end of which extends to the bottom of a water-tank D T, containing a supply of water. This form of structure is adapted for use-in positions where piling may be readily located or in positions adjacent to bluffs, where the levers L and L may be pivotally connected to a permanent structure on shore. Dolor lumbar inespecifico . In Fig. 2 of the drawings is shown apowerhouse A, located on.shore and closely adjabeams O the flooring W, near shore.