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4, but would of course still operate in the same fashion as those with rounded corrugations. So, even with one of the electrode sets being continuous there can still be set up alternate opposed activation fields (up, down, up, down,. The entire device can then be poled in the same manner, so that each region would need to be activated separately. In this case the two tips lie in one of the groups, and the corner angle lies in the other (and it can be seen, with some good will, that the two groups can be described as generally planar, and facing each other across the median plain).

7B, D (the latter is what can be seen on actuation looking along the axis in the direction of the axis A-A; what actually happens might be subtly different, depending on the exact nature of the corrugations). Within reason, for a corrugated body useful in the piezoelectric devices of the invention the exact form of the corrugations does not particularly matter; it is the second moment of area that counts (in mathematical terms the force generated by any small area of a section of the body is the integral, over the height of the section, of the square of the distance of that area from the neutral axis; the neutral axis plane for any piezoelectric device is that plane within which there is no induced strain when the device is operated). In the devices of the invention the bending deformation and/or moment generated by the application of activation voltages (electric fields) is, as noted above, dependent on the second moment of area of the cross-section, which, for the case of a regularly-corrugated device, is determined mainly by the size of the corrugations, and to a lesser extent the thickness of the piezoelectric sheet or layer.

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This out of plane deformation is achieved if torsion is induced in the arc. The simplest such shape is probably a V-shape, with the median plane extending across the arms from the centre line of one to the centre line of the other, so that the two free tips/edges are one side and the corner angle is the other. Though, as discussed in more detail hereinafter, the device may have any overall shape, one preferred such shape is that of an elongate body, like a beam. Such a body is an elongate body-with a length greater than its width-which is generally planar but has been uniformly corrugated for its entire length (that is, the lines of corrugations run the length of the body) across its width-that is, in a direction across its length.

This median plane may notionally be anywhere within the body-provided, of course, that there are indeed two piezoelectric-portion groups one either side of it-but most conveniently it will be co-planar with the device’s neutral axis plane. However, if the corrugations are curved in the plane of the strip, or if the strip is dished, then it bends much less easily, and so can apply a greater force when actuated. Also, two S-bending devices can be combined with the free (distal) end sections abutting, resulting in a strip of twice the length, and, if the other (proximate) ends are fixed, a bulging middle section upon activation. As discussed hereinafter, such a body upon activation curves along its length into an S-shape, as under identical stimuli the two halves react in the opposite manner.

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The device is a linear strip 71 of piezoelectric material corrugated across rather than along the length of the strip. However, the corrugations 72 are angled (at about 45 degrees to the long axis A-A of the strip) rather than straight across; since the bending action of the device is only along the length of the corrugations 72, and not perpendicular to them, the angled corrugations 72 have the effect of twisting the strip about its axis A-A. Moreover, if each portion in the group on one side is expanded/lengthened while each portion in the group on the other side is contracted/shortened, then the bending is significantly increased.

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When such a bimorph device is activated (by using the electrodes to apply an electric field across each layer, the two fields being of the opposite polarity relative to the poling direction), one layer expands/lengthens while the other contracts/shortens. A further important shape, alluded to above, is that of a (part) ring or annulus, as though a tape-like body were bent round in its own plane, to bring its two ends towards each other to form an object like a broken washer. There are many possible “shapes” that can be used to provide the required separation of the body into separate, distinct, portion-containing groups (and some of these are discussed hereinafter with reference to the accompanying Drawings), and perhaps that shape easiest to understand-and therefore best for facilitating comprehension of the concept behind the invention-is that of a simple sheet of corrugated iron (as sometimes employed in the construction of prefabricated buildings).

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However, beams can be supported at both ends with a bending middle section. Unfortunately, it has hitherto not been possible to achieve with a single layer device the relatively large amounts of shape-change movement attainable using the bending ability of a bimorph or even a unimorph. Aliviar dolor de espalda y cuello . Benders, especially bimorph benders, work well in many situations, but because of the need to have, and connect to, their central electrode they are not as easy to make and use as might be desired. Alternatively, a body of cured piezoelectric material for example a sheet of sufficient thickness may be carved or cut into the desired corrugated shape. The sheet has, at the appropriate manufacturing stage, been poled-that is, its piezoelectric crystals have been forced by a strong applied electric field to align themselves pointing along the thickness of the sheet-and formed on the top (as viewed) surface of the sheet 11 is a whole series of separate electrodes 13 (shown in FIG.

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The printing allows the electrodes to be applied on certain places to delineate the different regions of the device that must deform different. After sintering, the electrodes can be applied either by printing or plating (or a combination of the two). As noted, the corrugations can be straight across the strip, and thus generally radial, or they can be at some angle-45 degrees, for example-to the theoretical radii, and they can be either actually straight or alternatively slightly curved into arcs. A typical example of this is the spark generator in some gas or cigarette lighters. Typical dimensions for a domed device of the type shown in FIG. The U-shaped device of FIG.

9 and 10 is to increase the blocking force of the device. With an operating voltage of ±20V there should be obtained a displacement of ±0.1 mm with a blocking force of 7 mN. Thus, using PZT4D as the piezoelectric material, and constructing an arcuate strip of outer diameter 15 mm, inner diameter 10 mm, and tape thickness 20 ìm, with corrugation amplitude 0.25 mm, corrugation pitch approximately 1 mm, and mass 15 mg, there should be obtained, with an operating voltage of ±20V, a displacement of ±0.25 mm with a blocking force of 0.3 mN. In the present invention, however, a single layer piezoelectric sheet with straight corrugations bends out of the plane of the corrugations, and along the corrugations not across them. Usually, the neutral axis plane is that plane about which the device is generally both physically and piezoelectrically balanced-in the present case, then, the piezoelectric portions, and the forces they engender, would be evenly disposed either side of the median plane.

The upper three belong to one group that is generally planar, and the lower four belong to the other group. If, instead, all the trough portions (in the bottom group) were caused to expand, the body’s dimensions on its lower side would increase, and it would bend up, normal to the median plane, away from that side-it would become convex, with that lower side on the outside. This would be an excellent result.

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To achieve this in one way, the electrodes are split half way down the device along line 53, as is the case in the device of FIG. In an alternative way the direction of the corrugations is changed halfway along, as is shown in FIG. 8-10 are all regular, all at the same angle to the radial direction. Subsequently, in use the layers are activated by using the electrodes to apply an electric field across the piezoelectric layer, causing the piezoelectric layer to expand/lengthen (or contract/shorten, depending on the field’s polarity relative to the poling direction). Dolor debajo de la espalda . The same principles apply if considering a spiral curve fixed at one end. The beam may be fixed at one proximate end and free to move at a distal end.