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8, it may be ordinary to automatically control them in accordance with the measured air pressure in the air chamber 201 and the measured amount of water 8 and the measured value of wave amplitude meter 21 in FIG. As the result, the variable turbine is capable of producing constant rotating energy for driving the generator 6 regardless of changes of the air pressure of the constant air pressure tank 2. The generator 6 is therefore capable of generating electricity having stable voltage and frequency. Although the output frequency and voltage of the generator 6 are constant, the output power thereof depends on the amount of the current wave energy. Still another object of the present invention is to provide a method and an apparatus for functioning as a wave dissipation facility including a plurality of wave energy converters settled in a line within a coastal area for being capable of forming a smooth water area therein suitable for exploiting as a marine farm or as a marine leisure facility.

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While preferred embodiments of the present invention have been shown and described, it will be apparent to those skilled in the art that many changes and modifications may be made without departing from the invention in its broader aspects. 6, a valve housing 111 for surrounding the outlet valve 104 has a flange connector welded to the top portion of the casing 109. The valve housing 111 is connected to the outlet air duct 106 which is further connected to the head air duct 3a as shown in FIGS. In accordance with another controlling method of the constant air pressure tank 2, as shown in FIG. On the contrary, when the wave amplitude of the sea and the water level 14 of the air chamber 103 become lower to enter the intake stroke, the ball 18 of the outlet valve 104 quickly falls down due to the self weight of the ball and intake pressure around the inlet 113 to shut up the outlet valve 104. On the other hand, since the ball 19 is raised up from the valve seat 118, the inlet valve 105 opens and air flows into the air chamber 103. Such repetition of the intake and compression strokes causes the wave energy converter 1 to continuously convert wave energy into air pressure energy to transmit to the constant air pressure tank.

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The controller surely controls the constant air pressure tank to position the air tank 2a floating in the water tank 2b within a predetermined range between upper and lower limits so that the constant air pressure tank 2 is optimized to accomplish very stable electric power generation. Colchon y dolor de espalda . A stopper frame 115 is provided above the valve seat 114 to prevent the ball 18 from floating up more than about 300 millimeters from the valve seat 114. Therefore, when the air pressure applied to the inlet opening 113 becomes lower than a predetermined value, the ball 18 falls down to firmly shut the outlet valve 104. Sufficient rigidity is required for the ball 18 to resist against the air pressure during the intake stroke. The constant air pressure tank 2 includes an air tank 2a and a water tank 2b storing water 11. The air tank 2a has a bottom opening sunk below the water level and is floating in the water tank 2b so that the air chamber 2a comes to be airtight and capable of moving up and down in the vertical direction.

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The steel tube 101 is firmly settled to the sea bottom by means of a concrete block 30 and hydraulic cement. Since the steel tube 101 settled to the bottom of the sea sufficiently projects upward above the sea level, it can function as a wave dissipation or breakwater facility for intercepting or breaking incoming sea waves. A wave amplitude meter 21 for measuring the amplitude and period of waves may be provided at the area adjacent to the wave energy converter 1. The data measured by the both meters 20 and 21 are supplied to the controller 10. The controller 10 controls a pressure controller 22 for controlling the load supplied to the load container 2c of the constant air pressure tank 2. As to the wave behavior at the area of the wave energy converter, the wave amplitude meter 21 measures the amplitude and period of waves for each predetermined period of time at predetermined intervals, for example, for twenty minutes at intervals of two hours.