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Joint Document on JCPOA Revival Highly Likely - Financial.. By way of example, for a common wave having a height to length, or peak to trough, ratio of 1 to 5, the average angle of the wave is approximately 11.3 degrees. The tilt of buoy 10 in still water, or the static angle, preferably does not exceed three to five degrees from a horizontal plane.

Revision Casos De Cirugia General: LIPOMA HOMBRO IZQUIERDO When accelerated in such fashion, pendulum 12 is constrained to rotate about central shaft 14 in a plane perpendicular to central shaft 14. As can be easily envisioned, the traveling rise and fall motion of the waves will cause buoy 10 to tilt from side-to-side, thereby changing the point of lowest potential energy within buoy 10. As this happens, pendulum 12 will be accelerated from one point within buoy 10 to another, all the while rotating between those points. As buoy 10 moves under the influence of wave motion it tilts with respect to a horizontal plane. The apparatus comprises a pendulum configured to rotate with a central shaft under the influence of wave motion, a generator aligned with said central shaft to centralize torsional force exerted upon said apparatus, and a plurality of fins extending from said apparatus, said plurality of fins configured to hold said apparatus substantially rotationally stationary with respect to said pendulum.

For example, when buoy 70 needs to be moved from one location to another, each outer component 74 can be detached from the other so that buoy 70 is disassembled into several individual components, including each outer component 74 and central component 72. When completely disassembled, buoy 70 can be transferred piece-by-piece from one location to another. To examine pendulum behavior, the static angle must first be subtracted from the substantially wedge-shaped cross section of a wave that initiates pendulum movement, when pendulum 12 is substantially positioned at top of dead center. However, the mechanical coupling between bottom shell component 20 and the top shell component allows effective dispersion of that torque throughout entire buoy 10. That is, the shell components are joined to one another to effectively distribute the torque around the horizontal axis. Referring to FIG. 6, power communication means 60 is shown extending between buoy 10 and power storage unit 62. Dolor de ovario derecho y espalda baja . Preferably, power communication means 60 is a conductor that transfers electrical current between buoy 10 and a remote location, such as power storage unit 62. As shown, power communications means 60 is attached to buoy 10 at or near the top of mooring line 40. Further, power communications means 60 is attached to mooring line 40 using a sealed slip ring 64, as known in the art.

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3, fins 30 are attached to buoy 10 by coupling to flange 22. Coupling fins 30 to flange 22 may be accomplished by screwing or bolting fins 30 to flange 22 by means known in the art. It should be appreciated by those skilled in the art that the conception and specific embodiment disclosed may be readily utilized as a basis for modifying or designing other structures for carrying out the same purposes of the present invention. The system “learns” these fingerprints as being associated with a set of environmental conditions and begins library of those conditions. As will be further described, the computational model is further implemented to maximize a pendulum’s power output by effectuating changes, e.g., in pendulum length and/or pendulum load, under a set of environmental conditions. According to particular embodiments, processing module 91 may employ the computational model at the buoy itself to obtain a set of instructions for optimizing power output according to local conditions.

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Portions of each outer component 74 may be filled with a material such as foam, to enhance seaworthiness and reduce costs. However, to date, such inventions have been largely ineffective. The embodiments disclosed herein are particularly efficient at handling the torque exerted on buoy 10 by pendulum 12. During use, the torque exerted upon buoy 10 by pendulum 12 will have two components: torque exerted around the vertical axis and torque exerted around the horizontal axis. The configuration described above provides for efficient assembly of buoy 10. That is, during assembly pendulum 12 can be held in place, by a jig for example, while shell component stringers engage the footings of pendulum 12. Preferably, pendulum 12 footings comprise channel steel or some similar material. Dolor de espalda y columna vertebral . For instance, embodiments are envisioned where the shell components comprise composite materials, such as fiberglass or carbon fiber. Referring to FIG. 4, mooring line 40 is shown extending between buoy 10 and counterweight 42, through restraining ring 44. In a preferred embodiment, mooring line 40 extends from a central point of buoy 10, for instance the central point of bottom shell component 20, so that buoy 10 remains balanced along the water surface.

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Each buoy 10 is associated with its own mooring line 40, counterweight 42, and restraining ring 44. As a result, each buoy 10 is provided a range of vertical and lateral motion so as to maximize wave-induced motion while preventing contact with adjacent buoys. The concepts of information-sharing between buoys in a single grid can be readily applied to buoys in different grids, where buoys contained in different grids communicate with one another, or centralized nodes associated with a particular grid communicate with centralized nodes associated with other grids. Accordingly, processing module 91 may further contain on-board communication components, e.g., RF wireless communication module 92, to enable buoys to share information such as local power output data, local environmental conditions, etc. As a practical matter, factors such as manufacturing complexity, mechanical stress, and thermal expansion would render the disclosed invention unreasonably expensive to maintain and inefficient to use. According to present observations, such a change is typically brought about by a series of incremental changes occurring over a period of minutes.

As seen, power output for each system converges as the wave period increases. As seen, maximum power output occurs during an earlier time interval within the period for a steeper wave. Further, the present invention is a system for converting wave energy into electrical energy. Finally, the present invention is an apparatus for converting wave energy into electricity. In other exemplary embodiments the diameter of buoy 10, mass of pendulum 12, arm length of pendulum 12, and the center of force for the outboard buoyancy are interrelated. As such, some embodiments are configured to allow pendulum 12 to rotate freely in the clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Although not typically required, the embodiments described herein are also capable of varying the load exerted upon pendulum 12 very quickly, i.e., on the order of seconds, depending upon the rate of change in wave conditions.

Acupuntura na prevenção, tratamento de lesões e melhora da.. Put another way, placing the generator mechanism far from the center of rotation also places the torque moment far from the center of rotation. It naturally follows that the mechanical load is decreased in response to the pendulum’s tendency to rotate in a constant direction, thereby promoting rotation in that direction. According to preferred embodiments, generator 16 has an axis of rotation in close proximity to the axis of rotation of shaft 14. This arrangement allows the torque moment of generator 16 to be close to the torque moment of shaft 14. As such, the total torque felt at buoy 10 is substantially centralized.

Instead, fins 30 are coupled to one another by a bracketing ring 32. The use of bracketing ring 32 is preferred as it imparts relatively high strength to fin array 30. According to particular embodiments, fins 30 may be bolted on or screwed to bracketing ring 32. As such, individual fins may be removed by unbolting that fin from flange 22 and ring 32, and a replacement fin may be inserted in its place. The foregoing has outlined rather broadly the features and technical advantages of the present invention in order that the detailed description of the invention that follows may be better understood. The novel features which are believed to be characteristic of the invention, both as to its organization and method of operation, together with further objects and advantages will be better understood from the following description when considered in connection with the accompanying figures. Vientre inflamado y dolor de espalda . Of course, when the gate device closes circuit 96, the electro-mechanical load exerted upon the alternator or generator mechanism is directly proportional to the current through the closed circuit.

  • Tan(a)=Tangent of the mooring line intercept angle
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That is, the mass of fluid displaced by buoy 10 is five to ten times greater than the mass of pendulum 12. The present inventor has found that when this condition is a satisfied, a displacement-to-ballast ratio is achieved that provides ample buoy response to wave motion. While real conditions may present a more complex system, nevertheless, these simulations yield fingerprints very similar to those found in the real-world conditions.