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MIrando al mar..busqué In one embodiment, the converter comprises at least one additional structure pivotable on the pivot joint or an adjacent joint, on which is mounted at least one blade. This reciprocating motion is of the blade frame about a pivot joint on the reaction structure, this structure being a body reacting against the forces applied to the blades by the waves, thereby achieving the reciprocating pivoting motion. This is because although the blades are urged in the opposite sense to the direction of Fig. Crest. Frame 51 clockwise, structure 52 anti-clockwise and about to change to the opposite sense. 12(b), is driven clockwise, thereby engaging the shaft 109 to turn clockwise. 12(a), where the chain 108 moves to the left: the sprocket 101 rotates anti-clockwise, the clutch 102 is engaged, driving the gear 100 on the shaft 112 anti-clockwise, the gear 105 is driven clockwise by the gear 100, gear 105 drives the output shaft 109 clockwise, the sprocket 106 free-wheels.

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Yoga para el dolor en la espalda baja 5In one embodiment, the support has a length of greater than 100 m, and the combination of the support and the blades is buoyant. In one embodiment, the controller is configured to minimise inertia of the generator so that the speed is continually varying to follow the wave input. Hence, in at least some embodiments the rotation rectifier differs significantly from the prior approaches which employ flywheels with high rotational inertia. It will further be understood that the weight of the counterweight will be calibrated with the weight of the float carriage 42, which also, due to gravity forces, supplements the downward movement of the piston 80 following the passing of the wave, and the weight will further be calibrated with the environmental conditions of the installation. The blades have an angle with respect to horizontal in which their medial planes are directed about 45° to horizontal, with the lower edge trailing with respect to the wave direction.

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Thus, during installation of the system in a particular water environment, the float carrier can be vertically adjusted for optimum wave action. The generator can therefore be lighter and/or smaller. This blade orientation can be achieved by an adjustment mechanism rotating the blades to the new fixed position. Fig. 2 shows the WEC 10 having blades 1 and 2 after they have been rotated through 90° to a maintenance, inoperative, orientation. In one embodiment, the orientation is in the range of 20° to 70° with respect to horizontal in use. WO2013/079585 (Jospa) describes WECs with fins at different fore-aft positions on an element, to enhance tilting motion of the element, thereby enhancing the relative angle between one element and the next.

Also, each ram have within its oil a small air bubble thereby providing a soft locking effect when the valves 157 are closed. With the frame facing towards the oncoming waves with the blade lower edges trailing, each oncoming crest raises the blades at its location and the trough lowers the blades at its location at the same time. Dolor cadera izquierda y zona lumbar . These views show the generator 120, and the output shaft of the gear 105. The arrows demonstrate that the generator 120 is driven in the same direction irrespective of the chain direction. Fig. 14(b) shows the output of the rotation rectifier, only positive but dipping to zero twice per cycle. Although only a relatively few pump assemblies have been shown in FIG. A further advantage of the concentric arrangement of alternate pump housings is that the radial spacing of alternate float assemblies subjects the same to varying wave conditions.

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For example, the pump housings could be formed entirely of or coated with plastic to avoid corrosion and algae build up. Since the construction and mounting of each pump assembly and guide frame structure is essentially the same, the fragmentary view is deemed sufficiently illustrative of the invention concepts. At this preferred level, substantial hydrostatic pressure is created and maintained.

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All electric generating systems of this general type operate on the principal of using the vertical motion inherent in the formation and movement of the waves to effect vertical movement of a component of the generating system. In one embodiment, the sprag clutches are arranged so that all of the gears are either driven in the same sense or are idle at any time. In one embodiment, the controller is configured to vary generator field current in approximate proportion to rate of change of relative angle between the frame and the structure. It also minimises the sweep distance of the blade for a given angle change.

The distance between blade supports was 1.2m, width of blades 0.8m and distance from edge to edge was 0.4m. The blade angles were 45° from horizontal. Although the dimensional and weight factors in the above calculations are non-variable once the installation is in place, the volume of the pumping chamber will vary depending on wave conditions. Referring to Fig. 14, the generator may be electrically controlled by selectively cutting its field current as wave troughs approach and the chain changes direction. Dolor en la parte trasera de la rodilla . These are arranged like the blades 1 and 2 of Fig. The blades of the various embodiments may be variously referred to as “fins” or “hydrovanes” and these terms are interchangeable. The blades 1 and 2 are arranged to have concave surfaces facing the wave direction as illustrated. In one embodiment, the converter further comprising a generator linked with the output, a sensor to detect mutual rotation of the wave energy converter parts, and a generator controller to disable the generator as mechanical input power is near zero in each input power cycle.

In one embodiment, the sprag clutches are arranged so that power is transferred from the pulleys to the shafts so that the shafts contribute to driving the prime mover, or are idle, irrespective of direction of rotation of the sprockets or pulleys. 3 idle, irrespective of direction of rotation of the sprockets or pulleys. The blades 1 and 2 extend in a “south west” – “north east” direction as illustrated. In one embodiment, the power take off mechanism is mounted on the frame and is linked by a drive member such as a chain or belt to the structure.

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In one embodiment, the power transfer mechanism is mounted on one structure and is lined by a drive member such as a chain or belt to the other structure. It will be understood that the systems must be designed to withstand and satisfactorily handle wave swells at their greatest peak, and must also be constructed to accommodate and satisfactorily handle, on an economic basis, waves of normal or less than normal height. 16maximum field current. This approach allows the rotor to speed up and down to track the wave and so extract maximum power. An object of the present invention is to achieve more effective conversion of wave energy to a useful form such as shaft rotation. Although certain aspects of the pumps employed in the present invention are similar to the pump construction disclosed and claimed in our pending application, the basic principal of operation of the system is significantly different.

After the pump housings, the supporting frame and the float carriage and floats have been installed, the position of the carriage relative to the pump housing is adjusted by the winch 56 as above described. It will be appreciated that any other suitable lock may be used to set the desired angular position of a blade with respect to its frame. Dolor de espalda cambio de tiempo . It will be appreciated that any of the reaction structures of any embodiment may be used with the pivoting frames of any embodiment. The size and location of the cofferdam are such that the necessary differential in water levels between the reservoir and the open body of water is maintained. In one embodiment, the sensors comprise a gyroscopic sensor or accelerometer on each structure, and the controller is configured to combine sensed motion.