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A high pressure check valve 19 is preferably installed at each unit 50 to prevent high pressure hydraulic fluid from back-flowing to the linear actuators 7. Check valve 19 preferably is of standard construction for hydraulic fluid service and rated at 3000 psi. If the entire power capacity being produced by the units is required instantaneously, then the hydraulic fluid being displaced by the linear actuators of the units can be immediately transferred into the hydraulic motors of the electrical power generating plant. 10 , which equals 146.25×106 foot-pounds times sixty units 50, thereby yielding 8.77×109 foot-pounds. The actual total amount of energy generated that has been converted to hydraulic energy and stored in hydraulic accumulators is 125.61×106 foot-pounds, which is equal to the mechanical energy developed in the upstroke.

This hydraulic fluid can then be taken directly to a hydraulic motor which can be used to drive an electrical generator, or the pressurized fluid can be stored indefinitely in hydraulic accumulators. Electrical energy to be stored in the electrical power supply is generated by converting at least one of sunlight, wind motion and water motion into electrical energy. An auxiliary propulsion system for a boat or other marine vessel according to the invention incorporates an electric motor/transmission device (12) for generating locomotive force to propel the boat or vessel, an electrical power supply (27) for providing electrical energy to drive the electric motor/transmission device (12), at least one electrical energy generating device (24a, 24b) for generating electrical energy through conversion from one of at least sunlight, wind motion and water motion, a charging circuit (22) having means (22c) for controlling charging of the power supply with electrical energy from the energy generating device, and means (16) for controlling speed and direction operation of the electric motor/transmission device.

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In operation, electrical energy is inputted into the electric motor/transmission device from the electrical power supply and locomotive force is thereby generated by the electric motor/transmission device when the primary propulsion system of the boat or other marine vessel is inactive. The feature of the wind turbine of some prior aries is in the time that wind speed changes, to adjust by device the speed of turbo machine.For example, some wind turbines can be from directly facing wind and turn-off during high wind speed.Other wind turbine may increase the load that the generator that driven by wind turbine applies.But, it is desirable for that the load of generator is maintained at the level of hope, and wish to avoid the frequent variations of the direction of facing at wind turbine. Fig. 1 is the front elevation of wind turbine. FIG. 2 is a diagrammatic view of the electrical power plant and unit of FIG.

In this condition, the power generating plant would be exhibiting its maximum potential energy, essentially just waiting for its next peak demand cycle for electrical energy usage. Consequently, it is preferred to have multiple numbers of these valves that are attached to the upper and lower surfaces of the vessel so as to have the maximum amount of valve open area through which the liquid can flow very quickly. 7 that are not being charged, as indicated at the index numeral 180. These non-charging vehicles could be of a type described in co-pending commonly-owned U.S. 31, 1994, and U.S. The specially designed magnetically operated pumps 30 and magnetically operated valves 11 and 36 are preferably of a type described in co-pending commonly-owned U.S.

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Each actuator 7 preferably includes a large diameter hydraulic piston rod 8 which provides stability for an eight foot deflection required in each upstroke/downstroke cycle of the A.F.V. Several stations can be used to provide hydraulic power to an electrical generating “plant,” which in the illustrated embodiment contains a common set of hydraulic motors and electrical generators. The storage capacity in the illustrated embodiment for one vessel is equivalent to eight-nine forty-gallon capacity accumulators, and further potential energy can be created by allowing the vessel to exercise its power stroke and further pressurize the hydraulic accumulators. The size of vessel 10 is obviously a variable, but, in this illustrated embodiment, comprises a closed-ended vessel that is fifty feet in diameter and is 12.8 feet (153.6 inches) in height. Consejos para aliviar el dolor de espalda . Cylindrical tube 136 forms mast canvas is inner, and wishes that cylindrical tube 136 is flexible so that it can the bending in response to be applied to warping force on sail airfoil assembly 130 by sail end supports and spreader bar, as described above.

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Shape control apparatus can be used to adjust posture and the shape of the sail wing.Shape control apparatus can comprise relative the inner of being connected to the sail wing and outer end for the relative end of rotating the sail wing so that the sail end supports that optionally the sail wing is given pitch and/or longitudinally reversed.Shape control apparatus also can comprise sail spreader bar (sail spreader bar), and described sail spreader bar compartment of terrain is positioned between the relative end of the sail wing and along supporting cable compartment of terrain and connects, for adjusting the distance supporting between cable.Adjust like this spring layer (loft) of the sail wing in response to the motion of wind of crossing over the sail wing.Another kind of shape control apparatus can comprise the adjustment cable that extends to cable from sail end supports, for adjusting the configuration of the sail wing.

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7 and 9A, adjutage forms L shaped with respect to the length of the shell 80 of interior sail end supports 52, and for example end pulley 92 of guide pulley is formed for adjusting the L shaped guiding extension part of cable 86 and 87.Adjust cable 86 and 87 from guiding adjutage 91 far-end extend upwardly to sail support cable 54 and 55 length a part and be connected to sail support cable. 1, also show by angled to catch the sail airfoil assembly of wind for rotating wind turbine, and each sail airfoil assembly is formed with at interior sail airfoil assembly place and is dark pitch (deep pitch) and is longitudinal torsion of shallow pitch (shallow pitch) in sail airfoil assembly outer end. Fig. 2 also shows the direction of the wind W compared with the direction of wind turbine motion WT and the direction of the apparent wind RW of generation when the sail airfoil assembly 30 of wind W and motion meets.Because the outside motion of sail airfoil assembly is faster than inside, near the apparent wind near the apparent wind outside of sail airfoil assembly is more inner than it is strong, and therefore sail airfoil assembly can be along their length formation and the variation pitch of apparent wind complementation.

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1, but shows the wind turbine only with three sail airfoil assemblies. Fig. 8 is the details of interior sail wing supporting element. The supporting element of wind turbine can comprise upright tower, and turbine wheel is installed in rotation on described tower around the central shaft of horizontal expansion. Due to electric notor, for example motor 62,71 and 88 is arranged on turbine wheel and together with turbine wheel and rotates, and in the time of turbine wheel spins, motor can be activated.Therefore, the shape of the sail wing can manufacture ” (on the fly) is in operation “.In addition, can development computer program to start the motor of the structure that changes turbine wheel in response to detected change of state, for example in response to the variation of atmospheric conditions, in response to the variation of the electric power load on generator and change to change the shape of the sail wing in response to other condition.This can complete in turbine wheel motion.

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1 have the ability of the power that generation is larger, for operating than the more generator 42 of three blade wind turbine of Fig. 9 A and Fig. 10. This screen 22 preferably has a sixteen inch diameter and is metallic in construction. The vessel preferably has multiple submersible pumps attached around the vessel’s bottom surface periphery which are designed to pump the liquid that is presently contained within the vessel out of the vessel and into the surrounding medium (i.e., the infinite liquid). Figure 11 is its canvas is arranged on the sail airfoil assembly of edge perspective view around mast. Because for the specific rotation speeds of sail airfoil assembly, near the speed of apparent wind sail wing outside is larger than near the speed of apparent wind sail wing inside, so the direction of apparent wind is along the length change of sail airfoil assembly 30.Therefore, wishing to form pitch can change and the more shallow sail wing of pitch of its outer end along its longitudinal axis.

ESTA CREMA ACABA CON EL DOLOR DE HUESOS Y LOS DOLORES.. Fig. Dolor muscular por ejercicio remedio . 6 is the figure of the more details of the end that the wheel axle structure 28 of Fig. Fig. 9 C is the perspective view of sail airfoil assembly, is similar to Fig. Simultaneously the A.F.V.’s internal volume is opened to the atmosphere (air). 10 is open to the atmosphere through a check valve 12, which is located at the highest “peak” surface of the top of A.F.V.

6) and are located within a large diameter twelve-inch high manifold 60 and flange 202 combination are positioned. 10, each valve 11 and 36 having a twenty inch diameter and an opening force capability of 242 pounds. As electrical vehicles need to be recharged, they can stop at a battery recharging facility and “plug in” to an electrical power source.

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Since this work occurs in sixty seconds, power is generated yielding 186,667 lb.-ft/sec, or 339.4 Horsepower. Obviously, this efficiency value is relatively low compared to the 1514 percent obtained for the work output divided by the work input. The sail wing can be made to change the pitch of the sail wing with cloth, glass fibre or other light flexible material that can change shape. Still other objects of the present invention will become apparent to those skilled in this art from the following description and drawings wherein there is described and shown a preferred embodiment of this invention in one of the best modes contemplated for carrying out the invention. Dolor muscular en el costado izquierdo . 10 to float on the surface of the infinite liquid (i.e., lake 16) at this time, although there may exist operating conditions where is would be better to prevent the A.F.V.