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This structure provides an impeller, with a vertical axis, containing blades pivotally connected to consoles rigidly attached to said impeller, which are able to take intermediate positions between the maximum and minimum openings, depending on the speed of the incoming flows. Mounted on rollers or another electromagnetic system makes it possible to rotate the said assembly around an imaginary or real geometric axis, it is a low-efficiency system, since it is a direct-acting device, it exhibits flow turbulence, because it functions in a dense medium such as water, energy is lost as a result of increased water column in the center of the equipment. The publication of patent application GB 2486911 relates to a method and apparatus for generating energy from a jet stream of water, the system comprises a generator mount supported by mooring with holding means, for example, between the bottom of the ocean and the surface of the water; the generator unit can rotate on its vertical axis and is a direct-acting system without an amplifier, with a stream orientation in a small range that creates vortices and turbulence that reduce the efficiency of a group of engines whose opposite circulation generates stray transverse currents.

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NIÑOS PROVOCAN QUE VIUDA NEGRA LOS PIQUE PARA SER \ These valves open automatically, so that the blades penetrate the tail of the wave or relieve pressure on it. This is a direct-acting system with a horizontal axis without a flow amplifier containing movable blades, subject to high wear and tear, which is noisy, which does not provide efficiency advantages, since it is located outside the water surface and the height achieved is minimal. US Publication 2008/0007067 relates to a wind turbine and is the closest prototype to the subject of the present invention, said wind turbine including a support assembly comprising a lower base unit and a protruding cylindrical part, a rotating cylinder rotatably supported by said protruding part, a rotating shaft, extending from the center of said rotating cylinder for rotation in the same direction, an upper bearing mounted in said protrusion to support the rotating qi Indra, a plurality of blades are placed along the outer circumference of the rotating cylinder at regular angular intervals, and opens outward relative to the rotating cylinder or closes so as to be in tight contact with the outer circumference of the rotating cylinder, in accordance with the position relative to the wind direction, the angle limiting means prevent the opening of each blade beyond a given angle, the main differences between the present invention and the subject of publication US 2008/0007067 are that the latter does not contain an air flow amplifier and, therefore, a low efficiency of air capture can be achieved, the system is also exposed to hurricane winds.

An increase in the number of injectors increases the specific speed of the impeller by the square root of the number of jets (four jets give a doubling of the specific speed of the jet for a given turbine). Subsequently, when the surface water wave has subsided, the spring may return to its equilibrium state. As a result, when the buoyant platform moves due to interception of waves, there may be a resultant pulling force exerted along the steel cable. As a result, motion of the buoyant platform may be converted into to and fro motion of the spring loaded part of the wave energy harvesting unit. For example, the second end of the steel cable may be tethered to a spring loaded part of the wave energy harvesting unit. For instance, a steel cable may be tethered to the ocean bed at one end while a second end of the steel cable may be tethered to the wave energy harvesting unit.

FIG. 10 ‘: shows a top view of a vertically axial hydraulic turbine with fluid flow control, in which the hollow rotor (6) with 12 shark-shaped blades is larger because it contains more blades, while in the articulated guide vanes (1) the fixed part (3) is reduced in size compared to a vertically axial hydraulic turbine with fluid flow control shown in FIG. Each of said blades is connected to a recovery member that installs said blade of said upper console perpendicular to a pivotally connected console when axial pressure is stopped; The main differences between the present invention and the subject of Spanish publication 2161650 are that the latter does not contain an amplifier or a flow concentrator, it contains moving parts in the rotor, it contains a direct-acting mechanism with rotor regulation, which is activated during each revolution, which is ineffective in snowy areas due to energy losses, it is not suitable for complete closure in case of hurricane winds, it has lubrication problems, noise, low efficiency, wear, low speed, it is impossible to adjust the speed s, it is impossible to completely shut it down for repairs, and provides a low final speed.

This is a system that has difficulty in isolation and maintenance when used in water. Pelton turbines are adapted to use hydraulic jumps when the flow changes from a turbulent state to a calm one. FIG. 11 shows a side view of a vertically axial wind turbine with air flow control with a protection system for the turbine inside the well, in this case, the turbine is raised and lowered into the well through a hydraulic system with telescopic pistons, which can be closed by doors.

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FIG. 2 ‘: is a top view of a vertically axial hydraulic turbine with fluid flow control, showing closed articulated guide vanes (1), hexagonal structure (7), hexagon radius (R) and mean curvature line – LCM ) for the movable part (2) of the articulated guide vane. The impeller comprises a central cylindrical wheel mounted on a shaft and a plurality of vanes extending radially from the center of the wheel. This difference forces the Savonius turbine to spin.

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This turbine is a differential power actuator and accelerates the output stream by narrowing the main nozzle; the system is complicated and expensive from the point of view of maintenance and is exposed to cavitation due to trapping of sludge. US patent 4205943 relates to a hydroelectric generator, in which its efficiency is increased due to the presence of tower pipes with open ends containing inlet ends near the axis and outlet ends near the periphery of the blade fan turbine. The rotor operates on a drag force; A vertical-axis wind turbine with air flow control has significant advantages over conventional vertical-axis wind turbines due to its resistance and high speed operation. Causas del dolor de cadera y pierna izquierda . A stream of water is directed at high speed onto the turbine blades in order to deflect and reverse the flow. This, along with its high efficiency, has made this type of turbine the most widely used in the world, mainly for generating electricity through hydroelectric plants.

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Molestias digestivas y gases - Centro Mujer A Darier wind turbine is a type of vertical-axis turbine that is used to generate electricity from energy carried by the wind. US Pat. No. 7,471,009 relates to a device that is described as a turbine for generating electricity from a fluid, such as water or air, comprising at least one disk rotor with a plurality of blades in a “hydraulic wing”, mounting blades, a cylindrical body, and generating means. The above-mentioned Spanish publication ES 2310965 relates to a wind or hydraulic turbine comprising a plurality of nozzles in a vertical thin wall that form a fixed turbine structure. However, the ratio between the amount of energy that can be obtained using modern means, and the economic and environmental costs of placing devices for the implementation of the process, prevents the significant introduction of this type of energy. Dolor de cadera y espalda baja . The lack of improvement associated with the efficiency or increase in the flow received by the propeller is essentially an inefficient and fragile rotor system, and it is impossible to control the depth of operation.

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This is a differential active system using variable-curvature propellers; the generator is located below the surface of the water with the risk of moisture and leakage; it contains a variable propeller that is prone to erosion; it is an expensive and fragile mechanism that is not self-aligning. The fastening system operates at a given depth, which does not allow deviations in changes in the depth of flow in the water, the anchor is unidirectional or allows the flow of water in only one direction. For example, most anemometers are Savonius turbines (or a derivative design), since efficiency is completely unimportant for a given application. This is one of the types of renewable energy, because the main source of energy is not depleted during use, and is clean, since the conversion of energy does not produce solid, liquid or gaseous polluting by-products.