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9 Free Motion Quilting Patterns - Craft Gossip - Bloglovin’ 5 corresponds in location with air compression chamber 11. It will be appreciated that the plan size of this region is not fixed and its determination will depend in part on the achieved energy spread within this area. This stalling occurs due to the fact that such a turbine needs to be designed around anticipated levels of air flow, whereas the size of the waves entering the turbine chamber cannot be controlled for all occasions. Desirably, the converging arms of part parabolic curvature are joined at the shared apex by means of an end wall portion that also defines the rear wall portion of an air compression chamber, the front portion of the chamber preferably being defined by a front wall section that extends forward of the rear portion to circumscribe a predetermined area around the energy harnessing region, the front wall section extending only partially below the anticipated water level so that the water is able to flow below the front wall and up into the chamber.

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EL RINCON DE TODO...: COMO EVITAR EL DOLOR DE MUELA??? In another form, that may be less costly to construct, the structure comprises an air compression chamber wherein the rear wall portion maybe formed in part by the existing coast line and the bay is defined simply by two possibly relatively short arms of part parabolic curvature extending from the chamber walls. Alternatively, they may each be incorporated into similar energy conversion systems when combined with new or existing alternative component devices which are not described in detail in this document.

In summary therefore it will be appreciated that whilst each aspect of the invention has been described with reference to specific embodiments, each of these various aspects and indeed the combined system incorporating these aspects, may be embodied in a variety of different forms and still fall within the scope of each aspect of the invention as claimed.

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14, there is shown a schematic sectional view of a first embodiment ocean wave energy extracting system 40 in accordance with a third aspect of the invention. Preferred means of achieving that energy extraction and conversion will be described hereinafter with reference to the second and third aspects of the invention and FIGS.

FIG. 4 is a graphical scaled representation of the second embodiment plane wave parabolic wave focuser as shown in FIGS. Preferably, the wave focusing means comprises a generally parabolic plane wave focusing and amplifying structure in accordance with the first aspect of the invention wherein the focus of the parabola falls within the predetermined plan location. For example, in practical operation of the single parabola structure, the circular wave which converges on the focus will not, in fact, be a full circle, as there will be a missing sector on the open ocean side. As the waves subside air is drawn downwardly into the chamber, again to causing rotation of the turbine which has been configured to operate unidirectionally in response to the reversing air flows. Turning to FIG. 6, there is shown a rotor 20 of a first embodiment turbine in accordance with the second aspect of the invention operable to rotate unidirectionally when subjected to reversing generally axial fluid flows therethrough.

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To this end the various aspects of the invention include: a novel wave focusing device; an air compression chamber arrangement particularly suited for use with the novel wave focusing device; and an independently novel wind turbine operable to rotate unidirectionally under periodically reversing air flow conditions of the kind contemplated above. In this regard, the net force exerted in each flow direction on the generally planar blade surface 24 as the fluid flows by, due to the Bernoulli effect and the resultant pressure difference between the planar and convex sides of the blades, will be in the same direction, the magnitude depending on the relative air flows in the two opposing directions. 10 to 13. In this regard, FIGS. Two suitable mechanisms are illustrated, by way of example only, in FIGS. This means either that such systems are limited to coastal locations having only moderate and predictable wave patterns, or that the systems must be removed to a suitable shelter when storms are expected.

Desirably, the blades 23 have an aerofoil section of the general configuration illustrated in FIG.

Clearly, if the rotor is fixed for optimization in one direction only, the detrimental effect when the air flow is reversed would in most situations more than off set any benefits that could potentially be gained over the fixed parallel blade configuration shown in FIG. Therefore, when a larger sized wave enters the chamber, its momentum causes a correspondingly greater air flow rate through the turbine blades. Desirably, the blades 23 have an aerofoil section of the general configuration illustrated in FIG. Dolor en todas las articulaciones del cuerpo causas . This translates to a wave magnification of the order of 3. Tests to date have shown that a magnification factor of 2.5 is readily achievable. The aim of the parabolic or part parabolic wave focusing and amplifying structure of the first aspect of the invention, is to transport or converge that energy to one centralized region from which that energy can be more readily harnessed. Desirably, the turbine is one configured in accordance with the second aspect of the invention.

This is particularly relevant to the turbine which may have numerous unrelated applications for use with a wide range of operating fluids. This accelerated air flow is then forced through the air driven turbine, the rotation of which may be used to power a generator or the like. 1 which may be employed when it is too costly or not possible to construct the wall of the bay as either part of the surrounding coastline or having long parabolic arms extending out into the bay. For example, in one preferred form, the sea bed may slope upwardly toward the harnessing region to assist in further forcing the water upwardly at that location.

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In one preferred form, the chamber includes a venturi adjacent its outlet in the throat of which is disposed the air driven turbine. Tengo dolor muscular en todo el cuerpo . The depth and inclination (if any) of the sea bed can vary according to local strata and wave conditions, as well as the manner in which the amplified waves are to be harnessed for energy extraction. However, a number of specially configured unidirectional turbines have been designed for these reversing flow conditions, the most commonly used devices being based on what is known as the “Wells” turbine. In the preferred form of the invention, the waves are directed into a specially configured air compression chamber, in the outlet of which is arranged a suitably operable wind turbine. In another variation, each blade is mounted on a spigot having an offset operating arm which cooperates with a helically splined actuating shaft which is reciprocally movable along the axis of the rotor.