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Pareja joven sentada espalda con espalda - Foto Gratis In embodiments, the smallest scale iteration or the nth iteration may be termed the base member, and the polyhedron that forms the basis of the nth iteration member may be termed the basis polyhedron. The computer software, program codes, and/or instructions may be stored and/or accessed on machine readable media that may include: computer components, devices, and recording media that retain digital data used for computing for some interval of time; semiconductor storage known as random access memory (RAM); mass storage typically for more permanent storage, such as optical discs, forms of magnetic storage like hard disks, tapes, drums, cards and other types; processor registers, cache memory, volatile memory, non-volatile memory; optical storage such as CD, DVD; removable media such as flash memory (e.g.

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The ability to cover a non-circular, for example a square inlet area, may yield a more efficient use of the fluid plane, and the quadric geometry may maximize fascia separation and minimize overpressure relative to the throat. Although this is an effective way to collect hydrokinetic energy, the vanes are relatively small and the mechanics of attaching the vanes to the loop or track is relative complicated and potentially prone to problems from debris in the water. Rotors with different numbers of blades and different profiles may have performance profiles that closely fit a given flow velocity range.

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FIG. 60 depicts a cost-yield optimization flow chart, in an embodiment of the present invention. In certain embodiments, the distance needed to reestablish flow after the outlet of the turbine is approximately the depth of about one array, and one may thus stack arrays behind each other, such as in the checkerboard of FIG. 2. Thus the same mass loss rate can be determined as in the velocity case. In the case, the permutations of possible design solutions may be applied wherein the permutations are identified in an n dimensional optimization matrix wherein the dimensional number of the matrix may be determined by the number of optimization parameters under consideration. Methods of matrix optimization analysis may be utilized to reduce the number of test variations run to recursively determine design that will yield the maximum output. In addition, other devices required for execution of methods as described in this application may be considered as a part of the infrastructure associated with the server.

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FIG. 26 shows an diagram depicting an initial intake momentum vector 2600, which may be related to the formula for deriving the minimum leading edge angle. Remedio para dolor de hombro . It may be of benefit to have a method by which an array may be modularly constructed and maintained. As is known in the art generators have optimal efficiencies at a designed generator rotor rpm range. Such non-turbine based devices may provide continuous energy to the generator.

Referring to FIG. 70, the fluid is intended to cool the generator wherein the fluid may have thermal properties that allow the absorption of waste heat from the generator in such a way that excites and expands the fluid medium increasing the internal pressure of the vessel, shown including a fluid chamber 7002, a generator/motor 7004, a fluid recycling channel 7008, a fluid collection chamber 7010, an external wall 7012, an internal wall 7014, thermal turbine 7018, and a fluid pump 7020. The fluid may be released at a desired rate through a release channel which may include a way to produce medium acceleration to a turbine facility where the thermal energy stored by the medium now in the form of outlet velocity is converted into power. Referring to FIG. 46, the image shows a side elevation of a three iteration octahedral space frame wherein the space frame members may include the edges of a polyhedral series, where the space frame connectors are found at the vertices.

Referring to FIGS. 69A and 69B, the concept of a radial velocity machine may be to use the properties of an angular HAWT structure and a nozzle structure in combination, such as shown in the two positions FIG. The networked power control may include power transfer, such as power transfer being integrated into the structural components, external to the structural components, including a network topography that minimizes resistance losses utilizing at least one of a branch and trunk network structure and direct generator-main trunk connection structure, and the like. Additionally a magnetic bearing or fluid may be used to transfer power from one cable to the next. The array may be used in a direct energy transfer system, such as for pumping water, milling, pumping oil, pressurization, gas pressurization, hydrogen separation, fuel cell loading, and the like.

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In embodiments, with an array design, the configuration for an efficient, modular, space frame super structure may be re-used for many different sites. In embodiments, rotor profiles may be optimized for accelerating nozzle throat conditions. FIG. 22 depicts a superstructure and module arrangement for hexagonal modules. The nozzle body may include a single or multiple uni- or bi-directional valve mechanisms by which the density of the interior of the nozzle may be maintained at a given level and thermal control mechanism to achieve such an end. 11, 2006, entitled “Wind and Water Power Generation Device Using A Rail System,” which is hereby incorporated by reference in its entirety. FIG. 50 shows an embodiment of an array 5004 and a portion of exterior structure 5002. It may be advantageous to further decompose the structure to fixed interior and exterior columnar elements upon which a single nozzle or a row array or a row-column array of nozzles are similarly fixed on either or both the exterior column or the interior column by means of a bearing or bearing like facility.

Array rows may additionally be mounted individually to allow individual row response to wind direction. In another example, a structure that is counterweighted to allow the center of mass and mounting of the bearing to placed forward of the center of geometry. Dolor de espalda medicamento . The ability to manipulate how you handle the area of the array is a major factor in generated power, footprint, and the absence of the need for custom building, and the current invention may allow the custom design, generating energy based on the power curve, wind distribution, and the like. In embodiments, the module may have at least one structural component that provides support for the main nozzle surface, including support and protection for the power components. In addition, the adaption for extreme conditions may include mechanisms for deicing the nozzle. A blade might have iterative “wide” vortex mechanisms along a single or plurality of surfaces.

Attachment may be made by fasteners, such as tying mechanisms (ropes, zip-ties, flexible cords, or the like), bolts, screws, latches, or the like. The fixed position superstructure may have a cross section, such as a rectangle, a polygon, and the like, where the polygon may be an n-pointed regular polygon, an n-pointed irregular polygon. Pat. No. 7,075,191 uses a series of vanes mounted on a continuous loop or track that un-feather during their motion downstream and feather as they move upstream. Pat. No. 7,075,191, issued on Jul. However, according to software or hardware engineering practices, the depicted elements and the functions thereof may be implemented on machines through computer executable media having a processor capable of executing program instructions stored thereon as a monolithic software structure, as standalone software modules, or as modules that employ external routines, code, services, and so forth, or any combination of these, and all such implementations may be within the scope of the present disclosure.

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In embodiments, a fluid may be allowed to cycle through a single or plurality of axial channels. In embodiments, the nozzle may be optimized based on an intake length to divergent length ratio where the intake length may be equal to or less than the diameter of the throat. Dolor de musculos de la pierna . The lifting facility may be rigid or flexible, such as a wing or parafoil and the like, and may be uniform in plan and elevation dimensions or variable in plan and elevation dimensions, such as a delta wing, and may be optimized based on lift to airfoil material to structural offset cost by one knowledgeable in the art.

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The mechanism of rotation may be roller drive and yaw system, a rail drive and yaw system, a slewing bearing and yaw system, a roller bearing and yaw system, a magnetic bearing and yaw system, a Teflon slide bearing and yaw system, and the like or a combination thereof. Elements may be constructed to collapse or shrink in dimension by various mechanisms, such as telescoping, fanning in, deflating, rolling/twisting, compressing, folding, or the like.

When used in water, the device disclosed in U.S.

A collapsible interconnection support structure may interconnect the plurality of interconnected collapsible wind energy conversion modules, such as where the collapsible interconnection support structure is inflatable. Metallic or composite tethers may similarly be used to attach an array of buoyant modules to a superstructure such as those described above or in other iterations of the invention. When used in water, the device disclosed in U.S. The processes may also, or instead, be embodied in an application specific integrated circuit, a programmable gate array, programmable array logic, or any other device or combination of devices that may be configured to process electronic signals. An exemplary non-turbine device is disclosed in U.S. Non-turbine water power devices may use rails or car devices with sails on them to collect the hydrokinetic energy from moving water.